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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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I'm so invested in this and can't wait for the next episode but at the same time I want the story. Like I want to know what the actual story is. What is the point of all this, why is it happening? Who the Big Bad is? Why SJ created this game and what is he involved in? Enjoying it so far but I want the story.

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Not sure if anyone shared this before. I think NPC Cha never went away because the first guy Zinu shot after coming out of the train toilet looks a lot like Cha.




And seju means 世主 (the master of the universe), which explains why his name is saved as "Master" in heeju's phone. Seju is the master of this AR universe too.

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1 hour ago, katakwasabi said:


Where did you get the idea that zombie cha is abusive? He seem to be fine with his wife, only after JW was mentioned that his wife took offence. I too am interested to know more about JW's background. I think zombie cha was not a totally bad guy, i think he's just misunderstood. I still wonder why cha's wife was so angry at JW when he came after cha's death and even blamed JW. But then she agreed to not do the autopsy. Which i really hoped they actually did. Huhuhu



In Episode three when Cha confronts his wife concerning meeting up with JW, she suddenly starts over explaining herself, that is one sign that a person is scared or hiding something, trying to over explain so that the other person doesn't misunderstand or get angry. He barely says anything but asks her a question and she goes hysterical explaining herself, at this point she is even breathing heavily.


He then doesn't say anything but gets up and walks towards her, but she looks uncomfortable and takes a few steps back as if she's unsure of his reaction. It doesn't look like she feels safe with him. At this point he tries to reassure her that she is misunderstanding him, another tactic abusers use...gas lighting.


When he leaves to meet JW, when she calls him to ask where he is going and who he's meeting, he is very curt and short with her, saying "she doesn't need to know" and hung up on her!!!! I'm sorry but a loving Husband woudn't dismiss his wife and hang up on her when she is concerned about his whereabouts, he would say something more reassuring even if he doesn't mention who he is meeting with.


In the beginning of Ep 4, In the morning when the wife wakes up and realizes that he never came back, she starts reflecting on what happened before and we see a scene of the past again we see her hysterically over explaining the conversation she had with JW. There is no reason for her to have such a hysterical response if she wasn't scared of him or worried about something. Then we see a scene where he threw a glass with wine on the wall while she is standing right next to the wall, she screams...


Abusers may not directly inflict physical wounds but they may either shout, and throw things in rage, just enough to scare you so that you would comply with them, after the incident they usually come back to you very remorseful explaining why they did what they did so that you would feel sorry for them and not leave them.


Which is what he is doing in the next scene he says to her "he is not mad at her...she needs to understand him", as he brings her close to him in an embrace, at this point she has tears in her eyes. He is crying saying "in this world she is the only one who understands him" another tactic used by abusers to make you feel "special" their only saviour or the only one who truly loves them so that no matter what they do to you, you would stick by their side. Its you two against the world kind of scenario, something abusers also use to isolate you from others.


She tries to ask I think her Sister to call JW, but she is so scared she doesn't even want to mention JW's name. When the sister calls JW her brother in law, she goes hysterical again...almost as if she is scared. Usually abusers will scare the victim into even mentioning the name or anything to do with the EX because they are super jealous. 


I think when she bumped into JW as well she was very uncomfortable almost like she was scared...not of him but of someone else...


LOL This is how I came up with the conclusion that he was somewhat abusive to her...I think I need to go back and rewatch some scenes, now that we know what has happened so far, going back and paying attention to the various characters reactions and facial expressions can give more clues...


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i remember Hee Joo bought something hugeeee from the antique store. is it classic guitar? Maybe she is the Emma we’re looking for ?? All the teaser pictures?      

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3 hours ago, frozentundra said:

I just feel like there is a lot more to the story of JW and zombie friend (and the professor). I keep hoping to hear more on that. 


Also, I agree that PSH's outfits look nice. That purple-blue dress is really pretty on her, and I love her little fox slippers. :)


IDK but I feel there is nothing much in their story except for the fact that zombie Cha was a little bit more ambitious than JW and wanted his own company. Not only the company, he wanted JW's wife too. Obviously, Prof.Cha who I guess is the major investor or something, is against his son's ambitions. JW's anger is justified at any point. And to some extent the first duel too between them. He only wanted to level things with his so-called enemy; however, to JW's misery, the game totally went haywire..!

