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  1. LOL! The caption when BJS appears so funny! "Familiar back view" hahahahha They both from Saram Ent. It's like doing crossover video for each other. I think they would release BTS for KwonYul too later. Edit: Please pardon my shipper's heart... the following is just for fun.. while waiting for the sub. Hahaha And some interesting posts that theorized the masked killer is a woman. Ummm... but I don't think I could agree on it because the murderer's body build is of a man. No?
  2. Uummm.. I didn't look carefully who was dumping who in the preview. I think BJS dumps KW thinking that he killed him, and probably would be found by KKJ awhile later. KKJ seems to be looking for KW (I guess) in the preview. I don't mind seeing KW unleashes his "Kousuke" though. I think that would satisfy the curiousity most of us had since V2. Everyone must be wondering how would it be when Kousuke finally come out. Btw, I have this thought just now when I see how determined BJS want to escape to kill DKW himself. I think the tattoo has triggered jealousy in him. That's why he said "how dare you". It's like even though he was the master Korean dark web, but it seems that he couldnt get something like permission or recognition to get the tattoo? OR Another theory in my thought is that BJS knew the person who own the Secret Net / Auction Favre has the same tattoo but never saw his face. So, BJS probably confused DKW as the real Wire Shun. He thought he was played and thus out to avenge for the death of the other members of his Dr. Favre site. I think every season, Voice has managed to make me literally feel the steam surging through my head, cuz my head is burning from frying my brain too much. Hahahahahaha Edit: I miss KKJ in this hair style so much. While other people rewatch season 1 for Mo Tae Gu or Jin Hyuk, I rewatch for KKJ's hair style. I was a bit dissapointed when LHN retains that short hair style for Season 3. I was hoping she would grow it a bit since the gap were months since the explosion. OK, ignore my rant. I just miss season 1 KKJ. Gotta go rewatch V1. LOL! Cr to OP
  3. Now it makes sense why he said "It's been a long time since I've felt this" in the preview. I thought he was talking about the near-death sensation he felt in V2. I mean like enjoying the sensation when the murderer kill him. But, yeah. No murderer at all. It's just his set up. Guess we got to see more of BJS next week. Didn't even expected that KwonYul would stay longer since he was just finished filming Haechi. Btw, I think Lee Hana uses quite different....emmm... how do I say it...ending intonation(?) to her speech this season. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But, I'm wondering why the writer and director keeps focusing the shot to Officer Jin's finger so much. We are already in the 4th episode, and I already lost count just how many shots they did focusing on the fingers. Hmmmmm... this makes me having a bad badddd feeling... like foreshadowing something. Just like that recording the Wire Shun keeps playing when he want to decide whether to strangle or not. Hmmmmmmmm...
  4. Oh my gooooddddd!!!! Just when we all expect to see BJS die in this episode.... woooowwwww... Voice writer is the best!!!
  5. Ah, yeah. Now that I rewatch the trailer on bigger screen, I just realized he wore the black mask. Perhaps I was too focused on his bloody face than the mask. LOL! Me too me too! I was like... owwwww... he asks.. with low, soft voice. Oh my shipper heart. Hunting animals is still common though in this era. especially if certain animal populations threatened the livestock or crops. Certain countries even encouraged mass hunting for some types of animals perceived as threatening the other populations. Wild boar especially is a common animal to be hunted. So, DKW's reasoning sounds legit to me. However, I don't think those tools in that room are necessary to slaughter and cut the boar meat. Hmmm.. Exactly! I even ranted about thing that I don't get about that case right after the broadcast, and even after the sub. Finally someone said it out loud on my behalf. Hahahahaha Omoooo!!! I was suspecting the same thing! Ok , off to live stream!
  6. I will help to answer. This is not a pre-produced, but it does not count as "live" either. I mean, they are currently still shooting, but already in far ahead episodes. They've been shooting since 2 months ago. Now they probably shooting past the mid of the series already. Masked KW? I only see bloody-faced KW there...
