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  1. hmm since I don’t follow many Kdrama stars and only ship ppc I am not aware about these kinda trend but thanks for providing insights
  2. As much as I want to believe it’s from someone special but looking at how plain food truck is, in the sense there are no flowers, chocolates or teddy bears in truck compared to other trucks which she has received , I am bit confused as to will he send such a boring truck to his lady !! But I will be ecstatic If he is her tinker bell
  3. Guys news is on fire that PSJ will work with JUN JI HYUN in new drama mount jiri. lets hope that both the parties confirm for This drama with exciting synopsis
  4. just sharing my thoughts as several people Are doing the same here is this forum by comparing scenes of IC and IFY ...of course I know they are different in plot and genre
  5. Wwwsk 1st kiss certain part was open mouth by PMY and I do understand that this might be requirement of the script or directors instructions.....let’s wait and watch am sure they will be good .
  6. I felt PMY was not using her Total potential as a kisser in this scene...it seemed as if SKJ was kissing her while she was standing still . Though it was passionate compared to IC but i definitely think PMY can do better than this
  7. I think someone tagged them so she deleted that pic. This has happened twice now ... sometimes her actions really make me ponder over whether she has moved on or what ??? but then again when one of them makes a post and other follows I go bonkers all over again !!!! It’s a confusing road for us shippers
  8. I don’t get how come the figure 77 mins came known to public? Exact duration of bts deleted must be known only to editing team and director ? Any insights?
  9. even I saw couple of BTS of HPL and felt the same. I thought how can she be so causal with other male costars as well.....TBH I didn’t appreciate her this behaviour and felt bad for PSJ (of course if and only if they are dating). I mean is there a need to always show that u are always n extremely comfortable with each and all of your co-star ?