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  1. Park Seo Jun and Park Min Young updating 4 minutes apart.. Lol. Inside my delusional mind — Oh PMY is saying hello to wooga wooga squad and then there’s PSJ and his friends teasing her of how pretty she is.
  2. I think the instagram owner learned her lesson. She apologized on her recent story and acknowledged her mistake. And I also checked lara’s account and she already removed everything related to bed scene. So lets refrain ourselves from judging. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Lets stop the negativity and spread positivity.
  3. Aww. Good to know that she’s having some quality time with her parents. This is actually the first time I’ve heard about her dad.
  4. Seems like PSJ and PMY team are together now based on PMY’s stylist instagram story. I really love the closeness of these groups.
  5. Looks like we know where she learned those words now. And now I know why it seems familiar when I watched it last night. Hmm.
  6. We actually don’t know if he chose it by himself or the organizer chose it.. But one thing is for sure, they asked for SJ and awesome’s permission. Everything seems filtered during his “funmeet”.. Even the questions asked by fans. Its like someone already prepared for them.
  7. Seo Jun’s favorite song as of today - COME THRU by Jeremy Zucker. When asked why he said that there’s no particular reason.. but my shipper heart says no. Lol “Now I'm shaking, drinking all this coffee These last few weeks have been exhausting I'm lost in my imagination And there's one thing that I need from you Can you come through, through Through, yeah And there's one thing that I need from you Can you come through?“ Do you want your neighbor to come through?
  8. There’s actually not that much. I think all the questions asked were actually filtered. Lol. And its really funny how they forbid him to hug his fans but some fans really wanted to hug him hence some fans were hugged by him. But here some of “low-key” moments of WWSK/PMY: - I don’t remember if it is in the “slam book type” or “what’s on his mind”.. just like what I said I am being delulu here but when the host asked him about his friends the camera focused the “PMY” led and I think he saw that in the screen cause when it disappeared he seems to look for it in the crowd. - Pinoy henyo or the yes or no game wherein the fans will say yes or no and Seo Jun will answer what was written behind him. First word was a show of him and first thing that pops up inside his beautiful mind is WWSK when in fact it is Hwarang - IG pictures: It was actually selected by producers BUT just like what I said everything was filtered so I think SJ and awesome gave them a go signal for this. He did not answer immediately and looked at the screen, smiled. And just what like @twoparkcouple posted here, he said that he wanted to show the world how he got along well with the director and colleague. So he wanted a picture and it was taken in the set of WWSK. - Q: Do you believe in destiny? Yes, he believes in destiny. Look for @twoparkcouple translation too, thank you for that!! - Q: What would be your perfect weekend? PSJ: To be honest my perfect weekend is to spend it at home. (Coughs: HI NEIGHBOR!) Because I normally have a busy schedule. But to be honest, nothing can top a weekend like this (with fans). - He said that he allow himself to have a blast with his character in WWSK and he had a good time filming WWSK -When asked about his fave movie he said there’s a lot but he recently watched The Notebook and About Time (he must really love the name “Rachel” ) and he’s into romantic film these days. I don’t know if I forget something but I’ll post if I remember. Still into yesterday event hype. He was really shocked when he came out. SJ did not expect more than 10k fans will show up in his fun meet.
  9. Too bad cause everybody wants to see his cute side. But have you seen that “PMY” LED in the screen when the host asked Seo Jun about his friends? I really wanted to assume that he also saw it *insert my delulu here* cause after it was shown he seems to look for it in the audience or maybe not. So bare with me. Lol.
  10. Hi. I’m a silent reader ever since WWSK. And I just got home from SeoJun’s funmeet. The event was superb tho we’re little bit disappointed cause my friend and I were actually waiting for him to do the aura pose but still it was really really fun. He’s so cute throughout the show. Oh one thing I observed, when asked about those IG photos of him.. when the three park was shown, he did not answer it immediately and looked at the screen then smiled.
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