Maybe there is a lesson for the overtly ambitious and vengeance seeking individuals, life is not a game always, there are repercussions  for your actions.

I suppose neither CHS deserved to die, nor does JW deserve to go all bonkers over something that he didn't intend to do. 

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Aaahhhh.. This drama brought me back to the forum after months passed by. Hyun Bin dimple smile is unforgetable. Glad my family members also have dimple too.. Ah, so cute my niece and nephews. 

Ok back to MOA. Everyone will relate them to SAO (Sword Art Online) and W. Marvellous storyline. Keep me wanting more. The player in SAO, unable to log out from the game. So, they have to stay alive in the game until succeed but their body stay alive during the years while malnourish. However in MOA, the player play in real live with special lense and looks like losing mind. Imagine you are seeing JW play over and over again fighting with the statue. Crazy, right? To prove his uncrazyness, he MUST wear the lense alllll the time. So, his staff can monitor his daily routine in the game or life. If they recorded the duel, they can proof that JW is not crazy. It's understandable why he wanted to kill HS while playing in the game. Only in the game.

JW is a lonely person. He is highly ambitious and successfull. But, usually they said Great People either die young or live miserable. But, I want him to be loved and happy. 

I dont even care about his wives. 


Yes, you have to IGNORE the logic if you want to enjoy this drama. Very fast the healing goes. One day, JW has bruises in his face after few days, the bruises has gone. Bye bye. And to be able to wake up normally after operation or sedate, is a miracle. From my experience, when my brother fell from climbing tree(about two story building), he required five operations and two years of recovery. Not a complete recovery. One hairline fracture at his pelvis and 4 parts of broken bones in his right hand (luckily his is left handed). Within two days after emergency operation, he always collapse/fainted when he tried standing on his own. Again, just forget about logic in the drama. Just as watching the cute LJS in W. 


Now, let us wait for next episodes. JW need to heal - physical and mental. And we need to focus to the reality too. Work, family and friends. 

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2 hours ago, __jesse said:

Not sure if anyone shared this before. I think NPC Cha never went away because the first guy Zinu shot after coming out of the train toilet looks a lot like Cha.




And seju means 世主 (the master of the universe), which explains why his name is saved as "Master" in heeju's phone. Seju is the master of this AR universe too.

Yeah, I guess Dr.Cha would keep on reappearing unless the game ends or he manages to defeat JW in the duel...he didn't disappear when JW first defeated him in the park, nor did he vanish when JW reached up to level 5. Also, JW has tried other weapons too, all are futile.

Anyways, I was thinking that JW leveled up from level 4 to level 5 just by defeating Dr.Cha again, so who was the enemy in level 4?.or I guess you were only supposed to buy new weapons in level 4 and use them against your enemy...

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Watch: Park Shin Hye And Hyun Bin Are Total Pros Behind-The-Scenes Of âMemories Of The Alhambra,â EXOâs Chanyeol Shoots First Scene With Hyun Bin


Dec 17, 2018
by R. Jun

In a new behind-the-scenes video for “Memories of the Alhambra” released on December 17, Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye film an emotional scene in the rain, and Hyun Bin meets EXO’s Chanyeol for their first scene together.


Hyun Bin and Park Hoon rehearse a sword fight, and Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin work out the mechanics of a hug.


Once the actors are ready to start filming, they start the rain. As Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye are waiting for the director to call action on an emotional scene, Park Shin Hye, who is already crying, has to wipe her tears several times before the scene begins.


Hyun Bin and EXO’s Chanyeol then meet for their first scene together. In order to get a one-take shot, Chanyeol has to quickly run and get into position laying on the ground as the camera pans.


Chanyeol does this several times, and chats with Hyun Bin in between takes.


Watch the behind-the-scenes video below:





Emma guitar!!


