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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】


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OVER 100 MILLION VIEWS!!  :glee:

although we've been saying it here before that we'll make it a mission for it to reach 100 million views.. we never really thought it would actually happened! lol

Coz, it's been over 2 years since WWWSK ended and usually people just move on to other dramas and romantic scenes.  But not for PPC! the support just keeps on increasin up to this day! Definitely, ParkPArk world domination! #PPCEffect

NO ONE can ever deny that passion, that intimacy, that love! so strong that it radiates and felt by everyone.. NO ONE can ever shake this love, and NO ONE can make legitimate PPS ever doubt this two.  They have waited for a love so beautiful... and we are just witnessing it unravel. :issohappy:







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Discussing private matters involving their family is prohibited. Please delete your post or you will be reported to PMY's agency. 


Let's talk about PPC but don't discuss anything related to their family. PMY will never liked that. Please respect.

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1 hour ago, Smwhrnthrth said:


Rachel’s Mom? hmmm not really sure of that coz if you’ll check her post it is about the opening of de1993cafe (2 updates only) It is not really confirmed that it was Rachel’s mom. It’s not an active account anyway. 

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Please respect PMY’s family privacy and there is no confirmation that it is 100% her mom. It would be great if you can delete this post :) thanks! 

Always remember to love them without disturbing their lives :) 

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Ah sorry i just realized my post was breaking the rule. I was too excited because no body discusse about it here n there. I was just too proud with my sleuth skill that i forgot it should be some privacy.


But yeah it seems good, right??? The waiting is almost over. Pmy now runs a cafe, no longer taking drama project (so far), she looks radiant day by day, psj also doesn’t take the drama project yet. Both of them doing vlog. Ah i just can’t hide my excitement lol :getmygrooveon:

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PMY running a cafe should be a news that she will tell her fans just like how she reveal that she owns a studio and show it to us in her vlog. 

Till then there is no proof that saying she owns a cafe. 


Till then we just hv to wait for her words




Well I'm happy to see PMY taking some times off from celeb world and focus to herself, some sharing through her vlog. She's been busy for past years, hope she can rest well and choose the best next project


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Her not taking a drama project. Fact, she said it herself.

Looks radiant day by day. Fact.

Ppc doing vlog. Fact.


But the cafe.. is not proven. Thats not ours to claim.

PsJ may not have dramas.. but he has movie projects.


You may be new here.. and theres a lot to learn about posting details.. we understand that. Thats why as early as now.. we are advising you on the things we should share. 

We dont want this forum be a source of false information. Thats not how this forum grew and kept active. 

We are always open to delulu.. but let us based those solely on facts . 

Nevertheless.. keep sharing happy thoughts here.. lets just refrain on sharing private matters. :)

14 minutes ago, Smwhrnthrth said:

@quietobserver i think she also doesn’t being private about the cafe. It was shown on her last vlog. The place she made a cake for her friend is the cafe... the cafe loc is also far from gangnam so i think i would be good for her to chill from the showbiz 



It wasnt shown and intended at all

. It just so happens that fans have a keen eye. 

But again.. its not ours to disclose. 


I think its just safe to say that looks like PMY is venturing on other matters.. like maybe a business?

But you see.. i used "maybe" and "looks like".. not exactly claiming anything.




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5 menit yang lalu, Smwhrnthrth berkata:

Lokasi kafe? Memang benar, ini adalah gedung yang sama dengan studionya ... Hhhh saya pikir akan sangat bagus untuk mengambil level baru tentang apa yang harus didiskusikan. Tapi aku akan mampir sekarang ...

: surpriseewut:

This is the reason why we didn't expose the cafe. We also know about that.

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