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  1. Hi For me : brilliant idea but not used very well I wished that a true game developer giving more advice to the writer beside the Alhambra palace not used very well inside this game ; I thought they will use more of that palace and its history , Emma is wasted I thought that she is princess at Alhambra or A villain who Trap most of players . HJ also is wasted I wished if she is player with JW lost in this game Mysteries. Many characters are wasted and their roles being shown at final episodes ?! I played many games on PS as Resident Evil ,Dino Crisis , Mission impossible...etc sorry but this game is boring I mean I am killing multiple NPCs to be leveling up where is the craziness about the game even it is VR I know this game concept similar to Pugp but I don't find the Wow thing . I won't destroy the success of this drama who worked hard as the cast , workers behind the camera , direction and lastly the production companies who giving us this beautiful drama. Thank you Dear friends who sharing their thoughts , Recaps and images
  2. At the final chapter Do you think MOH is magical game or Trap for the our hero JW? My answer will be a trap
  3. Hello everyone I know we should keep positive and watch last 2episodes and forget the negative things we are here for the brilliant idea , cast , direction and of course Granda of Spain let us criticize after drama I got and post my negativity outside this forum to not to affect the mood of this forum so what happened is happened either we liked or not for sake of the people who worked hard we should keep positive
  4. 1st of all thanks to all posts here 2nd I will talk about MOA in general ; ok it started with a usual game ended with coffins of dead people not known the type of death or the cause of death . It is a game or trap or dream I don't know but I prefer the two options it is a trap or dream after all we should be back to reality land and accept the logical facts ; the game will be as always entertaining unless the creator decide to be nightmare for the player. I have many issues with the writer you started brilliantly but with slow and many mysteries I find my self lost and questioning if you can start solving your mysteries bcz we are in 11th episode and you didn't solve but repeating the same scenario his freind and secretary so what is the new here it doesn't solve any thing before ??! Beside the jumping in places and time I got confused who is here and who should be there could be the time is the key or what!! I am with who are saying that the kiss isn't in the suitable time again we mention the "Time " ! HJ as a character I don't blame her to be misunderstood bcz she isn't complete for me something mysterious about her believing someone like JW with all his issues and date him in his state made me more confused . The writer made huge circle of mysteries and now will make the old man enter this circle but as the other victims or as one of keys that will solve this game . The problem in my opinion is the Time factor in this drama
  5. I think the episode is like madness Thank you both @Kasmic and @katakwasabi for life recaps
  6. As a fan of shin hye I am angry on the writer who are using shin hye by many pics of Emma I expected Emma has mojor role in this game as I don't expect HJ to play this game or the trap as she should reach level 91 so I don't expect that may be the writer don't bother herself to write for female characters and include them in her story seriously !
  7. Seriously I want to discuss this scene did HJ knew already about the game The Episode 7 with that look from her and message from the master really Look at the pics
  8. @bedifferent exactly this prof.Cha has a secret didn't revealed yet ,JW is special by the concern , defence and loathing look to the woman who broke up JW's heart .
  9. Hello everyone I watched EP 7 and My notes on it : .The episode too short seriously I am hungry to more . .JW is living in the hell of this game , he thought how to survive by leveling up to 85 and with help of his sec (but how sec see Dr.Cha and hear music we will understand this with HJ when she log on this magical game ). .It is convencing that JW drink to be subconscious but taking drugs I hope he won't be addict to some dangerous drugs . .Prof.Cha why is he loving JW more than his son or the feeling he has concern on JW as he didn't done the autopsy for his son I don't understand him seriously. .I love that HJ move on having her own business and back to complete her studies , I love that she isn't feeling the happiness after having this life but also feeling bad for JW who is suffering . .For SJ some said HJ is passive ,I don't think she is passive but she is worrying about him but how she tell her grandmother or little sister both won't help actually she needs the man who sent her those messages and to confirm her doubts but I think HJ didn't reveal what inside her yet , I mean herself as person isn't simple I suspect her knowing but I will wait . .I don't think Emma disappeared in the original game she will have her role in Spain as where this game running beside I don't like what they did to original by removing the original warriors and replacing them with Korean or Japan or Chinese warriors . Finally I want from the writer to back to Spain and complete this game I want who controls this game and why this game turned to be life threating .
  10. @40somethingahjumma thanks for calyrification and sorry to be aggressive and forgive my attitude some adjectives meaning could be misunderstood sorry @katakwasabi
  11. Wow Today's episode is special I was thinking if SJ asking help of his sister HJ through JW I mean ; why SJ call JW at the midnight and tell him meet me at hotel and at the same time he chased by someone in the game and the possibility of coming back is less than 5% ,did he want JW to tell HJ about SJ call and the game may she can do something . It is just thinking To @40somethingahjumma you are woman right ! So be respectful seriously bcz she is a park shin hye that you don't like you have to ignore rather than to be rude and disrespectful.
  12. @DOCDOC big thanks but do you mean their characters of course hahaha Wow then Emma is different from HJ or the opposite I can't wait
  13. Don't be sorry we are also love see her character to be strong and don't cry but I am disappointed with the female writer she is using her crying in some unsuitable situation but the people attacking the actress rather than the writer I read that the same writer make at the W mistakes with female actress han hyo jo apologizing to her at the end and that furiates me why are you female and write female characters like that seriously I am angry from the writer using shin hye to cry without explanation I accept crticism but she doesn't explain what I understand she sympathise with liking the male lead one sided love she has more emotions ok accepted but to use her I am angry bcz the people are blaming shin hye not the writer .
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