  7. Now that I've finished watching with sub, the feel that I got to his expressions when I watched without sub last night is now totally different. Last night I thought he was trying to mock KKJ trust with smirk and bluff something about DKW being a murderer in Japan. But now that I've watched the sub, I realized that there's this look of horror on his face. He was like.... terrified (?) seeing that tattoo on DKW's hand. Hmmmm.. And when he said "How dare you...to me?", his face was like expressing disbelief. Probably he can't believe that all this while he was being played? hmmmm... Because that tattoo is exactly the same as that Wire Shun's tattoo, but just that we realized it has different position than KW's. BTW, regarding Hyeon Su case that I was not getting last night, apparently the rescue team can't even access the area due to illegal parking. Yeah, sadly this is a reality especially in low-cost flat area where parking is very limited and the already narrow alley became inaccessible due the illegal parking at alleyway. However, I was hoping that the patrol police could've been faster preparing for the air cushion/mattress right after DKW gave them the instruction. But, I think they didn't manage to prepare it in time. The camera shot from top view when Hyeon Su falling off seems like there is nothing down there to catch him. I think this case involves a sum of money that the mother supposed to get. Perhaps from the Welfare Department and maybe in a large sum too. That director Song probably also want to get his hands on the money and shift the accusation to the mother, though, well, the mother herself also not blameless. When Hyeon Su was chased out by his mom in the rain, he wore different clothes, and apparently 3 hours before the incident, he wore the grey training suit. I think Director Song and his sidekick got to him that night and do something to him, then he ran away, and the director's sidekick was searching for him. I think there's a lot more dirty works behind his angelic face to the public. Hmmmm... The writer maybe want similar real case that has happened in the past come to light to the viewers, which perhaps has been forgotten. I think, he will and surely die. The main villain behind Secret Net was pissed off due to the losing a lot of their income and now cleaning up everyone involved. So, we are saying goodbye to BJS tonight. BTW, when the Commissioner announce the special investigation team's name, I can't resist to laugh out loud. I mean, how did he even think of suddenly giving such sophisticated name while expressing his concerns with serious face regarding DKW's involvement. And KKJ, hmmmm... she still hesitate to spit out what she think about Yukiko's case and her concern with BJS's statements and expressions. I can't wait to see the time when she has to point her gun to DKW again, what would the story be when it come. Hmmm Remember this one? Which caused quite a stir among the viewers and hundreds of shipping .gif everywhere. Hahahahah
  8. I think he sounded like BJS. He was saying: "It's been a long time (since)...this feeling (이 느낌 - Yi Neukkim)" Emm.... what feeling ehhh... Fear??? When the lawyer came to see him telling him that Dokki has been murdered, I can see him shaking. Hmmmmm... Just how scary or powerful this person behind all this... hmmmmmm... Sigh... I guess you are right. I can never contain my excitement and end up live streaming the episode every week. LOL! It's like I need my KKJ and DKW dosage shot every week.
  9. Just finished the episode. I think many of you need to wait until the raw episode is available to be able to watch. But here are some spoilers: Then, regarding Kwak Dokki (DKW's sidekick in season 2 who betrayed him, the attendant / nurse (?) at the sanitarium): The meeting with BJS: The civilian case: Hyeon Su fall: Well, can't wait for sub version tomorrow and episode 4! I'm starting to have this dilemma whether I should wait for the series to near its end and binge-watch all the episodes altogether, or keeping up with the wait every week. Hahhhh!
