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  1. Eventhough I don’t like the ending, I really enjoyed the adventure or journey in watching this drama. Thanks God that I watch it while it airs. If I only want to watch it after it finishes, I will not watch it in the end, knowing that most people hate the ending. It’s like watching Hwayugi as well. Love the drama, hate the ending. Both dramas are netflix dramas. Any coincidence?? Both dramas make me subscribe to netflix Well, I’ll just wait for another Hyun Bin drama then. Hopefully it doesn’t take more than 1 year.. MOA is a great success in comparison with his previous drama Hyde Jekyll. I think it takes him like 3 years to come back to dramaland because of the failure of Hyde Jekyll. But MOA is different. So I cross my fingers that Hyun Bin will come back asap in the dramaland!
  2. What kind of ending is that!!!! Huhuhuhu... missing JW for the last episode.. only few minutes of him in bad shapes, and gone! ... so what? Can we have episode17, please? Bring JW back and meet HJ!! So frustrated to see this kind of ending
  3. Whoa.. confusing! I thought that the server is already shut down.. but suddenly CHS comeback and kill prof cha.. And JW didn’t call anyone. Because it will be too complicated if he is the one calling 911.
  4. Now JW is missing, SJ is back!! And we have to wait one week again to find out!! Sometimes I regret watching this live.. the torture of waiting 1 week is real!! Before that, usually JW cannot log out, can he? I mean, has he ever logged out before now? He can only rest when the server shuts down. Now he gave the key to Emma, unlock SJ, and then he hides in the game because of the cop? So confusing.... I don’t understand why SuJin sent message to JW and wanted to kill herself. Don‘t even think of YuRa. Wondering how JW can marry her in the first place?
  5. Just finished watching in netflix. Whoa.. such an intense episode!! We know now how the game got its error. According to JW, SJ hid himself in the game to protect himself. Interesting!!
  6. What is the place where KangSoon waits for YooBaek and finally they kiss there? How she can wait there and YooBaek search for her there? Without the subs, i’m really lost.
  7. It is 16 episodes drama, right? So we only have 4 episodes left. Wow, so fast, it will end. I hope that we can still have romance “department” in the remaining episodes. It was very slow romance story in the beginning.. I think we will have more game story again in episode 13.. Concerning the actor who plays Director Park, if any of you watched Hyde, Jekyll and me, isn’t he Hyun Bin’s character secretary in that drama?
  8. Soo.. I check HB birthday.. turns out he is not 40 yet.. Only in the drama that he is already 40.. in reality, HB is born in 1982, PSH in 1990. So PSH is in her real age in the drama, while HB is older in the drama. Then, ahjussi it is And turns out I’ve only watched Park Shin hye in The Heirs.. So while reading comments on her improved skill for kissing, I cannot comment on that. I think the kiss is in the right time, while JW is so vulnerable and needs someone to rely on. And we know from previous episodes that JW already gives more attention to HJ and has feeling for her. I love that the kiss shows PSH shoes. The shoes also moves, as in showing she is not only standing steady, but really drown in the kiss itself..
  9. I love episode 12.. especially when JW showed up in HJ house to accompany MinJu. He really takes care of this family then. And in the morning he makes the toast for MJ and HJ then. JW or perhaps HB is really good looking in this morning. haha.. Looking more fresh, having able to sleep more comfortable in the sofa! I think I got addicted to HyunBin (again!) in MOA. But his acting on subtle emotions are killing it so much in MOA. Little things from his emotions, we can see it through. I wonder how Prof Cha’s feeling to see his son “alive”... Is it him who reports to the police to investigate JW again? Could it be that he called the police to cancel it in the next episode? And, why HJ does not call JW “oppa”? just curious.. is it because he is already ahjussi?
  10. Kim Nam Gil will have new drama in February! Great news!! But seems he will not have a love story then.
  11. Finally I can watch the sub episode from elsewhere! Their chemistry is amazing. Seems like come on JW, just kiss her already!! I rarely watch park shin hye drama. but she can respond to HB kiss so good. The kiss scene felt different with usual kiss scene from other dramas. Back to the story, so what does prof cha want to do? Eliminate JW also SuJin? Wondering about the company. If JW, Cha and Park are the ones that build the company, why prof cha could get rid of his son and JW from the company?
  12. Hi guys! Episode 11 is already in the netflix. But my internet connection doesn’t allow me to watch netflix... i’m so frustrated here... Hyun Bin is amazing, only 1 drama every 5 and 3 years. no wonder fans are really waiting for his drama.
  13. Hi all! MOA is “refreshing” in terms of giving different type of stories. But I sometimes have to pause the episode to calm my nerves!! Too intense for my taste, the usual romcom watcher. Haha. Hyun Bin is soooo great in MOA. I think after watching his previous dramas, and now MOA.. wow!! he has this vibe and charisma so different in here. Like it very much. The chemistry with PSH also great!! Now I don’t want this week to come to Saturday too quickly because it means my holiday is over, but I also want Saturday and Sunday to come ASAP
  14. Wow @triplem and @turtlegirl thanks for the recap! So still have to wait for next week then... can’t wait to watch it with subs!
  15. Hi guys, I still can’t find the episode with subtitle. Last week I watched it with sub of bahasa Indonesia. But for the new episode I haven’t found it. Is there any episode with English sub actually?
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