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  1. I hope so, we should be patient. However, we are almost 3 years for this ship...kekeke. everyone must be extra patient...
  2. It Seems we only can see pmy in Busted n psj in 'youns stay' this year. I'm little sad, but I hope everyone still have strong feeling in here for PPC.
  3. Park Seo Joon reportedly purchased a 6 floor building in Sinsa-dong for 11 billion won earlier this year https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/now/article/241/0003062127 So, pmy n psj bought building earlier this year? I heard that Her new cafe in amsa dong n his new building in sinsa dong. Okay, they get lot preparation for their future. They Will get married on the right time. Of course, not in hurry. As psj said, he wanna try alot of things in the future. I believe that he is preparing lot of things before get married. Patiently waiting everyone.
  4. I guess PMY has Made alot video for JPMY but why there is no update more than a month. I heard her contract with Namoo Will expired on November. Is it true? Or she has another business? My mind full of negative thinking.
  5. Oh... what's happened? There is no update from Just park minyoung...is she Hiatus too? Whenever PPC upload their throwback, I believe they are spending time together. I remember like in Phuket n LA. They upload the old pict.
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