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  1. PMY looks radiant! I know they adapted it for the virus outbreak but this kind of press conference is probs less nerve wracking for them I’m sure and it feels really good to watch compared to the usual way
  2. I’m excited for PMY drama! I love the actor Lee Jae Wook. He is only 22 but will play same age friends as PMY/SKJ. It isn’t until he smiles he looks his age . Be ready for LJW to be a scene stealer!
  3. Itaewon class is so good! Anyone actually read the web toon, I have questions ? p.s I have the iPhone 11 Pro also. The phone takes great pictures. PMY beauty with that cam ..can be seen x 100!
  4. They deleted it but it’s on insta! I wonder why they deleted. It’s like they’re unsure what to put out to represent the drama well. The promos for the drama feel like it will be a melodrama for sure lol. I’m curious about the pace of it. I don’t usually watch such dramas but for PMY, I will. IC first two episodes were gripping, I hope for the same!
  5. Ep 2 of IC was soo good. I’ve cried back to back. So well shot and I’m enjoying the cast! Can’t wait for the next ep when they’ll give more back story to other actress. It’s very well paced this show
  6. Watched it on Netflix!! It’s soo good! PSJ completely embodies this character soo well! The ending scene was woow and may I say Ahn Bo hyun is doing some great acting in playing an idiot bully so far. Such a contrast from his role in Her Private Life!
  7. They’re too similar it’s very weird. I hope either go on Knowing Brothers to promote their drama since both shows are on JTBC EDIT: And also how long before she posts an Insta story too like him
  8. She really did kiss him hard and you can feel the smack at the end . I really can’t get over her aegyo; she is a great actress cos I would have died if it was anyone else acting that way infront of PSJ
  9. Oh I see! I of course understand the struggle for the team. nonetheless those rebels where would I be without them seeing the full scene of drunk ice cream and PMY was
  10. Is it true the DVD content sharing 6 month ban has been lifted? July 25th 2019~~ insta ppc account sharing longer scenes. I really wanna see the behind for the bed scene if anyone wanna dm or share a link.
  11. I really wish I could get my hands on the BTS of PPC and it not cost an arm and a leg! I really need to find these BTS ccontent and not repeat the small clips people post on insta
  12. Ok those teasers for PMY drama Also I love Lee Jae Wook he is such a happy individual so I’m excited to see how she treats him. Despite his looks he is ‘98 line https://www.instagram.com/p/B7Q2OYaJVk0 I really wish I knew how to embed insta post here
  13. PMY and PSJ seem like they’re both the type to only reveal that they’re getting married instead of dating. I don’t think we’ll get dating scandals from them lol. They’re too professional IMO.
  14. I honestly feel like DISPATCH is now hesitant because under the current climate in Korea and due to recent malicious comments debate plus the stress it may give idols and actors! I don’t think Dispatch want to out anyone without their permission. They’ll get such a backlash (than normal) and I do think Kcelebs are now more vocal on SNS about against these type of exposures! well I hope that’s the reason for the delay!
  15. Yes! I read here that the author wanted a translation that sounded better to the ear in English; rather than just direct translation.
  16. wow yes he will be in the drama! Curious about their interaction. I hope it’s not awkward cos how they’ll react with each other will be telling. And of course PMY will be discussed when they meet and introduced each other...probably already happened haha Ahaha
  17. There is cos I remember Sky castle winning. However it’s not specific just to JTBC shows and it also includes films too. It happens in Spring or before summer usually. It’s called Baeksang Arts award show.
  18. Omgggggg Lee Jae Wook is awesome even though he like 21 ahaha. I saw him in Search WWW he played opposite Lee Da hee as her love interest it was adorable but you couldn’t feel the age difference at all cos his acting is 대박 soo good 너무 완벽해. He is also currently in Extradordinary you and he is just wow! I can already see PMY and him being insta best friends. He jokes a lot BTS too. If you don’t mind spoilers and wanna watch his scenes on search WWW link below https://youtu.be/StvMQzMWlbw
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