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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】


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congratulations psj..your career is flourishing. the director of the movie "Dream" is lee byeong heon who directed the movie "Extreme Job" which surpassed 10 million audiences. So every actor&actress hope to work with him.

psj has become a lucky winner. wow..

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Young & fresh at #1 (taking up to 51% voting) when it comes to acting as high school student at 30s without being awkward B)


Sae Roy started as an high school student in IC, those are short but impactful life-changing moments for him, so I'm looking forward to his acting right there too (coz I don't think they'd have an substitute actor just bcoz of his real age, he can definitely pull it off coolly ^^)



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I hope we'll have sub soon for his eps, coz it's duper super funny. They were making some deals to earn extra $$$ and he "blatantly lied" abt his barely jumping rope lol~ 


As PD Na knew too well how athletic he is (not to mention his drama/ movie characters who were sportsmen also), PD wanted to apply a high standard for him.


In Joonie's first attempt, he got 16 passes with ease in one go, so the Director wanna make his challenge at 30 but Joonie insisted he's never reached that point his whole life.


PD Na: so to what extent can you?

Joonie: about 10~

PD Na: but you just got 16 like right now

Joonie: I was not in my right mind/ got weird guts just then :lol:


At the very beginning, he expressed his worry as of which role he'd take in the show, and what kind of stuffs he'd have to do, to which he agreed to PD Na's comment that our man is an urban/ city guyz who hasnt experienced much of the countryside life. But many viewers found themselves in awe  at how considerate he is (when packing along extra food - hardly can a man pay attention to such details) & the hardworking/ positive vibe he brought :wub:


And here's for another sip of variety show :lol:



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2 hours ago, parkpark1617 said:

anyone here knows this? what’s the title talking about? (기생충)

As I said, his age was among the top search yesterday. The title is "Parasite's PSJ's age? Reunion with Park So Dam, "dating proof with PMY found by the netizens"". I guess some ppl just randomly brought up the rm news again, not an official news & the authenticity isnt that much for us to pay attention ^^

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