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[Drama 2019] V.I.P, 브이아이피


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  1. 1. Was there an affair?

    • No, there was no affair. It was one sided on Yoo Ri's part
    • Yes, there was an ongoing affair.
    • It was a one night stand.
  2. 2. The Conspiracy Theory

    • Yoo Ri is not the real daughter but the VP's mistress.
    • Sung Joon is doing this for his own gain ( to advance his career).
    • The VP hired Yoo Ri to destroy the Sung Joon - Jung Sun.
    • This is a high-end escort service.
    • There really is no conspiracy - just a marriage breaking down.

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Well, the story is over...for the ending wasn't a disappointment.  The 2 side couples came out on top and JS became free.  The 3 baddies got what was coming to them.  For all the anxiety over the last many weeks i kind of sadly sighed at the end watching the 2 umbrellas walk in different directions.  I will say, watching PSJ scene with the photos of his life with JS was heartbreaking,  as he let out his feelings of regret.  It was a great drama with great character portrayals.  Saying goodbye to it, i feel satisfied and sad all at the same time. MERRY christmas to everyone!!! And thanks for going along this on this ride! 

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1 hour ago, Pam_Van Fossen said:

walking away from him.  He stood and watched her for a little while then turned and left.  I also feel sad and disappointed that they did not manage to work things out.  I will just have to think in my mind that they met later and both had not married because they still have feelings for each other.  That's the only ending I want to see.

Darn the writer, I would have thought she gives some consideration to the romantists and have them share a drink in a roadside plastic covered stall. Then it would mean a gleam of hope even to see them walkaway.

Let's face it she's jealous of successful beautiful women from wealthy families.  :) She also has a soft spot for someone like YR.


BTW, I was right about the VPs wife marrying him for other than love- it is her father. Now she can divorce him. How so very nice. 

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i havent posted in soompi for probably more than a year but i decided to post again after watching VIP...omg...what a great drama! amazing script, i never missed an episode and always looked forward in watching this....i just shed alot of tears in the last episode especially the ending..all the characters and their development is great...


i felt regretful for the main couple’s ending...though they are bound to get divorced because he deserves it, but at the same time i hurt for the female lead, i know how much he means the world to her, she suffered the most...i felt all her emotions throughout the series and at some point i also wanted her to get revenge and bring him down but im glad it turned out the way it did so she can feel at peace...coz she never wants to hurt him anyway, it was because she was very hurt and angry at that time...but her love is greater than her hate towards him....i like how this drama really empowers women...


i still feel very sad at the end though, just like the female lead she probably feels just as sad coz she was in the verge of tears when they were parting ways and he also looks regretful....such a pity all the lovely years they’ve been through as a couple....how it all came down to that, i felt so heartbroken, how can he let that happen...tsk...


anyway, i recommend this drama! this is one of those rare dramas that i start and finish till the end without skipping any episode or stopping mid-way..i hope korea will continue to make remarkable dramas like this with such depth to every character and storyline. 

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I watched the entire drama, but up to now I'm still clueless if SJ ever really love JS. I see him being regretful for having destroyed "supposedly happy perfect marriage" but LOVE I don't see it.

He may have love YR more?! 

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I'm not crying:bawling:. The finale was perfect and bittersweet for me. This is gonna be a long post lol:sweatingbullets:.


I'm happy MN gets to keep her job while her sweet husband took a parental leave. I was ROFL when he found out he is having another son again lol:lol:. Poor guy:mrgreen:. This is one couple who worked out their marriage and will do fine in the future with their kids.


HA gets her happiness too. She came a long way from the beginning of the drama:wub:. She really deserved the happiness she got from her boyfriend and work now. As for the other friend ( I forgot her name) , I'm sorry I suspected you as SJ mistress lol:lol:


SW, what are you doing to the rookie lol:sweat_smile::joy:? Did you forgot that you were in his position gossiping couple of months ago:mrgreen:? JS, MN and HA faces were priceless:lol:. At least, he grow up and doing his job lol:sweatingbullets:.


VP got what he deserved. First, his reputation was ruined thanks to the stocks he collected illegally and his daughter being a mistress. Second, SJ literally dumps him lol ( I was laughing when dude is like: take a break and we will get back on our feet. And SJ is like nope, I'm done Imao:lol:). You would think SJ was his wife :joy: with the way he got hurt when he was turned down ROFL. And finally, he is at the mercy of his wife lol:lol:. I felt sorry for her ( The look on her face) when VP said to her that she is the only one left on his side. It's probably something she wanted to hear from him for a really long time yet he chose to screw around with multiple women and didn't respect her as his wife. She is gonna make his life a living hell and I'm happy with that:smirk:.


