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  1. That video is cute to watch. PSJ was about to bait out the director but stopped himself with a nervous laugh and then PMY with her zero **** given... baits him out for causing the most NGs . its was good watching it from that angle!
  2. Ok I didn’t see the name tagged on the pics just PMY stylist wrote one of the PSJ female team on the bottom of the post talking about her.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BmymQU0ge91/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=s5k62vnqnz7m PMY stylist had dinner with one of the girls from PSJ team. She tagged her on the post. They’ve really become close.
  4. I am soo excited about the possibility of a joint DVD commentary. The healer one she did with JCW was
  5. I think it's funny they actually thought PMY and PSJ would casually go on a date around their neighbourhood. It was interesting to find out how close they actually live and see it mapped out like that. wooow.
  6. The guy at the end was reporting that no one witnessed them dating and seen them together in their neighbourhood where he was at. And their reaction was because of this and how it was a shame.
  7. Oh noooo ahaha this was discussed with actual celebs on the panel comparing the lovestagram. The reporter even went around the neighbourhood asking if they've seen PMY/PSJ on dates. PMY house to PSJ's is only a 10 min walk away he said.
  8. Well lets see and find out. I can't see PMY getting caught in a lie. She adamantly refuted she was travelling to see him. I think it was unfortunate those 3 year rumours broke cos i honestly do think they have caught feelings for eachother during the filming of WWWSK so now it may have become harder to reveal things sooner esp with the 3 year rumour. If or when they do come out officially, people will go back to asking about the lovestagram claims. We may have to wait NOW and see how things progress. This PPC ship is gonna be a long RIDE.
  9. oooooh When did PSJ admit they worked together on events before WWWSK? I said I'm sure they knew of eachother and their works since they do work in the same industry but just don't think they dated for 3 years. If it ends up being proven true down the line by them, I'll gladly accept it
  10. Let's start a discussion if you could choose 3 scenes you would like for PMY and PSJ to commentate on which scenes would you choose? For me, I'd choose for them to watch: 1. Drunk scenes [Both of theirs]. Just curious about how much adlib they used ahaha. 2. PSJ crying in front of his parents and revealing why he lied and how he always remembered his memories. 3. PMY confession scene and first kiss. She was straight forward and wanted him to not misunderstand her feelings.
  11. OH to be a fly on that wall when they discussed the rumours together. It all depends which camp you're in. I'm on the i don't believe the 3 year relationship. I think they were always curious of eachother as people in the same industry. So I am always thinking about how they feel about all those insta pics.... being at the same place around the same time, and having similar taste in style. They must have felt like wooow we have a lot in common. I would love to have seen PMY reaction to PSJ's dog also ahaha. Just imagining them discussing how surreal it is and swapping stories about similarities has me all ahahaha
  12. Any post they make people will be over analysing so to avoid potential invasion of privacy I do see them posting about the trip AFTER they’ve left Phuket!
  13. PMY and PSJ team having a midnight feast. Imagine all the thanks they’re giving eachother and discussing their hard work. I’m sure this trip is gonna bring everyone closer to eachother. If their team is together having food....no doubt they are also somewhere.
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