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  1. I wanna know too, maybe? Just maybe, I can help to point out what those similarities if @Proudshipper can share?
  2. Happy 202 million views and counting to that ever romantic episode 13 bedscene clip in wwwsk. TVN’s most viewed kdrama clip in Youtube. Lets go for 300 Million views bulldozers!
  3. Rachel’s Mom? hmmm not really sure of that coz if you’ll check her post it is about the opening of de1993cafe (2 updates only) It is not really confirmed that it was Rachel’s mom. It’s not an active account anyway.
  4. I’ll take back my season 2 request, I really want the whole new level thing..and a baby bulldozer
  5. No Dear, its not PJJ. (trespasser) is referring to Kim Young Ji the actress in TKEM alongside with Kim Go Eun. I think PSJ worked with her before in modeling for a certain brand.
  6. Yes I’m serious but we actually love to joke around if we have this kind of comment..We can deal with your stupidity oops! sorry not sorry coz that’s what really is your comment meant to me. You can’t just create an account and comment like that, haven’t someone teach you what manner is? how you would want us to react with that comment of yours? This is a Parkpark couple forum just to remind you...go create your own forum and spazz that whatever nonsense evidence you have. know your place girl.
  7. You were the one who’s rude here girl not me..As I’ve said before many new accounts has been trying to do this kind of tactics to ruin PPS but you’re only wasting your time..wishing you goodluck tho be happy with your old ship.
  8. new account again, girl shoo! You’re not welcome here..we have our fair share of negativity because of this pandemic..go back to your original if you want but don’t bother our fangirling life here. We’ve built this over 2 years now so can you please back off??
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