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  1. Hey guys I forgot that Monday, 6th July was a very important day.. Anw.. H A P P Y B E L A T E D I N T E R N A T I O N A L D A Y!! (Wall Kiss Naver unrated Version) ulala~ we should never let this masterpiece buried. Oh my hot hot! All your kissing dream relies in this gif... HAHAHA
  2. So cute Anyway she added caption lol Well we are okay with just the blue love emoticon haha Happy to see her update! I'm sad no Record Park. I couldn't wait until another week! But still.. Who is more cuter?
  3. Park Seo Joon nominated as 100 Sexiest Men In The World 2020 Let's go for Top10!! Vote at instagram @entertainment_awards
  4. Wow milestones! Her followers number increasing.. Her vlog view numbers increasing.. More people get interest in her.. For a vlog beginner, she reached such a great achievements. kudos to PMY! For more milestones achievement!
  5. That...her face woke up in morning? Wayyyy different than me I'm totally a mess when I woke up HAHA (if anyone here read True Beauty webtoon, you'll understand haha. I still have eye brows..not that bad lol) I saw many boxes of chilli Kimchi she made. She gave to her close friends and colleagues. I mean ppc admit they are close colleagues too so.. neighbour also can get one, right? Why not.. Anyway, her chillie Kimchi looks more tempting in this vid than in MYlog. Yummy...but I wonder how spicy it is. She really can handle the heat wow Respect!
  6. It feels great to know that PPC both have same taste in food. I need to make compilation them eating haha
  7. Style that we won't be able to see in the magazine I must say kudos to her vlog editor cos the bts footages from cosmo photoshoot looks great. As if this editor works for magazine footages!
  8. Let's enjoy new story! What if YDH came as a new recruit fell in love with his sunbae, KMS and clueless her didn't notice his feelings and he quit and came back as....! "Am I too young for you?" *heart attack HAHA Well I like Seojun in this drama cos he looks like oppa next door I'm seeing this story as PSJ and PMY take this young guy heart ~
  9. I think we will get more footage on bts Cosmopolitan PMY as cover girl Can't wait to see her vlog today!
  10. I like the way she said “ Vanila ya~" sounded so adorable~ That cute sound when you r being adorable to your bf
  11. Why? Why? Why 70millions? I guess...people really felt the LOVE BURNING. Beautifully express the feelings
  12. Can see how much she enjoy her works these days by just looking at her smile. Happy to know that she found passion and love for acting, and felt it since wwwsk. She delivered herself as Kim Miso so well that fans keep praising her... If she lost the sparkles in her eyes, we can sense the reason But we always know you work hard and enjoy your work, Rachel. Keep it up!
  13. yup. PSJ can prepare oil spaghetti if your parents ask him to cook, PMY Steak also! PMY's yummy
  14. Gosh love all the similarities Her last week's vlog also have this on makeup table shot, and him being dorky. Love them
  15. Well I don't mind what his contents. Eventho he wasn't being talkative and show more of bts on his works, ppl still watch it and boom.. 1st ever actor received Golden Button. Just saying everyone still loves it He try to do things eventho he's introvert than what we usually see him on screen. He is a fun guy but he's more like a reserve, calm, relax approach kinda guy. I'm happy he's willing to show more than usual. But no worries, I guess he will show more. Who knows, he might feel the challenge from neighbour lol jk
  16. bless your day sorry I just went a little WILD HAHA How can I not post this magnificent creation hahaha
  17. gotta admit, her dress is beautiful. She looks like an angel I feel like...she prepare a lot for her vlog from her intro and iv, yeah we gonna get a lot yayy