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  1. I am not bothered by rumors..I always believed in PPC and thats it..btw I soo luv IC..I can still feel his pains...I like park sae roy's conviction..
  2. It's 5AM here..tried to open netflix and its already available...watching IC this early made my day!!!!
  3. they actually have a lot of shoes that are the same..so for me..it's their way of saying..we're a couple!!!
  4. I dunno why..I've watched the drama so many times already but i still cried when i saw this video!! btw..aside from the nike,chain,etc... saw an ig acct..showing PPC having the same white jacket,PSJ wore the other one at Shanghai!
  5. Happy new year everyone!!sorry for d late greetings..I was soo busy these past few days..I still luv PPC and 4ever will!
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