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[Drama 2019] The Fiery Priest, 열혈사제 - "WE WILL BE BACK !"


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SBS Presents


†he Fïery þrïes† 






Director: Lee Myung-Woo 

(Whisper, Punch, Something Happened in Bali)
Writer: Park Jae-Bum

(Good Manager /Chief Kim, Quiz From God Series, Good Doctor, Blood)
Episodes: 40 

(35 minutes each / 2 episodes per day)

Release Date: February 15 2019 
Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00



About the Show

A comedic crime drama about a catholic priest with anger management issues and a detective from the Gudam Police Station who meet during their joint investigation into the murder of an elderly priest. (Hancinema)


Kim Hae-Il is a Catholic priest. He has an anger management issue. Kim Hae-Il and a detective work together to solve a senior Catholic priest murder case. (Asianwiki)


Cast of Characters 






Kim Nam-Gil - Kim Hae-Il / Priest Michael



Kim Sung-Kyun - Koo Dae-Young



Lee Honey - Park Kyung-Sun




Ko Joon - Hwang Jung Bum


People around the main characters

Geum Sae-rok as Seo Seung-ah
Jung Young-joo as Jung Dong-ja
Kim Hyung-mook as Kang Seok-tae
Jung In-gi as Nam Suk-goo
Han Gi-jung as Park Won-moo
Lee Moon-sik as Ki Yong-moon
Kim Won-hae as Vladimir Gojayev

People at the Cathedral
Jung Dong-hwan as Lee Young-joon
Jeon Sung-woo as Han Sung-kyu
Baek Ji-won as Kim In-kyung
Ahn Chang-hwan
Go Kyu-pil as Oh Yo-han
Yoon Joo-hee as Bae Hee-jung

People at the Police Station
Shin Dam-soo as Lee Myung-soo
Jeon Jeong-gwan as Heo Lig-gu
Ji Chan as Na Dae-gil

Kim Min-jae as Lee Jung-gwon
Lee Je-yeon as Kim Hoon-suk
Eum Moon-suk as Jang-ryong





Jan 1 2019 - First Teaser

Version 1

Version 2 

Version 3

Version 4
Poster Making Behind the Scenes

Teaser Ver 1 Subbed


Official Soundtrack



Part 1 - Hero by Norezo



Part 2- Breeze by Punch Feat Gree



Part 3- Fighter by Jung Dong Hwa



Part 4- Paradise by Chin Chilla feat Gaeun



Part 5- Joy by Andy Platts



Part 6- Victory by Kim Yeon Ji


Full OST available here: YES ASIA

Spotify Playlist






  • In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • N/A denotes that the rating is not known.


Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share
TNmS AGB Nielsen[5]
Nationwide Nationwide Seoul
1 February 15, 2019 9.3% 10.4% (9th) 11.6% (7th)
2 11.9% 13.8% (4th) 15.6% (3rd)
3 February 16, 2019 7.4% 8.6% (14th) 9.5% (12th)
4 9.1% 11.2% (9th) 12.6% (9th)
5 February 22, 2019 11.0% 12.8% (5th) 14.7% (3rd)
6 13.3% 16.2% (2nd) 18.5% (1st)
7 February 23, 2019 11.1% 13.0% (4th) 14.8% (4th)
8 13.4% 15.7% (3rd) 18.0% (3rd)
9 March 1, 2019 11.9% 14.0% (4th) 15.9% (3rd)
10 14.3% 17.2% (2nd) 19.5% (1st)
11 March 2, 2019 10.4% 13.1% (4th) 15.0% (4th)
12 12.8% 16.0% (3rd) 18.2% (3rd)
13 March 8, 2019 11.9% 15.3% (4th) 17.1% (3rd)
14 14.2% 17.7% (2nd) 19.7% (1st)
15 March 9, 2019 10.8% 12.5% (5th) 14.6% (4th)
16 13.7% 16.1% (3rd) 18.3% (3rd)
17 March 15, 2019 11.5% 15.4% (4th) 17.4% (3rd)
18 13.7% 17.5% (2nd) 19.5% (2nd)
19 March 16, 2019 12.0% 14.2% (4th) 15.7% (4th)
20 14.3% 18.1% (3rd) 20.3% (3rd)
21 March 22, 2019 12.3% 14.6% (3rd) 16.5% (3rd)
22 14.9% 17.2% (2nd) 19.0% (1st)
23 March 23, 2019 12.6% 14.8% (4th) 16.7% (4th)
24 15.5% 17.9% (3rd) 19.6% (3rd)
25 March 29, 2019 11.9% 15.3% (3rd) 17.4% (3rd)
26 14.6% 18.5% (2nd) 20.9% (1st)
27 March 30, 2019 14.0% 15.6% (4th) 17.4% (4th)
28 16.1% 18.2% (3rd) 19.8% (3rd)
29 April 5, 2019 13.0% 15.5% (3rd) 17.7% (3rd)
30 16.9% 19.8% (2nd) 22.2% (1st)
31 April 6, 2019 15.7% 17.7% (4th) 19.9% (4th)
32 17.3% 19.4% (3rd) 21.6% (2nd)
33 April 12, 2019 N/A 16.2% (3rd) 18.6% (3rd)
34 20.3% (1st) 22.8% (1st)
35 April 13, 2019 17.2% (4th) 18.9% (4th)
36 20.0% (3rd) 22.1% (2nd)
37 April 19, 2019 14.6% 16.7% (3rd) 18.4% (2nd)
38 18.1% 20.3% (1st) 22.2% (1st)
39 April 20, 2019 15.9% 18.6% (4th) 21.1% (4th)
40 18.5% 22.0% (3rd) 24.7% (1st)
Average 16.1% 18.1%


Awards / Nominations


2019 55th Baeksang Arts Awards--  Best Actor -Kim Nam-gil   ( Nominated )



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Don't quote images.

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] The Priest / Hot Blooded Priest 열혈사제 Starring Kim Nam Gil , Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Honey

I am glad Kim Nam Gil, Kim Sung Kyun and Honey Lee confirmed to appear in this drama. A great trio.

It looks like this year the priests are on trend in kdramaland. :sweatingbullets: I am glad it is not another drama dealing with exorcisms. 


Kim Nam Gil, Kim Sung Kyun, And Honey Lee Confirmed For Upcoming SBS Drama

by J. Lee



The leads for SBS’s first Monday-Tuesday drama in 2019 are confirmed!

On October 26, a source from the SBS drama department revealed, “Kim Nam Gil, Kim Sung Kyun, and Honey Lee are confirmed for SBS’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama, ‘Hot Blooded Priest’ (literal translation).”

Kim Nam Gil will play the Catholic priest Kim Hae Il, who has Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder. His cynical and pessimistic way of talking usually numbs the people around him, but his analytical skills, insight, and judgement towards humanity are surprisingly keen and accurate. His character was actually a top special agent who was in the counter-terrorism special forces team of the National Intelligence Service 10 years ago.

Kim Sung Kyun will play Goo Dae Young, a detective working in Gudam Police Station’s Violent Crimes Department. He does not want to look weak, so he bluffs around. Fancy words are his weapon rather than actually getting in a fight. He is a soft-hearted man with lots of tears. He used to be a hot-tempered detective, but he became a coward after his partner died three years ago.



October 26 2018

Kim Nam-Gil, Kim Sung-Kyun and Lee Honey cast in SBS drama series “Hot Blooded Priest”


Kim Nam-Gil, Kim Sung-Kyun and Lee Honey are cast for lead roles in SBS drama series “Hot Blooded Priest” (literal title). The drama series will have Kim Nam-Gil playing Catholic Priest Kim Hae-Il, Kim Sung-Kyun playing Detective Koo Dae-Young and Lee Honey playing Prosecutor Park Kyung-Sun. They work together to solve the murder of a senior Catholic priest. The drama series follows currently airing OCN horror drama series “The Guest” which has Kim Jae-Wook playing a Catholic priest and upcoming OCN medical-horror drama series “Priest” which has Yeon Woo-Jin and Park Yong-Woo playing Catholic priests.


