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  1. WHO ARE YOU??? This is the closest I could get by clicking frame by frame from the preview... haaaaaaaaa... I'm so curious!
  2. Well, we get to see KW turns into Kousuke for a minute at the end of episode 6. Although, I'm sure next episode Chief Na got to him first before he lick his mouth for third times (first lick - I'm going to get you; second lick - I just want to hear your death wish; third lick - you're dead ). But, what amuse me is that horror-like face of the person from Kousuke's perspectives. So, that's how he sees his victim. It's a total horror The Sumpitan case is quite sad. Hmmm.. This kind of syndicate exists everywhere. This season is literally international show down with so many foreign actors and we got to see Officer Park shows off her multilingual skill.. although, it seems unnecessary because apparently the woman speaks fluent Korean. LOL! KKJ hearing is getting worse it seems. Hmmm. I'm so worried about her. I think Wired Shun has purposely lure her interest by playing with the lighter. He knew KKJ would hear it. He's going after her ears I am sure of it. Then he will ask her to decipher that recording if she want to live. Hmmmmm... I hope Chief Na would not be too carried away with his overly concern with DKW. His worry over DKW's condition could be manipulated by the main villain to plant seeds of doubt in his mind. Hmmmm The biggest question now is, who is that wired shun???? Is it Japanese actor or Korean actor? Let's do our guess list here. Hahahah. I will put a name on the list tomorrow after I'm done watching the sub. Hahaha
  3. Ask DKW for more tranquilizers before he runs out of it! Quick! Quick!
  4. Count me in! I've been torn since last season when they reveal that DKW had a dark past and that there's possibility there's Kousuke buried deep in him. Hmmmmm... Even that shoot-me-I-dont-care made me squealed for weeks, tonight I really went crazy over that here-i-make-my-move-with-a-band-aid scene. But at the same time, I feel bad for KKJ if KW turns over to the dark side completely... hemmmmmmm I am so toooorrrrnnnn! I think the other me is writing this now. I am not even sure how many "me" already hiding inside me since the last season.
  5. I still want to feed my shipper's heart at the moment. I will leave his craziness for blood aside first for that first skinship.... Haaaaa.... I'm half full tonight. I am not gonna hope for far-fetch kiss scene, but I would love to see at least a hug this season. Oh my heart.... I'm already squealing my heart out over the excitement (and imagination...hmmm )
  6. The moment I saw KKJ saw all those bodies, I knew it is her dream... hahahahahha... but it still fun to watch the confrontation though...even in KKJ dream.. She gets too carried away with her thought about what she saw in KW officetel (the broken mirror and his shoes), even interfering with her dream.. hmmmm... But, I looooooveeeee it so much when KW puts band-aid on KKJ palm. Awwwwww.... I'm swooning all over! However, I'm still disappointed KW still not telling the truth to KKJ. He didn't tell he has been to the forest to find BJS and been strangled by wired shun. Somehow, I feel funny seeing him suddenly wearing turtleneck, and it still all black. I'm still blaming him for causing KKJ worry about him too much to the point having the bad dream. Or was the dream is a premonition of something almost similar in the future? Hmmmmmm... Anyway, I think BJS is still alive somehow. Not until they found his body, I will stick to my believe that he is still alive, just as Chief Na instructed. Maybe he will appear again probably in next four episodes? Hahahhaha.. I feel bad for Det. Gu. He was cheated into a marriage. I think that woman might have lied to Det Gu about the pregnancy to get him to marry her . Hmmmmm... Poor Det. Gu. And I feel so excited when I heard words that I could understand directly from the Indonesian actress. I wonder what's the deal about and why she went so far to "Sumpit" all those people...gotta wait for sub for the details. They talked too fast, I can't even catch much of their conversation as I was busy watching the scenes too. Anyway, the preview...hmmmm.. it seems the person who provide KW with the tranquilizers kinda fishy. His expressions seems to be excited about KW might have killed someone already. Hmmmmmmm Wired Shun playfully told KW that he cannot erase that tattoo of his and his Kousuke. It's a destiny he said...hmmmmmm... I wonder where did KW got his tattoo from actually. Looks like a few questions have been answered (such as KKJ and KW confrontation), but apparently more questions come along with the episode. Sigh.... Voice never fail to make us fry our brain to burning point. See you guys again tomorrow after the sub is out.
