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  1. Love this commercial everything in this content especially with a video cut from WWWSK his smile melts my hearts. love how he says Simple Smart Ako and then he winks super cute My heart is full.
  2. Why did they do that? I saw the IG post of he Editor-in-chief of WKOREA she even said “I thought I saw a Barbie doll in real life.” And then they will just edit the beautiful pic of PMY. She doesn’t even need those kinds of filters. Even without make up PMY is a natural beauty.
  3. Excited for his commercial Me too. And to add make things easy for us he’s the talker, she’s the doer
  4. This is his kloudbeer live earlier even I don’t understand a single thing it’s all good to me love staring at him so handsome and that wink of him melts my hearts
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