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  1. thanx!!!I can watch the 2 kdramas at netflix...feeling a bit sad coz we don't have jtbc in our cable channels.. I'm a happy shipper now
  2. u're not d only one girl!!I feel the same way too...my hubby even hates psj coz he often see me watching wwwsk!! and its true...this forum made me feel like i belonged to a group where a i can share and be shared 'bout ppc!!!
  3. they gave me another reason to be happy!!! I just luv the hint and the pattern when they update their IGs.
  4. It was actually the hug and neck scene. hehe, for me its the answer of all the questions I had in mind...they're real!!! Am just so happy 2day!!
  5. https://lifestyle.inquirer.net/347224/park-seo-jun-to-filipino-fans-all-my-dreams-came-true-tonight/
  6. that thing called destiny!!!..just read an old soompi interview on pmy comparing her queen for 7 days series to the movie The Notebook....just dunno how to post it here!!!
  7. It's true..I felt his presence tru videos and live streams..thanx for sharing...btw..he believes in destiny..I remember one reporter saying that bcoz of the coincidences..PPC are destined together!!!
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