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  1. Song List Ep 8 Jo Junghyun - Sad Sea (MD runs to the beach after confessing to KS) original | eng subbed cover Jo Deok Bae - My Old Story (KS holding the ring and thinking about MD) youtube | eng lyrics Park Sangmin - One Love (Teacher walks out of school, remembering the breakup night) original | eng subbed cover Namjin - With You (Grandma danced during the dinner party) youtube | eng lyrics Park Joonha - When I First Met You (MD wakes up in KS' room) original | eng subbed cover Kim Jeongmin - Sad Promise (Teacher singing during the cleaning rocks activity) original | eng subbed cover Won Junhee - Love is Like a Fragile Glass (KS staring at the medicines at her house, while YB is in pain at her hideout) youtube (eng lyrics in description)
  2. Song List Ep 9 Kim Jeongmin - Remember (Teacher trying to write a letter for Doctor) Youtube Kim Dong Ryul - Thanks (NJ sang at the wedding, YB recalling his moments with KS, before he finally went to get his car) Youtube | English lyrics OST Part 3 (YB at his hotel room, in shock after seeing KS and MD) English lyrics (you can find better translation of ost part 1 and 2 as well on the site) Jang Beom June - Fallen in Love (Only With You) (the song played during the cute-fluffy-full of kisses preview) Youtube
  3. I'm happy to see both of them happy, doing what they love, working hard, pursuing their dreams But I want a definite answer to whether they're currently together or not! I did say I'd be fine with either, but I was hoping for a clear depiction >.< The ending left me thinking about several possibilities and thinking makes my head hurts geez XD
  4. Oh, that's the same song NJ sang at karaoke, It's Raining by Jung Seung Hwan. I should edit the description in my previous post, then ^^ I think this song fits really well with YB's situation at that moment. For that scene, it used this part of the song: (YB drank) It’s because it was raining, because I was drunk I still make those excuses for not getting over you (YB looking at sea urchins) You’re not answering, which is your answer But like a habit, I’m calling you again I hate myself for this (NJ came) The song selections in the drama are great. Well done, production staff <3
  5. Ep 7 Song List Jung Soora - Joy (YB and MD fighting in hospital) Youtube Jung Seunghwan - It's Raining (the song NJ sang at karaoke, it kept playing when YB looked at sea urchins) Youtube | English lyrics OST Part 2: Ryu Jihyun - Dawn (KS reminiscing about YB, right before YB is back in the island) Youtube | English lyrics Lee Jiyeon - Wind, Please Stop Blowing (YB and KS riding bike) Youtube | English lyrics Blink - Kiss Me (lipbalm scene at minimart) Youtube Ahn Chihwan - When I Love You (YB singing while playing guitar at KS room) Youtube Kim Jungmin - The Reason That I Live (scene of the doctor and the teacher at night) Youtube yeah the singer and the actor is the same person Below is the lyrics of the song Yoo Baek / Kim Jiseok sang (Korean and English)
  6. Nooo, what's happening? What's with all the silliness? I just skipped through the raw video, and wanted to drop the song YB sang. It's beautiful. Kim Jiseok sings the song himself, right? Oh gosh I hope his version will make it into the OST album >.<
  7. agree. this drama has great soundtracks indeed! yeah. how i wish it was longer, like 16 episodes drama. then we could've seen more of them together but the other characters and their stories are fun to watch, too. so it's all good for me i really like how the writer makes each character related into each other such a nice surprise that the photographer grandma actually has known yookyung for a long time! haha
  8. OST Part 2 The lyrics in korean hangeul has been posted in previous pages. I tried to translate the lyrics. Gosh, I am so obsessed XD Ryu Jihyun - Dawn The memories that were faint Remain the same The time I had longed for, as well Still in that place They stay They remain inside my heart The long day I've had Falling into sleep The night gets dark Only your voice remains After a long dawn I don't want to go anywhere When the dark falls I don't want to go anywhere When I'm asleep, quietly come into my dream Please be by my side Nanana~ My heart grows bigger I'm afraid it might disappear suddenly Just like a sand castle I'm afraid it might collapse instantly Tonight's warmth that's raising I want to feel it a little more Current tremble that's heart-pounding I don't want to lose it, forever Just stay like this After a long time I don't want to go anywhere Across the wind I don't want to go anywhere Remain as you were Whom I've been waiting every day Now stay with me Don't wanna go away I don't wanna go away Don't wanna go away
  9. Just saw the still cuts and Seunggi looks just like when he was still in or just released of military service. haha Considering that Seunggi was actually in special forces when he was enlisted, I'm so excited to see how he will portray a stunt man character with all the action scenes. I quite liked the two leads' chemistry back in Gu Family Book. They were great in delivering both the romance and action aspects. Since it's a proven pairing and all, I have quite a high expectation to this drama. Can't wait!
  10. Nooo! The preview made me get all teary eyed already KS keeps thinking about YB. And for YB, KS means a lot to him because after meeting her, he can breathe again (?). But they've been living such different lives, it won't be easy to find a frame where they can both fit in well. Now I don't want Friday to come so soon. I need to prepare some more for the coming angst!
  11. Yes, you're right. It's so fun to see the interactions between JW and MJ haha. I love it. And the actress who plays MJ is really good. I haven't seen the dramas she was previously in, I thought she was like high school age or something, but I found later that she is just 12 years old! And turned out she was the child actress from one of my favorite movie, Hope. --- Prof. Cha started to show his true colors. It seems like his main interest is the company. And he will try to get rid of anyone that he thinks is jeopardizing the company. Including his own son and now JW whom he thinks is not in his right mind.
  12. Yeah it's Eun-gyo - Missing You. You may refer here for the english lyrics. It's my first time hearing that singer name, too. I love how HYK character has developed. Seeing her became so strong, now I think I'll be okay with however this story ends, whether they get back together or go their own separate ways
  13. IKR!! watching this drama is such a different experience for me. i've never been so obsessed over a drama before! i wasn't even this curious watching Reply series or Signal. geez Indeed. I love JW's character development, too. And I literally squealed when he admitted that he missed HJ!! PSH did say in an interview that there is a reason why their characters need each other and should be together. Now we have started to understand from JW's point of view how he falls for HJ. I'm not sure how to put it, but it also occurred to me as uhm.. kind of.. a little bit of an irony (?) that HJ's crying made some viewers frowned / tilted their heads (including me, tbh haha) when it's actually one of the point that makes her such an important person for JW Talking about the little sister, I'm so envious she gets to hug JW so tight and her cheek caressed by JW!! JW said he can prove to HJ that Seju is still alive. Let's hope that it means we will really get to see HJ play the game too!
  14. GAAAHH this drama drives me crazy!! I shouldn't watch it at night because each ending makes me curious to death and unable to sleep! The writer is truly amazing, I'm blown away! Really curious how is the writer gonna explain the answers to all of the questions, especially about the death in the game and the NPC! tvN's year end weekend dramas are really something!! what a way to mark the change of year!!
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