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  1. @serenilmauve me too.. how i love the way he look at her in this scene.. one of my favourite
  2. Happy 2nd Anniversary to wwwsk especially to our Legendary Bulldozer Couples and also to all my friends here... forever and ever When it's first aired i hook line and sinker
  3. So proud of him.. win or not being nominated itself already a huge achievement.. and we all here believe he is the winner in our heart.. there's always next time right PSJ?
  4. Always proud of him.. win or not he is the best... being nominated itself already a huge achievement and there's always next time i truly believe that
  5. Best of luck PSJ.. hope u will win the award.. either way i will always support u and we all so so proud of you Fortunately my town already in green zone for a month.. hopefully my country will break the chain of this virus Stay safe stay healthy everyone
  6. @Matilda_Anne me too that's my favourite scene in the whole story of IC and psj nail it.. you can feel the bitterness