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  1. i do agree with you, Cingu... It is addictive and i really gain a fresh start for Monday. Going to work after weekend with a happy and relax soul after watching this fun and beauty scene from SYJ and HB with his guys in the group. They are just fantastic. Brilliant Writer and Director. Smiling secretly everytime watching SYJ and HB 's scene and laughing loudly watching the funny scene from HB's guys and the neighbour moms. Actually i was not interest in this drama from the start of the episode 1. But my curiosities jump in when a short scene show up at the end of the episode. And i really like every short scene at the end of each episode. When HB seeing SYJ with smiling face hearing SYJ talking to the talkywalky in episode 1. When HB and SYJ say wow watching baloon air in switzerland in episode 2. When SYJ says goodbye to her family at the bridge and suddenly HB ask SYJ to take a picture of him and his fiancee. And I will always wait those short scene till episode 16.
  2. Me too hope there is season 2 when they reconcile their relationship after the several months or years breakup. and the other woman may appear again, but this time, Sung Jun is not interest in other woman as he really regret about the past affair. But actually when I remember Sung Jun's affair still make me feel hate him. LOL Dear Writernim and Director, please arrange and realize season 2
  3. I really curious what is in SJ 's mind so he behave like that. Look like he dosn't love JS and only care about YR. Is it drama will be happy ending with JS and SJ remain in marriage? Cheer Up JS. You have a lot of support from your friend. You will find your way to be happy even if end up without your husband by your side. This drama make me remember Kim Hyun Ju's "I Have A Lover". The caracter of the husband is a little bit similar. Fall in the pity younger girl. Can not holding the wife's hand when the wife is still in pain of losing their child. I think so. SJ dosn't deserve the happy life with JS. Let him beeing misarable and in sadness forever, full of regret for not holding JS'hand.
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