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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】

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6 minutes ago, mimi8592 said:

Well I'll leave the rest to you guyz then, you may guess what an ideal date is to them now :wub:


Pasta and Steak...you taught him well PMY.. they seemed like they enjoyed what he prepared.. :tounge_xd:

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during wwwsk reward trip, pmy(and ppc team) must have eaten foods psj cooked.:rolleyes:

during the Phuket trip, pmy&psj stylists uploaded the pic where they had the foods together they cooked by themselves in the private villa.

psj likes cooking for others. so i think psj also cooked something then.

i wonder which food among them was the one psj cooked.B)



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honestly it’s weird! I can’t imagine always posting on the same day together and it not being more than coincidental.
If I did this within my friend circle on SNS...my friends would be suspicious too esp if we don’t follow each other  :sweat_smile:

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I loveeeeee same day update. I just love pps fans made collages of their sns update :love:



23 minutes ago, sueeila said:
on the last caption this ig owner ask 'watching BTS live concert in Riyadh eh...?' Is it true? :D


If psj really had time, must be watching it from vlive:lol:

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22 hours ago, quietobserver said:

OMG, today's 3MealsADay is the best ep from the girl edition season. The best one ever! :lol:


Some moments (probably almost all lol!) that I like:

- Best one : why PMY's latest drama OST use in this ep? hehehe mystery~ TvN surely love PPC~:joy:


Is this a comment from netizens? 

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