YR got nothing and I'm sure she will live like an empty shell for the rest of her life. Her reputation was ruined, her father doesn't need her anymore. Not to mention, now that he is at his wife's mercy, her stepmom will make sure to make her life a living hell lol. And most of all, she was dumped:lol: ( Sorry honey, but I don't believe you are the one who is doing the dumping there:smirk:). Oh god, was I so happy when she realized she can't replace JS:mrgreen:. Karma is a b$"#$$@:thumbsup:


SJ screwed up big time and he will pay the consequences for a really long time. He was glad and relieved when things blow up because he finally has a chance to break free and make a better choice than before. Like JS mom said, she regretted it and he will. And he did at the end. It's kinda of sad to see how the choices you make thinking that you are right on your choice and people will look up to you can lead you to losing your precious people and end up ruining your life. SJ may look like he didn't pay any price for the affair and living a comfortable life afterwards; but truthfully, he isn't. 


For the first time, JS and SJ sat down and talked with divorce papers between them. They both pointed out what went wrong with their marriage. one thing JS said was that she only saw what she wanted to see in him while SJ admitted that he couldn't open up to her and the marriage fallout wasn't her fault. I'm glad he told her she did her part and best in their relationship and he was the one at fault. She really needed to hear that:tears:.


JS is doing her best to move on with her life afterwards. Like she told her motorcycle friend, she wants to be happy on her own first before she meets someone new again. I'm glad she met SJ again and walked away with a peace on her face. How ironic like some Chingus pointed with the last scene. It ended the way it started but they are going their separate ways now. I'm really sad about how their relationship turned out:bawling:. It's truly over:tears:....


This drama was crazy, long but had a satisfactory ending for me. Whatever theories I cooked up in my head, went to the garbage bin by the end of episode 12 lol. So much for thinking this drama wasn't only about an affair lol. I feel stupid thinking he was running an escort services and there was a big secret plan to take down the VP:skull:. I watch too much crime shows lol:sweat_smile:.  Next time, I'm gonna stick to the character descriptions lol. First time I have seen a drama stick to it:mrgreen:


Thanks everyone for the posts, the recap and laughs lol. I'll see you all around somewhere:glasses:.

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I was initially super excited for this drama because I thought the pairing of Jang Nara and Lee Sang Yoon was quite interesting. I may have had high expectations when the summary seemed enticing and different from the usual. But the first few episodes were SLOW. didn't like how the first episode was laid out; it tried so HARD to be suspenseful and I wanted the visual storytelling to get to a point. The camera followed each pathway of each character. WHO IS THE UNKNOWN GIRL WHO IS HAVING AN AFFAIR? 

I was thinking of dropping this drama until I saw the episodes 3-8 Series Review on Dramabeans. It changed my mind on how I viewed and experienced the drama. This drama tells the story about JUNG SUN, a female character, and NOT Sung Jun. I am so used to a story told in a male centric point of view, but this time I see JUNG SUN. And better, we have THREE unique female characters in the cast. They are not typical innocent candy characters who smile and act optimistic all the time. 

I love Jung Sun because she is a woman of steel. She stands her ground. She breaks down when she needs to do so. AND THEN SHE STANDS ON HER OWN AGAIN. She fights back and she finds her inner peace when she needs to. I can see why Jang Nara endears this character and I am glad she picked this role which is different from...let's say Fated to Love You's Kim Mi Young.

I am glad there were so many shots and scenes of the female characters dominating the cast. Something I don't really see in the Korean drama world. Yes, we have Search: WWW, but even then there was a strong male gaze, not a female gaze. Encounter tells a story about how the female lead character, but her character growth was dependent on the male lead. SO I AM EFFIN HAPPY THAT JUNG SUN EXISTS IN THE DRAMA WORLD. And I am glad we finally have a male lead who is vulnerable, fragmented, lost and confused; it's different from the typical male lead saves the female. The male is perfect and the female is imperfect. I am done with this story.

So props to the director and cast...the entire crew of this drama. They did justice to the storytelling.


And I don't know why...even until this last episode, I wanted something makjang. like Yoori was the VP's mistress. lol I guess I'll leave it up to my imagination. haha

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My shipping may not be sailing :sweat_smile:

but at least we got a smile :D



# one step at time 




Before  I forget Merry Christmas ( for  who celebrating

Many thanks of the ranting , Insightful thoughts & many laugh we enjoyed in the thread  :wub:



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This is one of the rarest occasions where I never wanted the lead pair to be together in the end. I'm extremely satisfied with the ending and I'd have thrown up had FL reconciled with ML after all that jazz


All in all it was a good drama despite the hot blood pressure it gave throughout lol. Entire cast did a good job! Shout out to the director *thumbs up*

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Kind of random but was anyone surprised when the matchmaker mentioned in last week's episode Yu Ri was 28! 


