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  1. @Matilda_Anne I totally understand her. I would be restless too if I see that body. What more if that body (and handsome face) is THAT close to me? Anybody else notice how they had to stitch her dress on the side just to make it fit better? Really envious of that flat stomach
  2. It's only now that I noticed the hairpin to keep her bangs from falling. @quietobserver I think she became more popular with international fans after doing WWWSK, as seen in the rise of her instagram followers in the span of a year. It was a great comeback and with all the endorsement deals coming I think she really should strike while the iron is hot.
  3. Homegirl just GLOWS. She's thinner now than during WWWSK (not unhealthy thin) and it suits her so well. She is indeed at her best look and at the peak of her career now. She is really aging gracefully and seeing her glowing makes me so happy. She seems to be receiving so much love and care from her family, her management, her stylist team, friends, and maybe even from one specific neighbor whose initials are P.S.J... MONT BLANC is very expensive. But PMY seems to be generous with giving gifts to people she loves bec she also gave one of her stylists a pair of Balenciaga sneakers as birthday gift.
  4. Ahhh how is it that she looks both hot and cute at the same time while eating a meal? Btw, is I am Well a diet meal plan?
  5. My boyfriend keeps saying he still likes PSJ better so I explained the difference between my feelings for the two handsome men and he already understood and said that my loyalty for PPC can't be swayed even though I like another male lead Told him that PPC is the ultimate ship no matter how much I'm swooning over KJW at the moment.
  6. Just making sure everyone here is okay? Lol I watched tonight's episode and even though the scene was also hot, it only made me realize that I want KJW FOR MYSELF (I got very jealous with PMY while watching that scene tbh ) -- whereas when it comes to PSJ, I want him FOR PMY (ONLY) and not for myself.
  7. That hand https://www.instagram.com/p/BwerrJiAuF9/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1h8dxm794uz6n
  8. I think a lot of us here see that it's his hand resting on her waist. Their bodies are too close together that it his hand wasn't resting on her waist and just hanging behind her it would've been touching her behind hehe Sharing this because the looks they gave each other after the kiss were really something... Also I wonder why his mouth was open the entire time during this BTS. Catching mosquitoes? https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwj7RfJlfAm/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=vkr8caafp6xa
  9. So PMY was the one who hosted the dinner for the cast and crew? Isn't that in the same venue where PSJ hosted the one for WWWSK? For long time PMY fans -- haa she done this before? Just thinking that maybe she picked it up from PSJ...
  10. Yes she really looks slimmer and leaner these days. Still so beautiful and ethereal. Btw realized that she posted her photo with WWWSK script on the day they filmed their first kiss scene.
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