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  1. oohhh man... we did it again kinda sad and hurt that this thread become a place for 'the visitors' to vent their anger .. the kissing scenes the bed scene was on the drama and even downloaded on you tube... millions even billions or trillions of people around the world can watch it without restriction... the bed scene have over 3.7k comments on you tube in different languages.. a lot of things have been said there but why oh why this thread cant talk about it confused for a while and still confuse right now ekekeke whatever i'll be damn...continue my mission and try to stop me lalalalala
  2. I've been diligently watch the ep 13 to make it 50m views oh em gee the number keep increasing so fast wow that's crazy man lol and i'm blushing all the way and i think my face is so red and smoke coming out from my ears hahaha
  3. Happy 1st anniversary to all my friends here... I'm so so happy i found this thread and my beloved online friends from around the world... And i lovvvveeee to read all your sharings, thoughts and opinions be positive or negative (negative go away)... No matter what i believe in PPC because i know what i saw in WWWSK that i can't describe into words i just feel it the difference between other drama and WWWSK
  4. To all my friends here who are celebrating Eidulfitri... Happy Eid Mubarak and Happy holiday
  5. another scene when LYJ went to Miso house when he quarrel with his brother... they way LYJ look at Miso ahhhh sooo heart warming and full of love
  6. yes i know what u mean there are things you can't describe with words.. u just feel it... goosebumps goosebumps
  7. oh my my my... of all the brands and gifts in the world it have to be mont blanc and shinsegae awww my heart gonna explode
  8. oh my what a day in this thread I agree that wwwsk is a so so drama but like all shippers here said THE CHEMISTRY THE DIRECTING THE EXECUTION etc.. what makes wwwsk SPECIAL but.... but i think what others don't like wwwsk because they don't like psj (some said his not handsome enough to play LYJ) hahaha don't hate me come on chill and relax don't stress out haters will be haters... so other than wwwsk i miss the big bang theory gonna watch the last episode again and the ep 13 bed scene to make it 50mil views roger and out
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