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  1. @tiglon I don't think @YeJin25 mentioned anything about your analysis, simply that sometimes we all can get a little ahead of ourselves and analyze or stress over small things that might not mean what we think they do. I have done this in some of my past post and reading YeJin25's post made me realize I should be enjoying SA's happy moments more than worrying about small silly things. At least that's the way I took it. Let's keep this forum a peaceful place.
  2. He really does. lol While JK is back in LA it looks like Jihyo is in Thailand filming something.
  3. Sorry for bring some negativity back on the forum but I was reading comments on Naver and wanted to express my opinion. I'll put in a spoiler for those who don't want to read it.
  4. @AllukaZin I won't lie I've felt the same way you do before and even still do at times but I always ask myself, why now? Why did they decide to create this "loveline" now? Why are the members suddenly so eager to tease them? I know some would say it's because kwangsoo announced and could no longer be in a loveline with somin but do people forget that Se chan is currently single as well? They could've easily slowly started a loveline with any of the other single members. Why take the risk of pairing two people they've only ever promoted as "family" knowing the korean audience would (and have) call them out on? I also remind myself how before they were ever a loveline on Running Man they were constantly linked together in some shape or form and most of the time it was done by themselves. Jongkook mentioned Jihyo almost always in some small way in his solo projects (Big Picture, Dragon's Club, MUD, and even when he hosted JSJ radio show) It's one thing to be close friends but JK is close friends with all the RM members and doesn't mention them half as much as he does Jihyo. As for Jihyo she's a lot harder to read but I feel it's because she's used to not showing her emotions on RM. In her words "an actress is an actress" which is why she tends to blank when getting teased so it won't look like she's enjoying it or hating it. She tends to follow JK's lead (up until now). I have my own theory on SA but I'll keep this part under a spoiler since it's all my own speculation. In the end it's up to you how you feel about them. If you believe there is something between them you're always welcome to discuss with us here.
  5. Don't think so since the 2nd half of today's episode was filmed on March 18.
  6. I can't stop laughing at the fact that in the end Jihyo and Jongkook ended up being neither the secret couple or the one virgin relationship. So Jongkook was being plain jealous while Jihyo kept enabling him. Also I can't get over how playful Jihyo was with Jongkook that day. Since we now know she grabbed the guest hand as a way to tease him, then cutely trying to scare him in the library (And judging by the way he kept looking at the camera I 100% believe jongkook would've interacted with her more had the cameras not been there). Did anyone else find this suspicious? The way YJS kept telling Jongkook that Jihyo was ready. I don't know why but lately the things the members say to tease SA seem so out of place if they're just a simple loveline.
  7. @Francess00 Yeah I was thinking the same. Plus in the context (Jongkook making Haha sing a high note Haha couldn't) it makes more sense for Haha to mention his son watching backstage.
  8. I keep rewatching and hoping that in the next episode it's revealed that Jihyo and the male guest are not the secret couple and Jongkook's paranoia was actually jealousy.
  9. @spartaceluv98 I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't go to be honest. Most of the time when celebrities/idols go to a concert or events to show support they do it secretly as they don't want take any attention away from the the idol(s). I believe Yoo Jae Suk and Kwang Soo (maybe somin?) appearance in the crowd had been already planned to be that way. Which is why they were hyping up the crowd at times. Let's not forget Jihyo drove all the way to Daegu just to be a part of JK's concert before. They always support each other, even if we don't see it at times.
  10. I'm currently watching the episode subbed and I can't stop laughing at the car scene. I might be biased but Jongkook was definitely very jealous. The way he said "Go on, and do it" sounded so defensive. Then when Jihyo said she just grabbed the male guest's hand because she wanted to JK just keeps mentioning her age forgetting the "mission" part. LOL Then when Jihyo said it was 1 of the two options (her being part of the secret couple or her being interested in the guest) JK seemed a little more serious but again that might be my biased showing.
  11. I'm just noticing that JK touched Jihyo's arm when she said the guests hands are smooth which is why she is holding them. It wasn't even in that "hey!" type of way since you can see he slightly pushes her arm back for her to stop. LOL
  12. Translated article from soompi https://www.soompi.com/article/1313918wpp/kim-jong-kook-to-get-jealous-of-song-ji-hyo-and-kim-jae-young-on-running-man omg jihyo telling the male guest that jk can be scary at time but he's a good guy is adorable.
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