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  1. I like seeing her in white because: 1. It suits her best 2. It makes her look like she's wearing a wedding dress
  2. I saw this too just now. But I don't think they're the only pet bake shop in Korea. There's Happy Pang Pang, for one. If Blue Neko gives out free birthday sets to celeb dogs then it's understandable that this isn't the work of PPC's magic lol but it's still fun to think about this as yet another "coincidence". Just like their dogs breed and names, you know. Edit: felt the need to edit out the ship name
  3. Oh, you know, it's just another "coincidence" and she's not following @bn_sj2013 so she "wouldn't really know" it was the exact same cake and biscuits (or pizza, bec apparently there's a thing called pizza for puppies in Korea). Nothing happening here, really. Just the exact same taste in dog breeds, and everything dog-related such as dog's birthday food etc.
  4. Wow, what a "coincidence" Happy Birthday, Leon! I hope you had a fun day with Mom, Dad, and your brother. P.S. That pet cake shop may be the only pet cake shop in/near Cheongdam-dong, but I don't think they offer just one same set of doggie bday cakes/biscuits, eh? Maybe Leon's neighbor/friend Simba gave him some of the cake and biscuits during his birthday months ago and Leon liked it, so Leon's mom made sure to buy him just the same.
  5. The Parks Just a side note: I think that they will have a very fun vlogging channel as a couple especially with all the teasing from PSJ. And PMY herself is such a trooper.
  6. God, this is the best video I've seen of the WWWSK press con ever. They say that couples (long time ones) often mirror each other and these two just fit exactly into that @twoparkcouple I envy those who have seen them together, but I do hope that whoever sees them together won't take photos of them -- or if they do, I hope they won't make money out of it or post it on their own SNS to gain attention. Anyway, if K-fans talk about PPC in that manner, does this mean that a lot of them (most esp fans of PMY and PSJ individually) have generally accepted the fact that PPC is real? Are they considered as an open secret by K-fans?
  7. If the hints are indeed true that they've been dating since before WWWSK, then I think that them saying yes to WWWSK was a very calculated risk on their part. PMY took a while to say yes to it, if I remember it right? I think that if they really have been together for a while, they have discussed it and thought about it and its advantages and consequences -- and maybe even set some rules on how they will behave and how they will play it out if dating rumors spark during/after WWWSK. Even their responses to the rumor felt very calculated. If this is true then they are indeed a power couple with a very solid relationship. The only sad thing is that we can't get a glimpse of it right now, but I look forward and pray that they vlog together when they are ready to come out. A PPC vlog with their furbabies would be fun to watch.
  8. We all have to remember that business profiles on youtube get paid per x no. of views, so yes, I think tvN Drama noticed the pull of WWWSK among fans even more than a year after its airing and decided to make a video which they are sure would gather a lot of views. And I feel like WWWSK and PPC are both getting a lot of attention again after the release of the Korean and Japanese DVDs. More views = more income lol tvN owes PPC and PPC Shippers so much that they better air a special when these two get wed. On another note, that BTS before the ramen scene (1st ramen scene featuring Hardworking Cow) made me 100% sure that something is (or was, at the time of filming) going on between those two. I mean -- their SUBCONSCIOUS PULL TOWARDS EACH OTHER IS SO STRONG they had to stop and catch themselves from showing too much skinship so many times within the filming of that one scene. Which, what I'm trying to say is -- who on earth automatically reaches out to his/her co-worker's back/waist after a scene or during down time?? Apparently, PPC. Also, that look in PSJ's face (most especially his eyes) when he put his hands under his head while rehearsing is something a plain co-actor won't and can't do towards a female co-star who he's just "acquainted with". PMY's reaction? Hit his chest, like she HABITUALLY does (towards PSJ, that is). If you get to see that BTS, you will know that with these two, it doesn't really take a genius to read between the lines. Like I've said many times before -- these two are going to be the death of me.
  9. I personally prefer that they changed it to cellist because a woman playing the cello can be filmed more cinematically. I'm also excited to see PMY and her small frame carrying the big cello bag behind her back
  10. @twoparkcouple Judging by the way PJJ called PSJ as "unnie" and PMY as "oppa", I think it's really an inside joke between close friends. However, whenever PMY says "oppa", the first thing that pops to my memory is this:
  11. I really feel like ComZia's graphic artist and/or social media manager is one and the same person and knows how to bank on the power of PPC. Even the layout of the posts are very similar. Power couple, indeed. And they haven't even come out yet at this point
  12. HAHA I LOVE how our captain -- who has no business about the race (LYJ is up the bleachers in this scene) and was not even needed in figuring out how PMY and Chansung will do the race -- intentionally went to them just to tease PMY. TRUE LOVE
  13. Well teasing is usually a way to get a girl's attention, but it seems to me that PSJ knows what exactly to do or say to tease PMY...especially in the scrambled eggs scene, where PMY shot him daggers when he pretended to choke and spit the food, pretending that they didn't taste good. Because he knows that PMY takes pride in her cooking skills lol His constant teasing makes me think he likes to stir her up -- because he smiles so wide when he manages to do so.
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