She played the character as so inept and immature that I thought we were supposed to assume she was in her very early 20s (maybe 20-22?) without much experience but this useless, whining, self-pitying crybaby was almost 30!

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Just want to express my thoughts on this drama, VIP.


I'm really hoping for a happy ending for JS and SJ. Like love is sweeter the second time around 'coz they been through heartaches and they know what went wrong in their relationship so they can work on it to avoid it. I'm thirsty for their sweet moments as a couple.


I'm hoping for season 2, where JS and SJ will get back as a couple. :)

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19 minutes ago, raziela said:

Kind of random but was anyone surprised when the matchmaker mentioned in last week's Yu Ri was 28! 


She played the character as so inept and immature that I thought we were supposed to assume she was in her very early 20s (20-21?) without much experience but this useless, whiny, self-pitying crybaby was almost 30!

I didn't notice that. Well tbh I skipped most of her scenes cuz her character was too annoying to my liking lol

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Finally its over thank god.  i don't know if i can go on with this emotional roller coaster any longer.  For me that was a satisfying ending.


I understand JS was done with the hurt and anger and just wanted to move on with her life. She admitted that she didn't really know SJ or rather she had a different perception of him or what she wanted him to be. SJ on the hand was working to fill in what he thought he was missing without realizing that everything he wanted was right there with JS.

It was interesting that when they parted in the rain after the funeral each holding an umbrella was reminiscent of when they walked in the rain after a different funeral sharing an umbrella in episode 1. Back then JS told SJ she just wanted a simple life but now its all over for them but she didn't have any regrets and both wanted to just remember their good times. 


People were saying that YR got off easy, but i think that she will forever be lonely and an outcast in the Ha family although she shares their name. She has to work even harder now that daddy is not around to back her. I doubt that she will be with SJ but i really don't care if they do. 


I like all the other happy endings with MinA a working mom with 'four' sons and HyunA and JH getting together and maybe tying the knot. 


Thank you to everyone here. Love reading your analysis of our favorite drama. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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45 minutes ago, lovescenario said:

Just want to express my thoughts on this drama, VIP.


I'm really hoping for a happy ending for JS and SJ. Like love is sweeter the second time around 'coz they been through heartaches and they know what went wrong in their relationship so they can work on it to avoid it. I'm thirsty for their sweet moments as a couple.


I'm hoping for season 2, where JS and SJ will get back as a couple. :)

This is a happy ending :) 


JS is a confident, intelligent, strong, moral, independent and successful woman at peace with her past and looking forward to her future.  She has reconciled with her mother, has a close circle of family and friends, respect and esteem in the where she excels at her job she enjoys. And she has a gorgeous house lol!


She said she wanted to be happy by herself for now.  She might choose to stay single or she will go on to have a relationship with a man who loves, respects and is honest with her and treats a great woman like Jung Sun as she deserves to be treated.


Jung Sun eyes have been opened to the truth of the man she married.  Sung Jun lied, cheated, betrayed and humiliated her over and over again and made a joke of his wedding vows. That's not something you can just work past.  Love will never be sweeter "the second time around" after something like that because the trust that was once there is gone forever. They are done and dusted. Sung Jun is her past and she won't be looking back:)


As for Sung Jun? Who cares? He got what he deserved. A lifetime of regret because of his own stupid choices.

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" why are there no secrets here? "


Where is the scene please? Sorry. Didn't watch ep 15 entirely. Did watch ep 16. What can I say? It's done. Thank goodness. I appreciate the acting didn't like the ending. I understand the ending. I just don't like it.


However I do like the other women's stories. It's so cute and sweet. SW is sweet. That's why I asked the minute in the episode. So I can watch it. 


I don't know how LSY feels about the role and hatred but am happy he did something different for a change. The casting was right at least. If it was just another middle aged cheating male executive I couldn't have cared less. It is so commonplace. But because it was JNR and LSY they lit up the screen.

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TBH, I thought Jung Sun would get revenge as she said before that she'd drag him to hell. So it's kinda dissapointing. I should say I kinda agree with this netizens on this link.




I hate seeing Yu Ri and Sung Jun tears. I hate them both. I want them pay more than just tears. After short time flies, people will tend to move on from this affair issue. And YS - SJ will be together without a proper social punishment. 

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