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  1. I'm guessing she already had cut her hair short here but has extensions on. Notice how her hair is not the same length. How I love this interview of her. We can see her natural bubbly and vibrant hair at times like this as well as her witty retorts. That is why I also love watching "A little house in the forest" with So ji Sub and wish it will get subbed. But I saw that this show was picked up by VIKI so hopefully, I'll see an English sub version soon
  2. Annyeong chinggus. How I love these new emojis of Soompi. Love the new look of our girl. She looks fresh and chic. She's really serious in saying that she is going to try out new things and new hair too it seems
  3. Welcome to this thread chinggu. Well it's okay, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and aside from time & self-management (i'e. skincare & excercise) enhancing her looks, her flaws as she said are still there as she hadn't gone under the knife. But many like me find her getting more beautiful as time passes by. Please feel free to join us here and visit from time to time. There are those who doubt it's PSH as she has a short hair but her latest IG pics see her sporting a short hair. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs43BYuFX5C/ And also in her IG, we saw her trying out that jacket she is wearing and what more, her manager is with her. She went to see Park Hyung Sik musical as they are friends from Heirs and Siwan is also from ZEA like Hyung Sik and is on leave from military
  4. The plot was explained to the cast as well as the first few script episodes but the rest of the scripts were yet to.be written. PSH was made to understand that Emma will hold a big part in the story's development even though, it is male centric but as SJJ herself said she had difficulty in incorporating the role of Emma/Heejoo as an important factor in the story spewing abt IU like role. Meaning she ran into a wall with this character that it got sidelined. As fans, we are not asking for more romance. Just that the Emma/Heejoo character be given enough if not equal importance in resolving conflicts within the story.
  5. We are with you chinggu. And I am as frustrated as you. But as of now that MOA has not yet finished, let just support it as our girl is still a big part of it no matter how less her screentime is
  6. YAY thasnk you Maris for this thread....our extension hub. I'm so excited for our girl's movie
  7. Was it not JW who emails HJ using SJ account so as not yo worry her? Because back in Granada he opened SJ's computer
  8. Could it be that Dr. CHS is not tge real son of The Prof? Why did the 2nd wife of JW taunt the prof with it?
  9. Yes he tries so hard to hold himself together and try to be brave it's so pitiful to see. I find it poignant to see him gazing at an empty chair longingly. At this point, I think he was not only thinking about HJ consciously as a woman but as his savior in the nightmare.
  10. Thanks @Maris for this summation of the JW-HJ situation and their budding romance. I am absolutely on board with this opinion. Both of them were subjected to extreme situations which let their guards down with each other and tends to be a cohesive factor in their relationship at the present level. One can really feel the helplessness with this situation as what HJ is experiencing, the bewilderment, the pity and of course the budding feelings of love for JW Especially as HJ is still clueless about the truth. As of now, aside from the events that i don't want to analyze coz it defies logic thereby making my head spin are the following what ifs playing in my mind: 1. Will HJ eventually learn about the game? Will her budding feelings for JW turn to hate? Will she get involve in the game 2. From their interview Emma is an NPC and a healer, is JW in a hurry to reach level 5 so he can talk to her and she can heal him? His wound was sustained because of Dr. Cha who is an NPC now since he is dead, it was sustained in a game duel but healed in a real hospital. How will Emma figure in this game then? 3. How will SJ survive when he is even invisible in the eyes of JW who is still trapped in the game? Sigh...so mind boggling
  11. I have watched most HB's drama and I acknowledge that this is the best I have seen him so far- the nuance, the feeling and all but I believe that this is also brought abt by PSH as admitted by him. I mean if the synergy with a co actor is right, one tends to reach its utmost ability to act. On the other hand, as attested by the critical Korean audience, SH acting this character is also well received. It maybe relative to the audience but majority finds her acting engaging. So far, her character here is just a foil to HB's character and she is making the best of how fewer a screentime her character has.
  12. Oh good to know that i'm not seeing things.not there. LOL yes JW's eyes are closed and he's exhausted. Of course it is involuntary
  13. LOL it makes our head spin right?. But that's the beauty of this drama. Viewers are stumped in every corner trying to understand it - superb storytelling on the writer's part. Yet, I'm already invested in their story. It makes my heart pound watching it and the chemistry...boy, it's sizzling even though it is not shown apparent yet.
  14. Ughhhh....so sexy and fantabulous Hello hello...you're just in time for spazzing chinggu. So many things happening with our girl
  15. Of course we all know you love her very much @Celi67 Let us support each other in riding this journey called Memories of alhambra. SH will hold her own and still shine beside the dashing HB. This OTP promises early on that they will hold a special place in our heart
  16. 1:33 - 1:44 you two please....kangdonim is still speaking. Ssshhh...pay attention
  17. Wow....It was just shown last December 1 and it is number two in CPI rankings already. Most impressive
  18. I agree. Me thinks her being inside the program of the game will be the saving grace of the players there. That is why they have to race back to Alhambra and may be her music will be one of the key to defeating virtual enemies. So far this is just guest work on my part as we don't have much material to analyze yet. So far MOA really tickles at our brain. So far, many netflix watchers are sitting upright taking notice of her and of MOA. Our girl is conquering the world
  19. Is this our girl's new CF? Or did she just happen to buy there? Seeing the ending credits, the sponsors for her drama are so impressive - Lufthansa airlines and many more. We may see many PPL all throughout the drama. LOL...what can we do...they know the leads' worth.
  20. Isn't it just? MOA is so new and so fresh and they are taking it slow in romance part which I like. I am not worried about the ratings. MOA has a complex story that non-Korean viewers prefer not to stream as NETFlix is available to them which has a sub title so they don't want to be spoiled and directly view it there unlike before that we have to do with the raw drama in networks where it is shown. Their acting is all solid. But their chemistry is sooo good that I am afraid it will bring more crazy shippers who are unreasonable
  21. I am confident with AR and VR is so timely and u think will appeal to many people even of different ages. Just look at pokemon go, even elderly got pulled in by the game. And we have seen the special effects, it was beautiful plus the dual power if HB and SH. This will surely be rhe ride if our life
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