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  1. Everybody mark June 10 as the day we have been blessed again. It was a very happy day. Stan twitter EXPLODED, and her vlog got picked up by online magazines (some are paid press releases and some are not). Seeing her happy makes my heart feel full -- although I'm not about to say the things I said over twitter here. My twitter self is as much of a blabbermouth as PMY's real self. And then PSJ had to upload his video on the same day. What a coincidence, yes? @zashi23 I'm going to look for your comment about CHOCO CHIPS and hit like Again, welcome, welcome, newbies. It's going to be even more fun with their YouTube accounts now.
  2. "Why do they think that unusual of me?" "Ugh~ I talked too much." "I shouldn't be telling you guys too much already." Her self-awareness about being a blabbermouth had me rolling in laughter. (I know someone who says he likes a girl who is talkative and has a lot of aegyo, would you like to meet him, Miss? ) Anyway, I'm so happy to see her VERY, VERY happy and contented. Her happiness radiates and her sunshine gives me energy. I'm sooo excited for her content. I feel like it's well thought of. Silver play button, within a week, yes?
  3. There's a press release article in naver that says an interview about why she decided to start vlogging and a preview of what's in store for us wil be released tomorrow morning. Is that right, @twoparkcouple? Google translate is weird, as usual.
  4. @snitchdream08 A blabbermouth? @Sparksfly This is a good suggestion. I guess we will have to come up with related hashtags that will drag more traction to her YT channel.
  5. Haha so Park Min Young's channel is up and when it was first launched it showed only Korean characters. Naturally, international fans reacted (me included) that it will be hard to search for those who do not have the Korean keyboard. Min Young team acted quickly and put the English translation of her YT channel immediately. Thank goodness. Now international fans will be able to search for her and she will gain more traction from her international market -- which we all know she has a huge fanbase from. And then she posts her instagram plug of her YT channel in English, because she probably saw all the people sobbing in English in her YT teaser video. P.S. The car looks like a Bentley sports car? That woman is no joke. @zashi23 Hahaha yeah this is cute @Mojo The house with the cream/ivory porcelain/marble tiles is her house that she lives in with her family for the longest time. The wooden floor with the outdoor furniture is in her studio which she bought for herself just recently -- the one where she says she will do whatever she wants to do like drawing and reading scripts and meditating etc. Apparently it is also a place where she entertains friends. The interior of this I think is the one with the white and black marble tiles.
  6. I'm not sure if I read or watched it somewhere or if someone told me about it, but I kinda remember something about Park Min Young liking S.E.S. and that she initially wanted to be an idol when she was younger. I'm no longer sure why I have this info in my head and I can't find it on google for the life of me. Anyway, about the resemblance, apparently many people have noticed that she looks a bit like SES Eugene. I tried to google this and the posts were from way back. She does resemble Eugene esp when she smiles a toothy grin. I hope she also gets the same happy married life as Eugene's. And to the newbies, welcome! Seatbelts on for a fun but bumpy ride.
  7. The fact that people here fact-check each other and don't get offended is what I love about this thread and this group.
  8. Park Min Young and her friends all seem filthy rich. I've never felt more poor and ugly in my entire life. On another note, the rooftop of her studio seem so huge and seems perfect for a steak/bbq night. Only the finest things in life for Miss Rachel Park, of course.
  9. **Or in the case of Park Seo Joon -- many glances? (Like, more than 10 in a minute? ) I sent you a DM, by the way.
  10. I'm late into the game, but -- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, WWWSK and ParkPark Couple (as in the fandom, just to be clear)! It's been two years since you brought your magic into our screens and our lives have never been the same since. It's been two years, and yet you still remain unparalleled in the romcom genre. It's been two years, and we still laugh and cry with you like it's the first time. It's been two years, but we are still here, remembering Young Joon and Miso and loving Seo Joon and Min Young. Thank you for bringing us laughter... And for bringing us tears, both sad and happy ones. Most of all, thank you for showing us that real chemistry can be achieved in a single word -- a glance. Thank you for the privilege of witnessing your magic.
  11. Hey this is awesome! I think this is very helpful for those who really want to read but don't have much time in their hands. Thank you for sharing this for the newbies in this thread.
  12. Ahh, I was going to mention about the Bench fanmeet last night too but I was too lazy to look for the instagram posts Good thing @twoparkcouple was able to post it. Anyway, happy morning from someone with barely 3 hours of sleep. June has been well and fine if only after the first day. I hope we get Min Young's YouTube channel soon -- god knows when. I'm excited to see that new studio she got for herself.
  13. A piece of advice for newbie fans and shippers: fangirling is supposed to be fun, but it does not come without hardships and emotional hurdles. It takes years to have a strong shipping heart, and for myself I am speaking not just as a PPS but for the many ships I've fangirl-ed for before -- some of which have sailed and some have sunk. If you feel emotional over something, at least try to calm yourself down before posting anything, especially if it involves someone you say you're a fan of. First is that you do not want to badmouth someone you supposedly like just because you do not understand his/her actions. This makes you a bad fan. Second is that you should choose your words. You may clarify, but don't go pushing for your opinion if others said they don't adhere to it. You may ask, but do not be condescending about it. You do not want to get into trouble with other shippers, who you are supposed to be having fun shipping with (if you belong to the same ship, that is). Third is a gentle reminder to not mention any other man/woman here (exes, most especially), especially in the context of comparing them to any half of PPC. This will never generate a good reaction from other shippers. P.S. This thread's ANNIVERSARY is coming soon (June 17th) so maybe we can make a little game and share three favorite photos of PPC on that day? (Is this even allowed? lol) 1. A favorite photo of Min Young 2. A favorite photo of Seo Joon 3. A favorite photo of the two of them together Please share a little anecdote as to why you like those photos. The photos need not be high quality. No judgement will be made. We will do this just for fun and in honor of the two years that this thread has been alive. That's all and happy shipping. I will now take my blabbermouth out of here and into my cave.
  14. Are you serious??? I just got down from the high from all these photos like, two minutes ago. And then I peek here to say hi to everybody who's awake and I see these photos again?? It's scrap sleep tonight, I'm on cloud nine again. I just dropped Chapter 3 of the ParkPark Couple AU. Ran a poll over twitter whether I should write a headcanon fic next or Chapter 4, and Chapter 4 won so... And hello, @zashi23! Ha, I never meant to crawl out of my cave but I've been summoned.
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