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  1. No, the video was taken by her best friend. I saw her best friend made instagram story at the same place
  2. U can see, there no space between pmy n psj. They really madly in love, even there were people around them,they still tease each other. U can imagine how romantic they are in their real private life. Kekeke
  3. I guess those dates are about their youtube channel. I saw on instagram that there was a articel on naver that pmy is considering about new project.
  4. other ship maybe believe she didn't post picture with her previous co star because special reason. For me ,even 1% i didn't believe it. I just hope PPC relationship stable now until the wedding day. Thank you all for your consideration.
  5. I wanna say sorry first, because i have this feeling now. I wanna share my thought. Pmy post picture with SKJ as her co star now. However she didn't post anything with her previous co star ( i mean kjw). I'm little worried about ppc's relationship now. I mean, when hpl , she didn't post with her co star because she didn't want to make her Boyfriend be jealous ( this is pure my thought), but now, she post with her current co star. What is the reason she brave to post picture with her co star now? Hope you guys can cheer me up. Tell me that my thought is wrong. Thanks
  6. We are almost 2 years in here. I know some people maybe hiatus n still waiting ppc wedding announcement. Hope someday when ppc ready to be in public, all the people who active from the begining of this forum will back happily. Probably, It will take long time to hear wedding bell. I just hope ppc have strong relationship until the day that they ready to get married.
  7. Ofcourse. We are still going strong until wedding bell ringing. Even it will take 2 or 3 years again maybe they still busy this year n maybe next year too..
  8. Thank u @Flowerone96. This is the ship that i stay longer than my previous ship for pmy. Sometimes i worry about their relationship, maybe they can break up, but time by time they still give us hint that make me belive ,they are on deep relationship.
  9. I Will call it as accident. I meant the voice didn't talk to abh directly. Even Team of broadcasting maybe didn't notice about the voice. So i choose 75% that's pmy. Kekek...
  10. It's pretty sure because Ify is still airing. Some people probably Will missunderstand with the wrap up celebration photo.
  11. I feel like their(psj n pmy) team didn't celebrate the end of filming in their previous project then post on ig, but now, they planed to celebrate it. Psj n pmy also post it on ig. Idk, it just my delulu, but it seems their team has planed together. Kekek