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  1. The moment she showed up with that gown, i thought i was seeing a royal princess who was going to balcony to greet people.. She looked radiant Her beauty is no joke
  2. So, which wooga wooga squad are you? 1. Park SeoJun : Being consistent and persistent in what he does 2. BTS V : Seems serious at the beginning but in the end easily distracted by others 3. Choi Woo Sik & Peakboy : Being there just to fool around
  3. Oh finally someone speaks about this..what irritate me the most is that account and some other accounts did repost even though it's clearly written "don't repost" by the owner of the photo/video.. And i was like.. Heolll.. They can't read or what?? Can't you guys just enjoy it yourself at least?
  4. I dont know why i'm so happy they're singing wwwsk ost it seems those wwwsk ost are like their "national anthem" whenever they hang out and go to noraebang together By the way, who is yeonghouse? Zeenseoi? jj._.sol? Whose stylist?
  5. Omg.. Whar were they doing? Psj's left hand around pmy's neck, and pmy laughing while leaning towards psj's neck They seemed like they couldn't hold their feeling towards each other so it's clearly reflected in their body language My heartttt cant handle thisss
  6. https://www.allkpop.com/video/2019/10/park-seo-joon-earns-avid-ahjumma-cheers-with-his-impressive-double-jump-roping-skills-on-three-meals-a-day It seems like allkpop was also impressed about last night's episode, especially the funny jumping rope session
  7. The "yes or no" game is so funnyyy When he already knows simba is the answer and there's still much time left, he acts like he's so relax and being playful.. This boy is so cuteeee I smile from ear to ear throughout the video.. Love him even more You guys filipino fans who attended the fun meet are sooo lucky
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