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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】

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1 hour ago, canangel7019 said:


And he says that he doesn’t have good sense of humour !!!!! Have some confidence in yourself baby seo joonie... good sense of humour is rare trait and you definitely have it :lol:

He has a very good sense of humour but he doesn't realize it.. spontaneous

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11 minutes ago, fasiou said:

Hello dear friends, I have one question, many of us believe that psj himself chose ig pics at bench event or he knew about them but i wonder why he seemed surprised?

We actually don’t know if he chose it by himself or the organizer chose it.. But one thing is for sure, they asked for SJ and awesome’s permission. Everything seems filtered during his “funmeet”.. Even the questions asked by fans. Its like someone already prepared for them.

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God is a woman


How can she be so beautiful even when dressed so simply like this? I remember an interview where she said that she is most beautiful when she's happy, so I feel very delighted to see her very very stunning these days.


 Also she really does look best in white, black, and red. 

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7 minutes ago, minmangfan said:

God is a woman


Talkin' abt this, her rehearsal video for the song just passed 4M viewers B) Look at her & also his FM in Manila last weekend, many have called their popularity as idol-grade ^^ Tho I'm thrilled to see this side of them, I'm also thankful they chose to be an actor :wub:



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For those who wonder which event it is - MontBlanc Travel Popup Store Opening Party

Dress code for today: check
His heart color these days: check (from TDF I believe)
Her heart gesture: check
Their happy presence: check

I'm not forcing myself (or anyone) into thinking that they "plan" all these out. The truth is it's either they had a "mutual discussion" or it's just pure "destiny" (and I'm not even talkin' about the holly MontBlanc yet :lol:)

PS: funny coz I randomly reshared her dance practice vid, which was also another black set haha




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It's been a long time we didnt get to see them updating in a same day.:D:lol:


Plus, both of them wearing black :wub:


I'm all smiley today seeing PPC beautiful smiles. 


Looks like both of them working hard these days, happy and thankful that we got to see them updating. He soo active today, talk and even entertain everyone at the popstore and update his fancafe. I wish I was there huhu. And she looks like doing fitting or maybe who knows, magazine photoshoot?(I wish!)


Again, Im sooooo happy for our all black PPC :heart::kiss_wink:

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