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  1. Since the ending of her private life, PMY has been on so many trips that don’t seem to be all work related! No order Los Angeles Bangkok, Bali, Guam, Mallorca, now Italy. Soo lucky she didn’t lie when she said she enjoys travelling p.s I think she went to LA for work but ended up making it a trip and not just for work!
  2. I like only two from those options ahaha !! The mix is interesting. I wonder why Lee min ho and Dong hae are on the list they haven’t done a show with TVN recently lool p.s
  3. honestly it’s weird! I can’t imagine always posting on the same day together and it not being more than coincidental. If I did this within my friend circle on SNS...my friends would be suspicious too esp if we don’t follow each other
  4. Wait it wasn’t? How do we know..Did they say that in the commentary that she cried in that moment ?
  5. Ahahaha I really enjoy these kinds of summary! Thank you for writing this up. You’re right about how this time PMY appears in his fan meet. I didn’t think of it like that
  6. Ah wooow that makes more sense. So she reposted it. It’s a shame cos then people will just repost all over the place if accounts post the same clips; others will think then why don’t I do it then and then we can’t all have nice things ahaha
  7. I sent a message ——————————————- https://youtu.be/1oDdbRCvuO8 PSJ features in V from BTS vlog from when they were on a trip together in Jeju last month?!! It’s cute!
  8. Some of the PPC insta account are posting the PMY back hug to PSJ. Two accounts posted the same story ; do they like share between eachother cos it says don’t repost yet both the same post edit ahaha
  9. Still wondering how peeps got to see the bum slap ? Is it cos it’s from the Japan dvd so you bought and saw it or is there a clip floating around that someone could kindly share
  10. Did you buy the DVD Japanese one? if not and you guys have links of videos! Please do send a msg if you can. I am dying over these new scenes you’re talking about I soo badly wanna see the butt hitting ahahaha
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