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  1. She would have to do a multi lead show role then like Sky castle cos most female leads in a drama aren’t an antagonist. Maybe an antagonist that turns soft. I really would like her to get a role like Pretty noona/Something in the rain. More real romance drama.
  2. Yes I love PMY and I hope she picks a great drama next. She always picks great dramas but IMO HPL was kinda a gamble. I’ve always been a fan of both PMY and PSJ individually before WWWSK and I knew the show would be a success cos both would bring in viewers.
  3. It was via an IG story when their teams got together May 1st. That’s probs why you can’t see the vid unless someone has a saved one somewhere on insta?
  4. Loool I pretty sure they did retakes for that part. the question is will we ever see any of that!!
  5. That last gif!!!! If only we could get a BTS of how they made this scene. Him lifting her and putting her down on the bed! Imagine how many retakes they did for that part ahaha
  6. That video is cute to watch. PSJ was about to bait out the director but stopped himself with a nervous laugh and then PMY with her zero **** given... baits him out for causing the most NGs . its was good watching it from that angle!
  7. Ok I didn’t see the name tagged on the pics just PMY stylist wrote one of the PSJ female team on the bottom of the post talking about her.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/BmymQU0ge91/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=s5k62vnqnz7m PMY stylist had dinner with one of the girls from PSJ team. She tagged her on the post. They’ve really become close.
  9. I am soo excited about the possibility of a joint DVD commentary. The healer one she did with JCW was
  10. I think it's funny they actually thought PMY and PSJ would casually go on a date around their neighbourhood. It was interesting to find out how close they actually live and see it mapped out like that. wooow.
  11. The guy at the end was reporting that no one witnessed them dating and seen them together in their neighbourhood where he was at. And their reaction was because of this and how it was a shame.
  12. Oh noooo ahaha this was discussed with actual celebs on the panel comparing the lovestagram. The reporter even went around the neighbourhood asking if they've seen PMY/PSJ on dates. PMY house to PSJ's is only a 10 min walk away he said.
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