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  1. None of the other predators in this series needed help to lure victims. Tie-knot predator murdered enough females without any help. Predators think they have superior genes and are more concerned about getting a spouse and reproduce predator-junior. HJ is of no value to HH (may be of value to writer as a forced thread to weave in some plot).
  2. The reasons she vocalized to her parents : 1) She left her young brother as she was scared. (her brother later got killed by HH) 2) She assisted HH by luring boxer's sister away from main road. She said she doesn't deserve to be happy due to above so she did not go back to her parents. {Unconvincing reasons as : (1) She left her brother in hiding to get help for both of them. If she didn't do so, both of them would be found and killed by HH. It was a risk she had to take then. (2) She was a young child kidnapped and threatened by HH. Scab#2 : Still don't understand why HH work
  3. I watched the final special aka alternative ending episode. Sorry but it was boring hahaha! It is not really an alternative ending but an extended epilogue. Lady politician pardoned and later silenced by President Shin. Motive appears to be him wanting to hide the fact that his grand-daughter has psychopath gene (which Lady politician miraculously found out while jailed). They left a few dangling strands : (1) final brain surgery, (2) mouse discarded by Daniel came back to life and broke of cage (2) Det Shin daughter aka President's grand-daughter has psychopath gene + exhibit murder
  4. Makes no sense to be little HJ. Her prophetic statement : "kill the mouse or you will become like the snake (killed by the mouse)" meant that little girl already knew then - the pet mouse was experimented on - BR will be in danger if the experiment continues probably writer forgot about this scene. Hahaha...it's okay, I will just forget it
  5. Ep 20, no reveal of girl. JiEun's neck cut : revealed in Ep20. YH confronted her regarding her knowledge of BR being the serial killer. YH said he will go confront BR. JiEun tried to stop him because she is concerned BR will kill YH. In her bid to stop YH, JiEun picked up a pair of scissor and pointed it at her own neck. YH rushed over to her to stop her from hurting herself. In the struggle, JiEun was injured and YH left when a lady visitor came into the room. YH was innocent. He has the psychopath gene but he demonstrated emotions. During live TV show, HJ showed a CCTV clip which captu
  6. Ep 20 : Ending 1. I thought it was rather neat. Most loops wrapped up. HJ was sentenced to 3years in jail because when she found out the truth from Dr Daniel, (BR after surgery) she said not to let BR know the truth and use him to kill the other psychopaths eg. rapist. For this part of the crime, she was jailed. It wasn't clear but I guess during the live show when she confessed she helped HH 26years ago she also revealed who she is, that's how her father knew. JiEun killed herself by jumping into the sea as that's what it appears. Her voice-over apologised to YH and said she want t
  7. I will watch ep20 in about 12hrs time. Sounds like they managed to end it quite properly, better than some other messy kdramas with open endings or unexplained issues. Errrr...........so no major plot twists ? Hahahaha.......... Humans love surprises, just that many humans do not like to be wrong. Chillax, this is just a kdrama.
  8. @nrllee WOW ! Good work ! Thanks for sharing ! Major troll ! Should email the writer and ask for an explanation !! Hahahaha !
  9. 1) Certainly there has been a fair share of trolling in this drama and anything is possible. However, we have been shown real facts (not just memory) of AT LEAST ONE of BR's murder intent : a) BR intent to murder the rapist. It was captured by camera on bicycle, camera of OZ's trailing BR. We were shown that these videos were watched by BY and MC. - can troll rapist didn't die and Oz came up from the ground to kill rapist - but cannot troll that BR has intent to murder rapist in that psychopathic way. b) BR has a scar on his left arm and BY saw it. - quite unconvincing that BR had
  10. I watched Predator ep1 and 2. Don't remember young girl mentioned, only a lot of repeated scenes from BR's point of view. The Theatrical Cut I didn't watch. No idea who the girl was and no idea how it can be HJ cos it makes no sense to me.
  11. Why is HJ the girl who crushed the mouse/mice infront of young BR (raincoat boy) ? . Are young HJ and BR friends ? . How did young HJ know about altered-mouse & mouse+snake incident to make the comment about how young BR will be destroyed by the mouse if he didn't kill the mouse ?
  12. okay I finished EP 19 : Revealed : 1) Baby swap occurred - confirmed by DNA reports which YH had and now in MC hands. YH and JaeHee are siblings and BR and HH are son-father. That was how YH knew Ji-Eun was not his biological mother. 2) Fake-Aunt was ex-fencing champion hired by Oz to replace boxer to monitor BR. She was scared of BR and made him live and grow up independently at at early age (Errr...then how to observe ??!!). She got married and gave birth to a boy - BR's cousin. She got frighten when BR took her son that day and she resigned from Oz. She kept 2 reports as a security
  13. Ah ok! Thanks for the contributions to understand this messy plot. Things are going so fast I cannot understand even with the cable TV supposedly quality English sub. Okay, I get it now. So baby swap theory revealed as TRUE !? Maybe I will be clearer after watching Ep 19 tonight. @ferily Yes, nrllee is right. BR the predator (pre-surgery) killed Kim Joon-Sung because he misunderstood that Kim Joon-Sung knew his identity as serial murderer. He thought KJS was the person who saw him killed BY's grandma so using the jacket's laundry label he tracked KJS down. YH was wearing
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