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  1. So, I start to get imagine, if psj confess his love to pmy' on fancafe or psj Will announce his married with pmy . Then pmy' should join on his fancafe too, so she can respond his love at there. Kekeke
  2. Okay, let them do holiday this time..a little throw back 'phuket moments' If PPC didn't get a dinner with their team at that time, my delulu said this picture( when pmy' wore blue dress) was taken by psj..
  3. Can they get married earlier? Kekek..but i'm still waiting lot projects of them before they decide to get married n Hiatus for long time
  4. Pmy' really did so hard, but the rate was low. I got mad to the writer. I'm sorry , I thought that pmy' did so much skinship n her kiss style ( omg, I know she is professional, but her effort too much) didn't make the rate was higher.
  5. Seems he is really bussy this year. Maybe this month he can take alot rest before he get bussiness for saja n of course ,hope u can get alot time with your gf this month.
  6. Sorry to say, but the fact is wwwsk got higher rate than HPL. So sorry HPL, we say the truth.
  7. I'm also happy that u active in this forum as solid fans. We are very open about other opinion as long as no bad mouth about pmy n psj. If we give criticism about something that related pmy' n psj, it doesn't meant we hate the actor.
  8. Me too. Cosmo always give me strength to stay in this ship. Btw, pmy' said thanks for people who support Labit couple on her recent iv.https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0004019495
  9. Is it possible she Will answer like that? I'm not sure, she knows she Will hurt 'someone'. I think she Will answer' he is just like my girl friends'. It's meant 'nothing'
  10. Thanks pmy', u did so hard for HPL. It was not your fault, hpl got low rate. For PSJ, u should kiss her more than she did on HPL. Kekeke. I belive they did.
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