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@stargazer187, I am back on the threads a bit, but not a whole lot of time overall. Plus, with the holiday season, both work and family are taking up a lot of time. So, be patient with me if I take a little longer for translations.


Here is the first BTS translation you asked for. 



Translation in the spoiler since it's long.


Video title: Memories of Alhambra BTS, [What is this sticky chemistry? (feat. Run, Sae Joo)]

caption: Being run by Hee Joo and her family, the Bonita Hostel.
caption: In front of the hostel, Jin Woo & Hee Joo’s first meeting
HJ: Looking at the building
HJ: Should we buy this building..?
HJ caption: questioning, questioning
HJ: It should have this kind of feeling(?)
Director: Things like that, it should be fun.
JW: How much is it?
HJ: Yes?
caption: Director
JW: I asked how much it was. (belligerent)
caption: CEO’s swag*, A pose that indicates he’s considering just buying the whole hostel.
Director: Make it expensive!
HJ caption: considering, considering
HJ: About $12 million dollars?
caption: On a serious note, carefully taking a look, CEO.
JW: Maybe not this house (dispirited)

caption: Jin Woo X Hee Joo rehearsal!
JW: Is there perhaps have a room available?
HJ: No, there isn’t. (sweet pumpkin -meaning nicely said)
JW captions: dispirited, determined
caption: Even during rehearsal with a lot of playfulness~, overflowing with chemistry, the two people (heart)
HJ: Goodbye

caption: In the harmonious atmosphere, filming finally starts!
caption: Finding humor in the line “There is no room”, the two people. k k k
caption: Suddenly, having become a challenge to hold back laughter, the first meeting scene
JW: Look at the philtrum. The philtrum. (meaning instead of looking at each other’s entire faces since that’s causing them to laugh)
HJ: If I look at the philtrum, then I’ll laugh even more.
JW: And, I’ll look at your forehead. h h
caption: Having debuted 15 years ago, a pro actor’s method for restraining laughter
HJ: I think I’m going to explode in laughter again.

caption: Take 2, Taking a moment to get serious, starting the filming again!
HJ: Why are you smiling? k k k
JW caption: (feigning innocence)
HJ: Why were you smiling when I was restraining myself so well?
HJ captions: (moaning, crying)
caption: Laughter, once having exploded, won’t be stopped.
caption: The thing about restraint…

caption: Not forgetting to carefully monitor (their scenes), the two diligent people

caption: All this lead to how it was finally shot, the first meeting in the front of the hostel. (heart)
JW VO: Am I too late?
HJ VO: Who are…?

(Title card)

caption: Having come in to check into Hee Joo’s hostel, Jin Woo!
caption: He’s looking closely and carefully at everything…
JW caption: (obviously)
caption: Today as well, quickly coming in, Yoo Jin Woo-sshi. (heart)
caption: Even in their rest time, showing their playful chemistry, Jin Woo X Hee Joo
caption: If you keep doing this, then it will really lead to misunderstandings. (musical note)
caption: Coming up to look into the 2nd Floor dormitory, Jin Woo
HJ: This is great…
caption: Even the owner Hee Joo is shocked, the condition of the four bed dormitory
JW: Auhoo (me: like a sigh of disbelief and disgust)
caption: The two actors true room is.mp4 (meaning that the videographer wants to see a video of the actors’ actual rooms to see if they really live like this)
JW: If it’s like this, would I even be able to sleep?
HJ caption: (shaking her head, shaking her head)
caption: A real Yoo Jin Woo sentiment (heart)

(Title card)

caption: A darkening Barcelona
caption: Amidst people who are minding their business, an seemingly urgent Sae Joo.

caption: Completely panicked, he’s running off to somewhere…
SJ caption: (overwhelmed, overwhelmed)
caption: Even though it was difficult acting, not forgetting to smile, Sae Joo.
SJ caption: (bumping into things)
SJ caption: (running)
SJ caption: (again running energizer)
videographer: It’s hard?
SJ: Oh, it’s too hard. h h
SJ: It’s really hard.
caption: In order to open the door to Alhambra, having diligently run, Sae Joo
caption: The moment where magic became reality! Hyun Bin x Park Shin Hye’s suspense romance <Memories of Alhambra>, please anticipate it a lot going forward!



