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  1. I so miss them. I wish there would be Season 2... and in this video I love how they compliment each other and how PSJ look at PMY
  2. Watched her yt vlog even if I don’t understand a single thing. She’s so entertaining to watch, such a bubbly person.
  3. Been away for awhile and missed out a lot. Saw PMY IG today she has new update. I so miss them both.
  4. Found this video when he is in Spain for Youn’s Kitchen. and btw, while looking at PSJ and PMY posts in their Ig account I decipher a code again I’ve been wondering why PMY post lately at her Ig account is all throwback pic of places she visited for vacation is because PSJ will guest on the show Summer Vacation make sense right? My delulu mind again.
  5. Thanks. earlier when I tried watching the entire video has no english sub yet I guess I was early to watch it the moment he put it up.
  6. Teaser Summer Vacation on TvN it will air on July 17, 2020 @ 9pm Park Seo Joon said “music is my life” My delulu mind again. I first heard this music is my life in PMY vlog where she let us see her things.
  7. PMY youtube vlog about what’s in my bag? Just reached 1.5 million views in one week and the latest vlog is now 1million views in 4 days. She’s really awesome
  8. I just found an old commercial of PSJ. Maybe this is time when he’s in Spain for Youn’s Kitchen. The way PSJ speaks Spanish. and I really love the built of his chest
  9. PSJ said before they rehearsed their bed scene many times,but how come we didn’t know about that PD Nim said we shoot with out rehearsing... now, which is which?
  10. Just in PMY’s youtube subscribers reaches 100k. In just 3 days...Yeah baby!!! say hello to silver play button
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