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  1. Is there a reason for this? She was soo consistent and now we got crickets? Did they release a reason why? also I wonder why PSJ YT channel doesn’t show how many subscribers he has anymore? PMY is now 500k +
  2. I’ve read the last 3 pages and I feel so out of the loop. I don’t understand what happened ....maybe it’s a good thing however curiosity has killed this cat. If someone would kindly dm, I would appreciate it very much! Thanks for keeping this thread alive and constantly showing support to PPC
  3. I wonder how the bed scene went from 80 mill to 100mill+ in less than a week?? what triggered this???
  4. Omg I feel like I new person ahaha. It’s no longer frustrating to come on here ahaha! Light mode to the rescue!!
  5. I’ve been posting less for this reason! I can’t cope with the dark version! It’s soo hard to read and organise my vision in this format! I really miss how this forum used to be but idek how to continue under this format.
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