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  1. Just want to say that they really dragged Ruyi death for so long.....she should have been killed off in the 70 episode marks and then have the last couple of episodes with Consort ling getting bit by karma but instead they really had her alive until the last episode.
  2. there's 87 episodes in the whole drama....the end of this week will be 76 so next week will be the final week
  3. They're also using drugs and alcohol as one the reasons he was blind to concubine ling....she's constantly using prostitutes,drugs,and wine to get him to come to her so I guess were suppose to think that he was powerless against that but that's just ridiculous......I think they wanted to move along the plot so Jia Gui Fei lost some of her schemes and intelligence once her former maid was sent away. If I remember correctly her previous maid had medical knowledge so I guess they were stronger together Doe anyone know how ahead the trailers for the episodes are....the trailer on youtube that shows ep 85 is definitely the episodes Ruyi dies in but I want to know what the actual episode is
  4. Not in the drama, after ruyi dies Hailan and some the other concubines expose her for the bad thing she did
  5. Concubine Ling was given her empress title after she died so her son could have given her that posthumous title when he became king, which is the same thing Qianlong did to his biological mom (he increased her title and made her an imperial consort) after he became king. So her end can be shown after all her children were born
  6. but if we're relying on real history, Concubine Li was known as a kind woman not as a mean and cruel women. Empress Fucha was also a kind women and didn't do any of the things this drama showed. let's remember that this drama is cased on a book and we'll never really know what the truth is
  7. Nope, Pretty sure this drama goes into the 70's before it ends... ONE MORE DAY UNTIL IT SHOWS UP ON NETFLIX!!!!!....
  8. Actually, it was necessary for them to mute her voice.....Arou could have told Ruyi about the empress involvement at the last minute and that's what Qianlong wanted to keep secret.
  9. If anyone comes across the full song that the new noble lady sang when she was introduced in episode 26 please link it.....it's so beautiful....
  10. for power yes...I think it was mostly people with money who did so, parents were usually in charge of the marriage partners during that time so if you wanted to get close to a family then you would promise your daughter to a family
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