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  1. As usual in Kdrama land, the Soompi-ers are better script writers than the writer ! Hahaha.....lots of theories here but I have given up - I think it is gearing towards a simple plot of affair and the writer just threw in lots of trolls to keep viewers hooked ! YuRi had to be the VP's daughter : they referred to each other as father, daughter throughout. It will be a real dig on viewer's intelligence if she is actually the mistress masquerading as a daughter, I think. I guess the remaining episodes will be about how Na Jung Sun gets back on her feet. Maybe her mother-in-law will reveal SJ's background, JS finally see light and sign the divorce papers. She gets a new job with either Triphone or the young man team member's family company. Perhaps she even gets a dog and name him "happy" ! YuRi and SJ should not have a happy ending. Viewers will be too pissed and even break their TV screen. Maybe rich grandpa will offer YuRi a choice : breakup and go overseas to study OR get kicked out of the family. So SJ will be left alone and wallow in self-pity (I really dislike how this actor portray this character... mostly pan-faced and expressionless!)
  2. So I was wrong and YR is the mistress ! Oh dear, the drama has taken on a complete different vibe since the reveal. I thought this will be a more corporate battle kind of drama so I am a bit surprised. But glad this thread is not choked with heated debates about the moral issues. It is wrong to for SJ to have an affair with YR (whether emotional and/or physical). Let us see how the couple deal with this mistake. Will continue watching as Jang Na Ra's acting is certainly worth my time. Still unknown : who sent that text message to JS ? Did someone send the elevator clip to SJ to threathen him ?
  3. I am quite sure SMN is not the mistress. I guess she is just a struggling working mom, wanting to get that promotion badly. I think she went to the office after receiving the text because of that conversation her husband had with her in the coffee shop earlier : that she's staying out because she is having an affair. She probably thought it was he or his colleague testing her so she went anyway to clarify on the matter ? If SMN is really having an affair with SJ, would she be so silly as to go to the office meetup at 10pm ? I think the real mistress would panicked and called SJ immediately. This drama is a bit slow paced for me but the writing is at least more witty than the run-of-the-mill script. I just hope the writer can round off everything with reasonable explanation. Sometimes they spin a tale too big and do a really bad conclusion.
  4. I am watching on my cable TV so I am up to Ep 7 (Ep 8 tonight). The SJ with hidden person in the car scene did throw me off a bit...so I look at the dialogue again. SJ said : "JS has already been hurt more than she deserves. If she were to find out it was you, the wound will last forever. I cannot let that happen. This is the end for me. I won't go back. So finish it on your end too. Please." I guess this is related to the past incident in SJ & JS's life : the one where JS asked SJ to hang on to her. And probably a clue in that locked room in their house. Could it be a miscarriage or their child who died ? I still think there is no affair. HA, then SMN will be eliminated as suspects...then writer will zoom in on YuRi. And I guess it will turn out it is not her either.
  5. I can't guess what's the twist but based on my kdrama experience, I think none of the 3 women is the mistress. It is not even clear he really had an affair. He could be lying for a good reason (like to protect JS or something like that).
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