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  1. Noticed that when YR wants to call SJ. There is always a scene where they showed YR's contacts and when i looked in detailed, all of the contacts is her colleagues, like SW, JS, and other departments colleagues. Maybe they want us to pity her again, that she got no friend to talk, except SJ. And she is lonely. And one more thing, after JS becoming director, all of them call JS director. But only YR that still called her Deputy Na. I wonder why. I think i only remember 1 times that she called her Director Na.
  2. For me, it is a bittersweet ending I am glad that they showed us JS moved on, and have a normal life. And for SJ, just what he had said to JS, "if he talked about his father and being an illegitimate child, and if he talked about the thing that VP offers him with JS. Will it be different than now?" Glad that SJ knows since when he went wrong. And that YR Life is so easy for her, huh Destroying other's marriages, got a wealthy father, got an easy job, after things went wrong, she just go to overseas and moved on. What an easy ending for her. And the last, i am happy that they showed us, HA, MN's life. And SW being a scary senior in the office.
  3. After saw the ep 15, Yes there is no happy ending between our main couple All i just hope, is SJ reminiscing their old times and heartbreaking. For the preview, it seems like YR will break up with SJ. And SJ discover something in the box, it seems like a camera film roll. Maybe it contains, some sweet photos of our broken couple. As for the ending, i want them to divorce, but i just want to see, more scene about those old sweet moments
  4. After saw the last ep, I don't know why but i want VP and SJ actually lied to YR that she was the biological child of the VP. But actually, VP and SJ just fake the papers in order to use her to get the company. And then, VP and SJ things get exposed, VP didn't feels the need to let YR in the company, so he just said that YR is the one who bring the fake papers and made him believe she is his daughter. And then the heartbroken YR, gets kicked out by the company. And no company wants to hire her. And she go backs to her real life.
  5. Let me summary the preview, JS asked SJ "let's meet after the event finished" And that evil girl heard it, and she asked SJ, "let's have a dinner after the event" but SJ just said "let's see" (something like that) And the next scene, that evil got angry, meet JS and asked "can you please just divorce, because u two already finished anyway" JS just calmly says "please don't come to me and ask these kind of things, because this is not your business" And then we see JS faint, And in the background we can hear that evil girl says like "what should i do now?" (like you know, the kinds of words you will say, when you did something bad) Did anyone can help me translate that last word, I just cannot have any words come out. Sorry for my bad English
  6. Anyone saw the preview?? On yuri, i hope it is not you who pushed JS. If it is really you, i just don't have any more words left for you
  7. As i rewatched the preview for today's ep. it seems like VP's wife had a meet with JS. And i see that there is 2 pictures on the table and then an envelope too. Maybe that's an evidence that can help JS ?
  8. And then maybe this is the time where SW need his father's help. because his father is a foreign minister. And maybe like vip team have a trouble, and SW's father uses his power and make the prestigious team fall hard. Just my guess.
  9. Nope nope SW is too precious for that cunning girl. She's just wanna make SJ jealous. And then make him want to divorce JS. Anyone know that she is a cunning girl. That cunning girl, i just want to know what your ending is.
  10. Yesss, the double slapped. I just sooo love it, And i am happy that, at least HA and JH is gonna have a happy ending. Hope we gonna see some sweet moment of them Next ep, the CEO gonna give full support to JS. And then we heard yuri says "is SW has a feeling towards JS"? Maybe she said it to SJ. Because now she doesn't have any friends anymore in the office. (JS said it to SJ and YR, that all the vip team workmates already know about SJ YR relationship)
  11. After so many years, i haven't visit soompi forums. Here i come just for this drama. because i have nobody to talk abouut this drama and i feel angry, frustrated and i just feel like wanna hit SJ, Yuri and the VP whenever i saw them. so i already saw the next week preview, it seems like yuri get promoted to hyuna's position. Maybe JS and hyuna get promoted too. And as an office worker, it really make me boils up. Just because she is a VP daughter, she gets promoted this quickly and Mina who is already been like 7 or 8 years never get promote. And the scene where JS slapped YR. Wow, i just literally clapping. This is the cider that we need. Lastly, i just want JS to be happy. And for YR, just get lost from the VIP team. And last of the last, sorry for bla3x too much at here.
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