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  1. I have been watching LSY in Handsome Tigers and in episode 2 the guys are attending a teammates wedding. Since he is he oldest, they asked him to give the groom some advice. After he laughed, because he is unmarried, he said he learned from one of his dramas..don’t cheat and don’t keep things from each other. Couples need to be able to talk to each other. Two important lessons for any couple reinforced by VIP. BTW, I am not a basketball fan but I love watching Handsome Tigers.
  2. Just watch the awards show. Loved LSY’s acceptance speech. He is so humble! Jang Na Ra’s speech so so sweet. I am disappointed that “Vagabond” won so many awards. I watched it and thought it was too over the top. The embassy exploded and they were inside and didn’t get hurt!?! Getting drug by a car and lived to fight on!?! Lots of unbelievable action scenes and a terrible ending! ”Dr. John” should have won more awards! Excellent drama with outstanding stars and chemistry between the lead actors. The OST was also fantastic.
  3. Will someone provide an english subbed video of LSY’s acceptance speech?I have looked and can’t find it. Thanking you ahead? Congrats to all winners.
  4. As much as I disliked the character PSJ, my heart aches for what LSY is going through. I will be watching “Masters in the House” and his new show when it starts. I need to rewatch episode 98 of MITH, and see him smiling and laughing as he reels in his big catch!
  5. I am now watching “Cinderella and the Four Knights” ( little light humor). The main house in it, is the same place where they held the VIP jewelry auction! Every time they show the house, I have serious flashbacks!
  6. I be seen this show and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the article. Where are these fan meets? Ever in the US?
  7. How right you are. So sad people can’t separate role from actor. As much as I disliked “that girl”, I really feel for the actress. I don’t want a season 2 because I don’t want to see LSY in another role like this.
  8. @2good2btru I also was left wanting some answers to those same questions. I wanted to hear SJ say to JS “I love you.” I wanted him to have the same type of conversation with her that he had with his buddy. I just wanted to reach into the TV and shake him! Oh well, as I said earlier It ended the only way it could and overall I enjoyed the show. And everyone “ played the cards that were dealt them.” Great cast; great job by all.
  9. Here is my take VIP: first, I think that we were misled from the beginning to think that this was to be more than an affair in the workplace (our first red herring). I had really hoped that there would have been corporate corruption. Then our hero could swoop in, gather evidence of said corruption and put the bad guys in jail. All that happened in this area, was to replace the corrupt VP with the corrupt sister CEO. They both wanted someone else to do their dirty work for them. second, if I judge this on the premise of a story about an affair there was that. Like many of y’all pointed out, there was too much of SJ and “that girl”. Because of that I think the real story got pushed to the side. third, I think the story that I will take away from this drama is the story of the relationships-both good and bad-of the people in the VIP department. I think that they covered all the bases. The working mom, the single girl, the divorcee, the “happily” married couple, and the endearing young man who wanted to make it on his own. Of course, we can’t overlook the ex-playboy turned charming boyfriend and the working dad....oh wait a minute I almost forgot “that girl”! Since the third option is how I plan to judge this 16 hours of viewing, I have to say I am content with the ending. The working mom and dad work out the kinks in their marriage. The single girl and her boyfriend move in together. The endearing young man is no longer low man on the totem pole. The divorcee still has her girlfriends. The “happily” married couple discover they really didn’t know each other that well and conversations that they should have had did not happen. Because of this, cracks in the marriage appeared and “that girl” was able to take advantage of the situation. The now divorced couple meet again much later and are able to say good bye and have a good life. It’s the only way that relationship and this story could end. ”That girl” is sent off by a family that doesn’t want her around and she will probably never be accepted into their social circles. My only regret is that SHE broke up with him. I really wish HE had broken up with her. Do I think that I wasted 16 hours? No, not really. I eagerly awaited each episode and sometimes I was about ready to come unglued, but I met some marvelous “soompiers” who helped me thru the traumatic times and made me laugh at other times. I have enjoyed the ride. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
  10. I have been going into and out of a lot of elevators the last couple of weeks and every time they open I keep hoping to see LSY.....not PSJ.
  11. @gm4queen good grief....that’s all and only 30 minutes are left! My hope for a decent ending are crashing! @gm4queen Thank you for your replay. No Spoiler for me. It helped me to prepare my heart for what I will see when I watch the finale. At the end, I am glad that I can see that they are both able to move on with their lives while wishing each other well. Really, there was no other reasonable ending to this drama. Right now, I have mixed emotions about VIP. I am going to take sometime to digest what happened before making a final judgement.
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