  7. Yeap, it was indeed that same Tarantula mask that BJS used in S2. Me and @sushilicious had discussed about the mask before this in the trailer's still KKJ pointing gun to KW. The question is, why does he wear it and did he keep the mask all along? Or was it actually true that it was KW who cut Hyun Joon wrist in S2? Now that I think of it, did Hyun Joon case wrapped up nicely with concrete evidence that BJS did cut Hyun Joon wrist? Didn't they just assume it was BJS who did it all? I think I never heard BJS admit cutting Hyun Joon wrist though? Or did I remembered wrongly? hahahahahah Ohhh, I just realize the those officers' bodies lying around with KW wearing a mask. I thought the scene with those bodies was a separate scene. I am not sure what to theorize anymore.. I hope tonight's episode will shed some light to some of our questions. I am so conflicted right now.. I want to see how would it be when Kousuke come out, but at the same time, I don't want DKW become turning bad, particularly because I don't want to see KKJ being hurt. Or did I just stereotyped that when Kousuke come out, DKW would indeed turning bad. Who knows, probably when DKW switch to Kousuke mode, he will be sharper than ever and does not give in to his urge to punish "lightly" (cough) the criminal he catch on scene. That act licking his mouth before he turn all pscychotic towards the criminal...hahahahaha.. somehow I feel satisfied watching it. However, I don't condone to such violent in reality though, don't get me wrong. I am just being twisted with Voice only. @nateko me too! I've been questioning his all-knowing about Kousuke since S2. Even down to the details about how Kousuke has the preference to pretty things like Miho's ears. OMG! I know he has Deity-level hacking and IT skills, but, how did he know so much if the same information could also be accessed by Jin-Frankenstein and inform KKJ. KKJ has no idea though. Hmmmmmmm...
  8. Wow wow wowwwwww!!! I missed so many fun stuffs! I can't wait for tonight's episode. It's like I'm getting the much anticipated reward for the week long wait. I'm preparing myself to get another weekly shot of KKJ and DKW. ohhh ohhhh... that BTS pics of KW wearing the maskkk...daaayyymmmnnn... I'm shooketh! I don't think the scene where he wears the mask would be a dream, because KKJ is confronting him with the mask on! But, I wonder about the other scene, where the police officers lying around bloodied. Is it a dream or it would really happen when Kousuke is awaken. Hmmmmm.. I can't wait! I can't wait! Two hours more, and we are set for the saaaiilllll!!! I hope I will be able to live stream tonight as I'm still in the middle of nowhere now. Please pray that the Internet Force will be with me tonight. Hahahahahaha! As usual, I would write some spoilers right after. Be prepared!
  9. Hey guys! I am in the middle of nowhere now for some works. Checking out this thread to feel that I am still connected to the rest of the world. Haha! I afraid that if I don't check out this thread, my inner "Kousuke" will surface right this moment! *okay, just kidding* Just stopping by to peek what did u guys been discussing 'bout. I actually kinda frustrated when they have to blur the murdered bodies, even those on KW's presentation slides. I guess they can't get the permission for rating 19 from the review board in time of broadcast (?). So, the easy way out to make it suitable for 15 rating is just blur all those images. I don't remember if they ever had any episode rated as 19, wasn't there? I remembered MBC's Less Than Evil had so many episodes rated as 19, that I enjoyed watching how realistic the crimes scenes or how disfigured the murdered bodies were. OCN seems to prefer leaving all that to our own imagination huh? I know the context of those murders were already gruesome and disturbing, but.. yeah.. that's what we should have expecting to watch when we get on this ride, right? Hahahahha.. oh, I sounds like a bloody twisted psychopath now. Hahahhaha. Gotta work hard to suppress my "Kousuke", not until I reach the end of this season.