Hope you enjoy. I'll post the translation for the second BTS that you asked for when I can, and assuming you don't find a translation of it elsewhere before I get to it.


Btw, the suspense in this drama is killing me. I literally have to look away from the screen at times as reality becomes surreal. I totally hope there is an explanation of some sorts for what is happening between the real and game worlds, and that the writer doesn't just leave us hanging with no answers (as in W).

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21 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:


did you really think he was asking for an opinion?

I thought both times he had an agenda.. although i am still not sure if he wanted


1. Ask for autopsy because i can't as i have to keep pretending i care for JW

2. Don't ask for autopsy because i don't want to hurt stock price and the company that means eveyrthing to me


and the actress playing SJ...like i just feel bored when she is onscreen.. she is always crying.. more a fault of writer i guess


Well..., SJ didn't talk much, she was being cornered by her father in law's angry remarks about her past. Those remarks and like you said, she is always crying, made SuJin a strange wife to me. She acted weird when her husband asked about her brief coincident meeting with JW. Also, I have the impression that Prof Cha is testing her. Otoke.... I'm curious JW all ex- wives :D


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On December 17, Good Data Corporation released a list of the most buzzworthy dramas and cast members from December 10 to December 16.


List of Top 10 Buzzworthy Dramas

  1. JTBC’s “SKY Castle” (14.73 percent)
  2. tvN’s “Encounter” (14.28 percent)
  3. tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra” (13.8 percent)
  4. SBS’s “The Last Empress” (12.17 percent)
  5. SBS’s “My Strange Hero” (4.72 percent)
  6. JTBC’s “Clean with Passion for Now” (4.24 percent)
  7. MBC’s “Less than Evil” (3.96 percent)
  8. tvN’s “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter” (3.42 percent)
  9. tvN’s “Top Star Yoo Baek” (2.96 percent)
  10. OCN’s “God’s Quiz: Reboot” (2.78 percent)




List of Top 10 Buzzworthy Actors

  1. Park Bo Gum – tvN’s “Encounter”
  2. Song Hye Kyo – tvN’s “Encounter”
  3. Hyun Bin – tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra”
  4. Jang Nara – SBS’s “The Last Empress”
  5. Yoo Seung Ho – SBS’s “My Strange Hero”
  6. Park Shin Hye – tvN’s “Memories of the Alhambra”
  7. Jo Bo Ah – SBS’s “My Strange Hero”
  8. Kim Yoo Jung – JTBC’s “Clean with Passion for Now”
  9. Yoon Kyun Sang – JTBC’s “Clean with Passion for Now”
  10. Kim Bo Ra – JTBC’s “SKY Castle”



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@stroppyse thanks a lot for the translation. I'm sorry for bothering you in your busy season. Hehe. 


I am having fun rewatching the video with the trans featured. Aww... see how could he smile??? Even a pro like PSH can't hold his smile. I love seeing they're having fun on set and their chemistry is so radiant. 


I'll wait patiently for your upcoming translation. Don't feel burden by it, just do it whenever you have free time. Yes, I did't find any translation for the BTS anywhere until now except yours. 


I have done with ep 6 last night. Wow. I love it even I become more confused with it. Hahaha. It's everyone wish, this writer's responsible for making us all puzzled. 

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@stargazer187, here is the second of the BTS you wanted.  I had a little extra time today.



Translation in the spoiler



Video Title: Memories of Alhambra, Ep 3,4 BTS

HJ: A KRW 1 billion contract
HJ caption: <- A KRW 1 billion contract (nb: KRW = Korean Won)
caption: Having sold the house to Jin Woo for KRW 1 billion, Hee Joo
HJ: I’m going to be rich!

