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  1. That's the worst thing that could happen to a story like this, thank GOD kdramas rarely have 2nd seasons
  2. I'm happy with the ending....hopefully he doesn't cheat in his next marriage
  3. Just watched the first two episodes, so far so good. I also love the Soundtrack
  4. nahhhhh there's only 2 episodes left, they don't have time to add more drama....that's too far gone
  5. I leave for a few days and come back to a poll . I wanted to join in too lol , next time send out invitations. Anywayssss I'm glad I made it to this point of the drama. After all the headaches, the daydreams of slapping these characters, we're finally coming to an end. Final Conclusion: This drama could've been so much better. At the end of the day this couple just needs to end this relationship and go their separate ways. I can't imagine being in a marriage for 10 years and not knowing central things about your husband, the surprised look on her face when she realized her husband was going around covering for the boss was the biggest ..... ever.....SIS you didn't know this man. I wished this drama was more enjoyable, but I'm hopeful that the last episodes will close things out fairly.
  6. Yeah I'm back to my original thoughts on this drama THE.WRITING.IS.BAD......Insert clapping hands after each PERIOD. The fact that there are only 4 episodes left but the characters haven't progressed at all says it all. The whole point of this being called VIP doesn't make sense if the main point of the drama is about the end of a marriage. I need everyone to just agree that this marriage isn't worth saving anymore okay.....like why? what do you get from a ..... man like this. Slap them both, kick him in his nuts and move on. someone tall me how I can insert images (not from URL) into this
  7. Someone let me know so the affair happened around the time of his father funeral and his wife grieving for their lost baby right? So how long has this affair been going on? I like reading everyones justification of how affairs can happen but I'm sorry, this couple can't be together in the end. I know I'm placing myself in this situation but I just couldn't....The man who she married was a lie. They didn't know each other. can we please have a scene where she slaps the girls around or at least trow some water in someones face. She's too calm for me.
  8. This drama literally gave me a headache......This is the last week of my school semester, I'll see yall next week. I still have hope that he gets punched or slapped.
  9. NOPE NOPE NOPE, there's a limit to making the watchers guess what the mystery is in a drama. The writer/s have spent over 8 hours retelling the same D*** story "is he cheating or is he not cheating". At this point the story telling is just BAD....at least give more clues or make the characters more interesting to keep the story going....isn't this drama supposed to be 16 episodes? They've really spent 50% of the drama doing the same thing. Someone convince me why I should keep watching this drama or just come back to this and give me a summary of episodes.
  10. I can't do this drama.....this forum has it at 16 episodes and I hope it stays that way because other sites have it at 32 episodes. I'm not about to wait every episode of a woman torturing herself because of a man. Hire a DAMN detective to follow him and finish this drama in 2-4 episodes lol.
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