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  1. Heartbreaking episode! Feel so sad for Soo.. It‘s like a curse for him, becoming a King. Suddenly he is totally alone. And don‘t even mention the bridge moment, ouch, so so sad!! But in the other hand, what a lovely episode for fans of Hoon. Melting completely when he said: „From now, you’ll come first over everything“. That’s like a confession but indirectly from him. And just love it when he stares GD in the bridge. His eyes looked completely in love with her Wow, this drama is really something. It‘s bit slow for this week‘s episode. And now just have to wait for next week again...
  2. Oh noooo. what is she saying to Hoon? I feel that their chemistry is really great. I don’t understand the conversation but I can feel the chemistry between GD and Hoon so much. The way Hoon looks at GD in the lampion festival, with small smile of him!! But my heart breaks also with Soo.. Can’t wait to watch with subs tomorrow!
  3. Episode 8 is more with GD trying to understand her real feeling. She is questioning herself why she is not very happy meeting Soo. She even said that she feels she is belong to MaHoon’s house. MaHoon also begins to question himself concerning her. But, in the end of the episode, MH makes a deal with Soo on setting up a marriage. Is it GD and Soo’s marriage then? Episode 9 will be very interesting!!
  4. Wow, nice picture! But it’s not Hoon, but Soo! Hohoho.. With both having their own charms, it is really difficult to be only one sided here... I’m definitely team Hoon, but it’s also nice to see Soo smiling brightly like this pic! Perhaps with Soo, it’s just there. Everything is open, he loves her, asking her to marry him. That’s it. Just nice seeing them together. But with Hoon, it’s loaded with chemistry. Everything still not wide open. Small hidden smile from Hoon, the heartbeat, making us viewers guessing their moves. OK, definitely I’m addicted to this drama!
  5. Yes. I also see that Kim Min Jae reminds me of Yeo Jin Goo. Although I haven’t watched YJG in sageuk before, only recently in Hotel del Luna. I remember watching KMJ in Goblin. I think he really suits the sageuk clothes. This scene with Hoon bought the ribbon and later he is the one who put it in her hair, not only give directly, is total romantic! We can feel the chemistry here, and therefore, make us addicted to the series. I really curious with the love development of Hoon and GD. While in the other side, I also want Soo to be happy. Difficult choice!
  6. Hi guys! Just finished all available episodes... seems I was too fast to finish the episodes and the new one will only be aired tomorrow! I did not expect that the story is soo interesting and I already feel the story will go on „who will get the girl?“. The story until episode 6 has shown how Hoon will fall in love with GD. Wondering how would be her reaction if she would meet the King or Lee Soo again.
  7. Hi guys. Finally I watch the first 2 episodes. Really because of JCW that I watch this drama. He‘s always so enjoyable to watch. But the plot hole and storyline are bit messy for these episodes. Especially when MDC and GMR just woke up. How can they already in full dressed? Especially GMR even has her own bag! Curious also with the mystery in the story. Such as why prof hwang suddenly has to go, then got bombed, but end up in the bed unconscious.
  8. Actually I’m wondering with Min’s sister aka the Crown Princess. So does she easily be thrown out from Crown Princess to be outcast because of his father? It’s good that they are not in love. We know that Crown Prince has a special bonding with Sahui. Related with Baby Yi Rim, he was saved by SamBo, right? And who accompanied SamBo? Is it the medical lady aka MoHwa? If I’m not mistaken in the earlier episode, MoHwa is the wife of SamBo. Is it possible for eunuch to have wife?
  9. Hi guys!! Thanks for the posts. Really good to read some posts give more clarity for me on the last episode and its ending. I think if we got more episodes, like 2 more episodes, the ending will not be too rushed, and we can have more scenes for our couple together.. So it’s a rookie writer then! Wow! I guess the writer is good in keeping the story focusing on historians, even until the “solution” is also with historians as the center stage. For the pace, it is indeed not really good. Because the serious part is really heavy in the last 4 episodes. In the earlier episodes, we got more fluffy scenes, which I like so much. Haha. Not many watching this drama, I think because it’s on netflix.
  10. Nice ending!! Finally we have a happy ending.. well, they are not married yet.. but they are together as lovely couple
  11. Well usually preview and stills are given to make us viewers take lots of guessing. At least they will kiss.. But, wondering now, whether it’s a farewell kiss or what? His face really looks mature with lots of things on his mind. While her face is full of tears...
  12. Wow, no wonder she is amazing as GHR. Turns out she is Historical drama goddess! Really good to know this. I don’t watch sageuk very often, because usually sageuk is a very serious drama. While I prefer romcom drama. But if I watch sageuk, then I would prefer the actor/actress with the sageuk costume than daily costume. Although turns out some actor/actress are less handsome/pretty in sageuk costume. But for our leads in RHGHR, they are amazingly suited with the sageuk costume. especially SSK, very beautiful in her hanbok. Just saw the preview pictures for tonight in IG. OMG! So much chemistry between them. Bit sad already that tonight is the last episode...
  13. I also do not know CEW before watching this RHGHR. I thought previously that YR and GHR are in the same age. Turns out they are not. GHR is 26, YR is 20. So, I think no wonder we can see the age gap and behaviour gap in them. I have no problem also with CEW acting here. I see that the character of YR develops through out the drama, and so does his acting. Of course I won’t compare his acting with senior actor in this case. So I think he’s okay. SSK acting is even really great here, as I heard some people do not like her acting in her previous dramas. But this is also the first time I watch her drama. Honestly, I am stunned with her beauty as GHR. Really suits her. Like the others, I hope that SSC got punishment in the last episode. The King can admit that he was wrong. While for Yi Jin, I also hope that he just buy time with his own thought, just as discussed in some posts. I was dissapointed with him last night, it’s just out of his usual character!! Well, can’t wait to have the final episode tonight. Hopefully we can have a happy end, instead of an open end!!
  14. Very serious episode.. Hopefully there will be enough time for our couple to have their love story final scene tomorrow. Dissapointed with Crown Prince today.. Let’s just wait for the final one tomorrow. I miss the laughter this drama brought in before episode 16.
  15. Thanks @shunnie for the preview stills! Prince Dowon is looking much more mature in comparison with earlier episodes. Seems that the prince is actually growing and become adult throughout the drama! Seeing the discussion on who should be the King. I also think Crown Prince should be the next King... although Dowon has the right. Crown Prince is a very wise person, I think he is suitable especially considering the age. Dowon still needs to learn many things. And also so that he can be with HaeRyung!! They can travel together to learn many things. When the time comes, he can be the next king after Yi Jin.
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