  10. LOL! The caption when BJS appears so funny! "Familiar back view" hahahahha They both from Saram Ent. It's like doing crossover video for each other. I think they would release BTS for KwonYul too later. Edit: Please pardon my shipper's heart... the following is just for fun.. while waiting for the sub. Hahaha And some interesting posts that theorized the masked killer is a woman. Ummm... but I don't think I could agree on it because the murderer's body build is of a man. No?
  11. Uummm.. I didn't look carefully who was dumping who in the preview. I think BJS dumps KW thinking that he killed him, and probably would be found by KKJ awhile later. KKJ seems to be looking for KW (I guess) in the preview. I don't mind seeing KW unleashes his "Kousuke" though. I think that would satisfy the curiousity most of us had since V2. Everyone must be wondering how would it be when Kousuke finally come out. Btw, I have this thought just now when I see how determined BJS want to escape to kill DKW himself. I think the tattoo has triggered jealousy in him. That's why he said "how dare you". It's like even though he was the master Korean dark web, but it seems that he couldnt get something like permission or recognition to get the tattoo? OR Another theory in my thought is that BJS knew the person who own the Secret Net / Auction Favre has the same tattoo but never saw his face. So, BJS probably confused DKW as the real Wire Shun. He thought he was played and thus out to avenge for the death of the other members of his Dr. Favre site. I think every season, Voice has managed to make me literally feel the steam surging through my head, cuz my head is burning from frying my brain too much. Hahahahahaha Edit: I miss KKJ in this hair style so much. While other people rewatch season 1 for Mo Tae Gu or Jin Hyuk, I rewatch for KKJ's hair style. I was a bit dissapointed when LHN retains that short hair style for Season 3. I was hoping she would grow it a bit since the gap were months since the explosion. OK, ignore my rant. I just miss season 1 KKJ. Gotta go rewatch V1. LOL! Cr to OP
  12. Now it makes sense why he said "It's been a long time since I've felt this" in the preview. I thought he was talking about the near-death sensation he felt in V2. I mean like enjoying the sensation when the murderer kill him. But, yeah. No murderer at all. It's just his set up. Guess we got to see more of BJS next week. Didn't even expected that KwonYul would stay longer since he was just finished filming Haechi. Btw, I think Lee Hana uses quite different....emmm... how do I say it...ending intonation(?) to her speech this season. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But, I'm wondering why the writer and director keeps focusing the shot to Officer Jin's finger so much. We are already in the 4th episode, and I already lost count just how many shots they did focusing on the fingers. Hmmmmm... this makes me having a bad badddd feeling... like foreshadowing something. Just like that recording the Wire Shun keeps playing when he want to decide whether to strangle or not. Hmmmmmmmm...
  13. Oh my gooooddddd!!!! Just when we all expect to see BJS die in this episode.... woooowwwww... Voice writer is the best!!!
  14. Ah, yeah. Now that I rewatch the trailer on bigger screen, I just realized he wore the black mask. Perhaps I was too focused on his bloody face than the mask. LOL! Me too me too! I was like... owwwww... he asks.. with low, soft voice. Oh my shipper heart. Hunting animals is still common though in this era. especially if certain animal populations threatened the livestock or crops. Certain countries even encouraged mass hunting for some types of animals perceived as threatening the other populations. Wild boar especially is a common animal to be hunted. So, DKW's reasoning sounds legit to me. However, I don't think those tools in that room are necessary to slaughter and cut the boar meat. Hmmm.. Exactly! I even ranted about thing that I don't get about that case right after the broadcast, and even after the sub. Finally someone said it out loud on my behalf. Hahahahaha Omoooo!!! I was suspecting the same thing! Ok , off to live stream!
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