  10. Yooo...fellow Malaysian! I'm live streaming now. I just couldn't contain my excitement anymore! Hahahahaha
  11. Hey guys! In less than an hour, episode 3 will be broadcasted! Yeayyy!!! Who's live streaminngggg??? Before that, I'm going to catch up with ya'll first! Been a busy week, finally I got to catch my breath and watch my favourite drama Yea, I think they would have enough materials to continue many more seasons. The question is will the main cast stay through the seasons? I never expected God's Quiz will make a come back for season 5 after like 4 to 5 years hiatus. Most surprisingly, I was so shocked when I watched Kim Jae Won as the villain and his appearance changed so much! I literally dropped my jaw to the floor when he first appeared in the episode. I was like.... My goodness! Is that the same Kim Jae Won that I knew??? I actually hoped that this season wouldn't stretch too much regarding DKW's "soul-searching" and seeing him never-ending bickering and arguments with his team. I hope this will stop up to the mid of the episodes. Voice has always been about the crimes and the victims. I don't want people says that the writer has lost her purpose for voice and DKW's story overshadow the real crimes and the pain that the victims suffered that she supposed want to portray to the viewers/society. I hope they would not drag too much regarding his background / his other "Kousuke" self or that person who obsessed with him. JUST GIVE US THE ANSWER ALREADYYYYY!!! Yea, I agree with you. The two tattoos are in different position. I've ruled out DKW is the white-masked killer since the camera focus on both the tattoos and it is obviously different position, though the wordings are the same. I think DKW managed to get himself as member of the dark web "Auction Favre" by selling some God-knows-what kind of videos. That explained the setup in his room. So, each member maybe was required to get the tattoo as some sort of identification. Me too! Kinda shocked that she's still alive after all that blows. At the same it's a relief that she's alive, else I couldn't imagine what Se Young would have to go through, blaming herself for the death of her friend. You're not alone! I've been shipping them hard since last season 2. I'm just keeping my cool and try not to stir up the bloodiness of the season's premiere. Hahahahahaha! Sometimes in the future episode, we may have to lost our cool and let the ship saaaiiillll....! Hahahahah I was low key hoping they would cast KJW. But, since he is doing rom-com now and it seems there would be some overseas promotions for the drama, not sure if he could join the Japanese production. However, I hope whoever they cast as Japanese MTG would perform as good as KJW's portrayal of psycho murderer. And uh oh... especially his signature grin. Waiting for the broadcast in 10 minutes. Are you guys readyyyyy????!!!
  12. Guys, I saw this on my google news recommendations timeline. Looks like there will be Japanese remake of Voice 1 airing in July. I think i might check out the first episode and see how it goes. The same premise, but I think the way they handle cases might be different? Above all, I can't wait to see who will be the Japanese Moo Tae Gu.
  13. Got some works to do first. Going to catch up with you guys more about the episodes later. @ktcjdrama I did checked Beautiful World out last time when I saw your tag in that drama's thread. But after 30 minutes watching episode 1, I decided to wait until the series ends. I am going to binge-watch it later. I thought to myself I can't have another heavy drama on my watch list because during that time I was following Possessed. Possessed was already breaking my heart as the episodes progress, I can't have my heart shattered watching Beautiful World. My heart is precious. Haha Besides Voice 3, I am currently following Abyss and Her Private Life (and GOT... *cough*). Since Voice 3 is already a heavy genre, I need some light and fun genre to balance my Kdrama list. Haha
  14. After watching episode 2 with sub, I suspect that DKW really setup a room to record some snuff films to obtain entry into the Auction Favre. The question is whether he cut the real person or just dummy? Did he really killed someone or use some tricks? Hmmmmm There were 2 men in the black sedan that watched the Student Hostel bombing. This question popped up in my head again as to whether the old man is indeed DKW's father who actually survived? How was the story about him again? He was chased and said to be gunned down right? The question is, did the Japanese police really found his body or did they actually missed him at a cliff somewhere? (well you know how people in dramaland always survive the cliff.. haha). Meanwhile, I wonder who the younger man is. I think he is the master of the Auction Favre, the lunatic that probably saved the old man (which I assume for now as DKW father). Hmmmm.. a psychopath indebted to another psychopath. I cannot fathom another reason they are so obsessed in getting back DKW to them. What other reason is there? I don't think it will be simply because they want to prove that DKW is no different than they are like BJS wanted to prove previously? Anyway, that Ryokan murderer...sigh.. I was low key hoping that he is not the owner. I hope these 2 episodes will not get backlash from the Japanese ryokan owners. Because of these 2 episodes, I'm gonna be extra-extra-extra careful when choosing place to stay while travelling alone or even with a partner. I just realize they changed the production company to KeyEast Ent. which Bae Young Joon is the founder and part of the company. They have strong affiliations and vast experience with the Japanese production. No wonder they can produce blockbuster scenes over there as well. In just 2 episodes, I fried my brain so much.. almost burn it. LOL! I highly anticipate for the remaining episodes. 16 episodes is still long way to go to. Good luck to us! Btw, if DKW still alive and fit to be a police at the end of this season, there is high possibility he will join season 4 if OCN ever to continue the series. He promised it in an interview. @ktcjdrama good to see you here! Welcome on board!
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