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  1. Hi @mintea18! Nice to see you again in this thread @snowlou I only watched Annoying brother for his movie. Not easy to watch (find) movie and also I usually choose to watch korean drama when I have time.
  2. I really like Hospital Playlist. The drama itself is spectacular. Not a common korean drama with the story. Very subtle romance but intriguing. His character there is really great. How his acting there is very amazing. Adorable. With how much I really like HwaShin (hahaha), IkJun as character is more lovable. Seems now more people know Jo Jung Suk. Yeay!!
  3. Hi there @snowlou Yes, I watched HP and dropped some comments in the thread. But not very active. Hospital Playlist answered the request of JJS fans who want to see him sing in his own drama. Haha. I haven’t watched Nokdu Flower though!
  4. Wow, what a great show also live in Youtube! JKH looks so different with his hair down. In the drama he mostly has his hair up. Can we watch somewhere again their live session?
  5. Hi guys.. I just cannot stop watching Youtube clips in The Swoon when the band are playing (also the karaoke scene). Just love it so much. The last song, my tears, Jo jung suk voice is very sad!! Always love his voice though!! bit bias here, I know.... Each episode has different story of the patients. But there is continuous story about the friendship and we wait and guessing, and immerse also with the supporting characters. This drama is amazing! While we cannot go out, stay at home, this drama brings warmth and feeling of togetherness (one thing that we cannot have at the moment due to pandemic). I read that they have finished with the shooting of all episodes. Only 4 episodes left. Hope the second season will start not too long. I really love the „couple“ Ik Jun and Song Hwa. Although I also like Captain Ahn! Dilemma!! But I just think that it is still too awkward between Song Hwa and Capt Ahn. Winter Garden couple.. cannot wait to see the progress! Obgyn couple.. I don’t know, I feel it’s more admirations at the moment, and one sided. Jung Wan.. haha, he is fast progressing with Ik Sun. Just want to know how is Ik Jun reaction when finding out!! Just had the image of Ross found out that Monica is with Chandler Bing in Friends!
  6. I really like Chu Min Ha part/scenes in this episode. She is not that fashionable as usual, showing how tired she is. But wow, great scenes and dialogues there. JunWan-IkSun couple seems already settled. Still curious whether we will have Song Hwa and Ik Jun?
  7. Hi guys! With OST for each episode, can we get also the drama version as OST? Or clips in YouTube? I love it that now JJS sings the songs in the drama. But I missed the kind of songs that Song Hwa sang, with her false tone! Haha. We will only have another 5 episodes in this season. I read there will be season 2 for this drama, right?
  8. Whoa the next OST is Kyu Hyun, right? I know it from his voice! Really great!! The band performance is actually the scene that I am waiting for. It always brings warm in my heart and smile in my face seeing the band and their friendship story. I‘m glad IkJun already not sad in this episode. UJu is so sweet. I also think that UJu saw something on his mom. I think I missed JunWan this episode, not so many story on him, but his parts here are the sweet ones and funny ones. Hope to see hin more in next episode! And, Yes, the patient is totally not an Indonesian, but from India. Seems the PD is not careful with this, eventhough it is an asian drama. South east asian and South Asia people are really different. I think if a Thailand or Vietnam patient is called from Indonesia is more likely than an India patient to be called from Indonesia.
  9. Can’t get over the karaoke song. Haha. And Thursday is still long way to go! Is this drama only 12 episodes? Is there any chance to have a sequel of the drama?
  10. This episode is heavy on Ik Jun and Jun Wan. I know my favorites already. Haha. Can‘t wait for the release of OST part 3, it‘s Jo Jung Suk! Yeay!! I love how friendships are described in these episodes. Totally love the karaoke scenes! So funny and heartwarming in the same time. Song Hwa is not in the sporlight in this episode, but I really like her charm more, especially how she resolves and talk to her residents.
  11. Hi guys, finally I watch hospital playlist. Whoa, it’s only 1 episode per week. Loving it already as fans of JJS! Although I think he has not many scenes yet. I also like the other actors too. But I really like Song Hwa here. She has her charms, bit different with other usual female character somehow. Will there be a love story among them?
  12. Hi all! I haven’t started to watch new drama. Just do not want to be disappointed because now the bar is high because of CLOY! Hahaha But I also just rewatched the last 10 minutes of last episode. I don’t know, seems that it was a fun ride watching it while being aired. All the enthusiasm and waiting especially the two weeks waiting! and I don’t have the luxury of time to rerun all episodes. Seems my energy is drained after the last episode. All the attachments with the drama is really high. Withdrawal syndrome of a very good drama that I rarely experienced! I still (try) to play the song for brother in the piano, but only the first part is fine, the second part is bit difficult. In CLOY ost there are two versions of this song. I think the instrumental songs are great also in this drama. Well, basically I just want to say hello to everyone here. Have a nice Monday to start the week, one week after CLOY ends! Hopefully we still can have new pictures of HB and SYJ and the ducklings and the ahjummas and Dan and GSJ in our timelines or YT to cheer us up!
  13. I really love the Switzerland pictures the ones that were not aired. They look happy together and so much in love. Really wondering whether they are really just friends or really great actors? They had these pictures taken before intensive shooting in South Korea. But the sparks in their eyes are there! Amazing!! I just remember Daddy Ri’s comment in the car: Are you crying? Haha. Hilarious! The way he asked and his expression like that make it funny. And RJH expression is undescribable afterwards! Daddy Ri is really one important role for giving hilarious scenes and serious parts. I think I rarely see parents of RJH in other dramas.
  14. Thanks for the clip! They are so funny. Can we have more vid of Hyun Bin carry Son Ye Jin like that? Hahaha
  15. I love this drama so much!! The ending is bittersweet. It’s happy ending although still open ending a bit. It‘s not like they are really settling down, but I guess they meet more than only 2 weeks. For sure it‘s the two weeks. But is he living in Switzerland or just come also for 2 weeks? The thing is the house they are staying in the final scene has their pictures. Seems odd if we put pictures in a villa that we rent. So I assume that RJH stays there. They really already had the ending filmed in Switzerland. I remember there was discussion about SeRi with her floral dress. We don’t see babies. But we see them together. that’s the important part! Btw how come CCG and RJH‘s dad can send and receive information between NK and SK?