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  1. I bet if he can speak English fluently he'll be more sexy especially in british accent hahaha even more sexier .... or Australian accent like Thor muahahaha gosh from armpit to feet u guys so funny... I love u all muah muah
  2. demmm... from serious issue we're discussing out of the blue thereeee i see armpit... i'm like what? what? thanks guy i'm laughing like crazy
  3. hahaha yup i'm fasting but i'm restrain myself to look at this thread on a daylight i'm drooling all over the pic and gif before i go to sleep but sadly no dreams about PSJ and PMY hahaha ok guys i'm starting fasting for today so see ya in a while i will have breakfast lunch tea time dinner and supper later
  4. Damn so hot in here... feast to my eyes and drooling over the pic and gif... i'm dead and went to fantasyland
  5. i saved it on my phone and ig i dont have other devices hahaha My work have to use ipad only
  6. omg reading of all last night posts makes me full already even i'm fasting hahaha I loooovveeee this thread and especially all my friends in here 3000 muah muah 
  7. The Phuket trip, Cosmo event and the mont blanc gift give me even more proof to stay put in this ship come what may lol... cause my gut feeling said they are real Like the reporters said we'll just to wait and see
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