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Kim Nam-gil, Kim Sung-kyun, and Honey Lee cast in Hot-Blooded Priest

by stroopwafel


After months of speculation, Kim Nam-gil (Live Up to Your Name) has confirmed he will take the lead in the SBS drama Hot-Blooded Priest. Kim Sung-kyun (Untouchable) and Honey Lee (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People) will be joining him in the comedic drama. The drama will tackle issues of corruption, religion, and the exploitation of welfare agencies, all while infusing the series with heavy doses of comedy and compassion.

Kim Hae-il (played by Kim Nam-gil) is a Catholic priest who is anything but priestly. He’s a hotheaded, sharp-tongued man with attitude to spare. Kim is the kind of person who can render anyone, parishioner or stranger, dumbstruck with his temper and attitude. Once something sets Kim off, no one can stop him. When an elderly priest is murdered, Kim Hae-il teams up with homicide detective Gu Dae-young (Kim Sung-kyun) to solve the case.



more http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/10/kim-nam-gil-kim-sung-kyun-and-honey-lee-cast-in-hot-blooded-priest/

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 This has similar title  with the upcoming 2019 OCN  drama.  Priest character  must be a trend for now. Wonder if these kdrama writers ever talk.



Now I know. I'm familiar with the face but not the name. So that's Go Joon. I realize I  watched  his last 3 dramas. The Good Wife. Save Me. Misty. I'm looking forward to this as well.


And Kim Nam Gil looks so damn fine.  I  just gotta share though not drama related. Thanks for indulging.


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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Hot Blooded Priest/ Enthusiastic Priest 열혈사제 - Starring Kim Nam Gil , Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Honey - Premieres in February 2019
On 12/17/2018 at 12:22 PM, LyraYoo said:

A new update. I like how CJ & Es is pro active in promoting KNG's projects. His previous agencies can not relate.


It's actually C-JeS @LyraYoo :D


UPDATE: The Fiery Priest will now be SBS's first Friday-to-Saturday prime time drama. (Premieres February 2019, produced by SAMHWA NETWORKS)

Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201812141606304110

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] The Fiery Priest/ Enthusiastic Priest 열혈사제 - Starring Kim Nam Gil , Kim Sung Kyun, Lee Honey - Premieres in February 2019





I am glad we`ll have the first teaser.

17 hours ago, triplem said:

is he a real priest or not ? I thought I saw some sparks there btwn Lee honey & him in the close up

He is but I am not sure if he will remain a priest at the end of this show. The higher ups might not liking him being so unconventional. :D I laughed when I watched the teaser. It seams to be a fine comedy drama.

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The Hot-Blooded Priest fights his way through a sinful city in SBS comedy

by tipsymocha


Well, this is certainly a new kind of priest in dramaland. SBS’s upcoming dramedy Hot-Blooded Priest has recently released a teaser showing our three leads Kim Nam-gil (Live Up to Your Name), Kim Sung-kyun (Untouchable), and Honey Lee (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People), and it looks like we’re in for an irreverently fun ride.

First up, we have our titular priest Kim Nam-gil, and to call him “hot-blooded” sounds like an understatement to me. In the teaser, we see him stop in the middle of a sermon to yell obscenities at a member of his congregation for eating during Mass. And I certainly don’t know what business a priest has in beating up people, but that’s exactly what he goes around doing, while saying offscreen that his “job prioritizes judgment and punishment.” The teaser itself says he has an anger management disorder, and coupled with his distinctly un-priest-like fighting skills, he goes out to “destroy” the sins of his city.

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/01/the-hot-blooded-priest-fights-his-way-through-a-sinful-city-in-sbs-comedy/

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1 hour ago, triplem said:

Hellllllo !


Well , are you referring to the taboo almost- romance  btwn a  recently widowed Mother of twins  & a hawt spy in  Terius vs the heaven forbid  love line here btwn an ambitious  prosecutor and a hawt priest ? :astonished:


I hope this will be as fun & action packed as Terius. :D Teaser looks promising.

:lol: Let's just say that I won't put my hope too high in the romance department since this is categorized as comedy-crime drama...

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On 1/8/2019 at 3:56 PM, triplem said:

This will replace The Last Empress. So we will have crazy dramas all the way on this slot.  :D 

Gosh... no break from the thrills and shrills, huh? Wed-Thurs are becoming my fave days... :D 

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