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  1. Haven't waited it yet but i might cause of the lead actor. I loved him in the cdrama "Palace/Goong" Plot seems good and interesting. A married couple working together and actually liking each other.
  2. I had started this drama when it first aired but stopped cause I wasn't really sure if I'd like this drama. With new dramas starting to air again I wanted something i could binge watch. I most say episode 3 really picks up and I'm kinda hooked and wanna see how everything turns out. Will BS get his revenge? Also the english title for this drama doesn't seem to fit. Couldn't it just be "revenge is back" ?
  3. Yes yes, how does that happen? Do the houses not have locks or did they forget to lock them when they leave the house? It's always been a mystery to me. LOL
  4. Aww man, I wish they were airing this now. This seems very funny. I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Sounds different from the other daily dramas. Hopefully there is no birth secrets. I will be checking this drama out.
  6. Eventhough i watched the raw version of the drama when it i'll be sure to check this drama out! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Looking forward to this drama. And how does that cute tiger come into play? I can't wait to find out if it will take long to find out who the reincarnated husband will be.
  8. Love the magazine photos from marie clare. I wonder what brand is that watch. I loved her watches in WWWSK too. LOL. She and PSJ have to be one of my favorite OTP couples this year.
  9. For some reason i'm really behind on this drama. Only on episode 2 but i'm now really interested in seeing where everything goes and the two OTP are so sweet.
  10. I never watched the kdrama version and had started and stopped this drama when it are starting airing a yr ago. With nothing to watch i decided to watch it this weekend and I have to say i'm really surprised I got sucked in once GG lost her memory when she was about 5/6 yr old. I'm really loving her relationship with YK. And I agree that she should tell him the truth when she had a problem. I love YK stepping up when he needs too. Although his older brother sucks at times you can tell he really loves/loved YX and he really felt betrayed when the truth came out. Although i should feel a little sorry for YX because the only true thing she had was her husbands love but she didn't listen to her ex-husband and she had to deal with her consequence. I wish the "3 yr later" scenes with YX was not cut cause i loved it. I felt that the ending was missing something when they didn't show what happened to YX
  11. Question ~ Is this drama broken up to two 30 mins episodes? I was just watching it and noticed that it ended after 30 mins? I keep forgetting which dramas are now two 30 mins episodes back to back.
  12. Besides the original DMS from the Japanese version Dylan did an excellent job. I loved DMS's childish manner when it comes so anything Shan Cai related. However all through the childishness he has a heart of gold and a smart person. I'm so glad he had friends to help him and knew when to help when the time came. Also loved the secondary love lines. Very sweet. Although not everyone has lucky in love they didn't give up. Side Note. I really like Devil besides You and wouldn't mind a remake.
  13. No Kdrama has caught my attention since "What Happened To Secretary Kim?" this summer. But I think i found something to replace it. The title threw my off cause I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch another fantasy genre drama. But I'm glad I decided to check this out. Currently only 10 mins into episode 1 and had to post on the forum. The question I have already is, is SY's arm really steel. That would be interesting but i really think it has to do with the OTP's connection. Did the pocket watch once upon a time belong to him?
  14. I love how we get some of scenes of them as a couple. It's nice to see that each carry some doubt of what the other thinks cause their relationship was just starting out and are still getting to know each other. I love MR's dad, freakin DS out about the cctv.
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