HJ: She has to become rich, but…, she’s become locked up in the restroom, Hee Joo
HJ caption: (crying)

JW: Because the watch is on my left hand…
caption: Having come to fetch Hee Joo who he’s been unable to contact, Jin Woo
JW: Just a minute!
JW caption: (suddenly moving)
HJ: Oh, really!
caption: Even during rehearsal, full of playfulness CEO

caption: Ultimately, having changed tactics, Jin Woo. k k k
HJ: Couldn’t you take just 3 minutes off?
HJ caption: (desperate hand motions)

caption: Having woken up Hee Joo who had fainted
HJ: Just a little more… prettily?
JW captions: (joking) (joking) (Tok! Tok!) (me: Tok tok is the sound of JW hitting his watch)

caption: Having to pick up Hee Joo, Jin Woo and Jung Hoon
JW: Hoo-jja. Hut! (me: making encouraging sounds while trying to pick up JH and put her on her feet)
JW caption: (woo-dang-tang) (me: this is the sound of them failing to pick her up and dropping HJ again)
HJ captions: (flop) (flop)
JW: Oh! I can’t lift her on my own. k k k
caption: Having fun teasing Hee Joo, Jin Woo. k k k
HJ caption: (smack)
HJ: There is not a bit of romantic (feeling) in that?!?! Not at all.
HJ: Oh, that’s right!
caption: Finally, success in embracing Hee Joo!
HJ: You did well!
Staff: I think that looked good.

caption: Even just watching, unable to stop laughing, getting along so well, the two people

(Title card)

caption: Finding the guitar making shop fascinating, Jin Woo
JW caption: gazing around, gazing around

HJ: You said you had a guitar?
JW: (powerfully) Do I just have it? (proudly) (me: He’s implying that he doesn’t just own one, he plays it. That’s where the pride comes in.)
caption: Proudly speaking Jin Woo is causing Hee Joo to laugh

HJ: Are your fingers long??
JW caption: (flaunting) (flaunting)
caption: If you just look at his fingers, he could be a top guitarist
JW: When I was younger, I also played the piano.
caption: Talented in all things, our CEO~
caption: Even just talking about the guitar and the piano, having fun playing, Jin Woo (heart) Hee Joo

caption: Even in her rest time, practicing the guitar, Hee Joo
caption: The guitar playing Hee Joo, please anticipate her a lot~ (heart)

(Title card)

JW: Who is this?!
caption: Shocked at the appearance of Hyung Seok who had died, Jin Woo.real version
caption: End of playing around! The start of seriously filming!

JW: I was going to block it with my arm, but it gets blocked with a sword!
caption: Brightly shining, Jin Woo’s idea (lightbulb)
JW caption: (clash!)
caption: Do more of the magnificent action
caption: It results in a fantastic scene!

caption: Even doing the wire scenes himself, Jin Woo
JW caption: (so sweet)
caption: Smiling to reassure people not to worry, CEO
JW captions: (careful) (careful)
Director: Break!
caption: The suffering and the wire scene, all perfectly successful!

caption: At the sound of falling, a shocked Hee Joo comes running
JW captions: (world’s best) (rest)
caption: The reality is k k k, CEO, why are you sleeping here?
Staff: Oh, why are you sleeping here?

HJ captions: (laugh, laugh)
JW: Why?
caption: Because of Jin Woo lying on the floor, the concerned Hee Joo
HJ: Why are you lying on the floor?
JW: The floor???
HJ: (Not joking) I was worrying about you so much!!
caption: That the laughter is leaking out is a secret~  >_<
HJ caption: (Shh!)
HJ caption: (Jin Woo is sleeping!)
HJ caption: (Not in the room)
HJ caption: (Here!)
caption: The CEO is sleeping peacefully.
HJ: Oh, that’s a surprise!
Staff: What is?
HJ: Oh, I should have played a trick on him.
JW caption: (Who is talking about me!)

caption: The moment that reality has become magic!, Hyun Bin X Park Shin Hye’s suspense romance
caption: Memories of Alhambra, please love us a lot~ (heart)



No worries on asking me for translations. Just realize that it's probably going to go on a queue until I can get to it, and they take longer for me to get to in the busy seasons. :)  Anyway, hope you enjoy and let me know if there are others that you want.


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