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  1. I felt they were about to kiss for real and sadly the video ended i meed full bts for this pls pls upload for us Not so privileged users ( without DVD ) to settle our pps hearts ♥️
  2. Yes it’s really heart fluttering ... this user earlier had uploaded even hotter bts which was awesome
  3. @mimi8592 thanks for breaking my heart by stating reality since I joined this forum recently and haven’t been able to read through all the posts I was not aware.
  4. User has shared a video on IG of PMY attending DPC event earlier this year. Some reporter called her “seojonssi” and she instantly replied “deh”? And omo she was blushing so hard.Check out guys. Please tell me is it what it looks and sounds like Credit to owner please.
  5. Does jp DVD have any bts about hospital back hug scene? Tvn had released short bts wherein both PSJ and pmy were quite flustered and pmy ran away to back door...if so can you pls share more details of that scene.
  6. Omg what did this account bad mouth about our seo joonie? Some people just cannot bear good happening to others ...
  7. He said that he doesn’t think he has good sense of humour during his recent fun meet not in 3Mad show
  8. And he says that he doesn’t have good sense of humour !!!!! Have some confidence in yourself baby seo joonie... good sense of humour is rare trait and you definitely have it
  9. I think all PPC shippers here are self-aware n responsible enough as they don’t want niether DVD owner nor our beloved PPC to face any kind of inconvenience or trouble.
  10. park min young you lucky gal.. don't you ever let him go Our prince deserves all the happiness and if his happiness is with PMY then definitely they should hold onto each other forever she must be feeling so proud as Close friend/colleague/neighbour and let’s not say anymore
  11. I assume that’s for getting younger look for his drama IC. What’s sad is he lost some fat from his face too Can’t this be achieved using makeup techniques?? We all know his a perfectionist but it looks like drama getup is taking a toll on his health. stay healthy and hearty PSJ
  12. Yeah I am curious too...if anyone can provide insight guys idk but ppc look so happy , content , extremely at ease & deep love (gaze in their eyes Can’t deny) in each other’s arms in bts clip. even if we are not biased anyone can feel their affection, warmth for each other. Wow they seemed to be so much in love during wwwsk if they are still in love, I wish they don’t sacrifice it for their career and wait for each other. god bless them and help them through this phase.
  13. Yeah happy for other ship Wont budge even She has encounter with her EX as someone said we should remain hopeless till the very end we all are waiting so desperately
  14. PPC shippers - healer and pmy reunion after 5 yrs at AAA awards in November what should be our reaction and of course expectations from this encounter ??? Seems PSJ might not attend !
  15. So many events for MY ....y is SJ missing in action missing him so much why isn’t he confirming for any shows ??? I know there’s fun meet and appearance as judge but his absence is killing me ... Our beloved SJ at least upload new vlog
  16. I have seen these bts cuts on some users IG status and I totally agree with you that there was or do they still have ( million dollar question?????) extreme physical and emotional attraction towards each other, which is so apparent in bts clips/photos. its a year since WWWSK so I have fingers crossed that” the spark “ in still going strong or even better
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