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  1. Hahahaha, "Sang-Tae Oppa (line )..........with the Wink-e" I love both KMY and Moon Sang-Tae narration version.!! I repeat it many times. But how on earth ... (after several meetings and full 2 episodes) MKT still cannot get KMY's autograph?? Oh my, our 2nd female lead is an Angel !! Nam Joo Ri is a cutie, and our first female lead has.... some kind of a villain characters? LOL. That's OK, this is super fun drama. What if Moon Young admitted herself to OK Mental Hospital to be with Kang Tae Oppa, this is gonna save her image and her book company. A smart move .... I think??
  2. Baby face Kim Soo Hyun he never aged. Nice episode 1, Weird combo of Romance and Psychological thriller drama tho, but KSH and Seo Ye Jin definitely made an attractive couple. I love to see them. The knife holding scene made my stomach sick, but I remember he's the man who came from another star so he will be okay, or Moon Kang Tae is a man who never feel pain. But the love confession comes too soon (Is KMY the same childhood female friend MKT liked about? lol)
  3. I think I found Luna doppelganger in ROK's dramaland, she's with red hair too. Her name is Hong Seol Cre: Amino
  4. Could someone Insider added this YoYo boy video into JY laptop? (LR subordinate) - But, what for....? *scratching my head* We haven't caught the culprit who steal JTE's ID right? Well... now my closest guess will be the KSJ's Mom who works inside the palace.
  5. Was that all his search engine said? LOL - I was hoping that The King browsed some vulgar stuff No...., I really thought LG would searched : "How to propose a woman", "How many carats is the average wedding ring", or "wedding planner".... something like that.
  6. Forgive me, It was all my wild imagination, so I said "What if..." LR can't cure the illness but he has time travel power. Up to this ep, Lee Rim or Lee Lim hasn't met Luna or JTE. Here what made me speculate that way: - Evil Uncle killed his doppelganger, and brought his body from ROK to Kingdom of Corea to cover his own death. The doctor Prince Buyeong did autopsy. - Ep 5: Remember the scene of pregnant lady. Evil Uncle offered the pregnant lady better life? But just forget my writing. Sometimes Lee Min Ho made me crazy speculating this way -------------------------------- One thing for sure the best scene of Ep 6 for me is the scene when King LG got his portrait painted in the palace. The moment LG rolled his eyes to the left watching JY .... Can someone make me a still pic of that? Thank you I want to print it and frame it on the wall.
  7. Thank You guys, you have great 20/20 vision!! I missed reading that long characters description. What scary is, in my opinion. What if ....... Luna got captured by the Evil uncle first, offering Luna a second life with a catch "Kill the Doppelganger JTE" - Since that Evil Uncle got to know ROK world and JTE relationship with our King?? Omooooooooo......
  8. So I replayed ep 1 intro "When the flute is played, the enemies would retreat, diseases would be cured, rain would fall ........." Sadly it's only a drama, otherwise I would rush King Lee Gon to blow the Manpasikjeok flute so this Corona virus could end. #I.cant.wait.another.week.just.stay.at.home"# LOL
  9. Wow to the Armada navy ships King Lee Gon is the most handsome King in this real world, OMG he is also the most handsome Navy Commander in the entire Sea!!! Let me salute him first. Daebak episode 6. Now we know why LG skin is a bit dark, he's been on the ship for awhile. So the King Uncle is a never aging time traveler, but the King is growing (aging) then become a time traveler. wonder how The Uncle that aging immunity from. He's not a vampire.
  10. What a cool parallel worlds Cannot wait to see the scene face to face between Luna and L-JTE, one is the criminal the other one is a police officer. I bet the one who will capture Luna if not that Royal Guard Jo Young then the Model Prime Minister - LOL Then I would love to transfer Luna to the Republic of Korea world so JTE could stay with the King. We still haven't seen King Lee Gon profile in Republic world, have we? can we make him (King Lee Gon) as an actor Lee Min Ho?. LOL IU has song called Friday
  11. Omo..Omo, JTE should browse the internet. That Kim-Gae-Ddong told her that his grandfather is King HaeJong. LOL Or King SeJong?
  12. Silly King Lee Gon already propose his girl in episode 2!! Will the King meet the Rabbit girl (Kim Go Eun Granny look alike) .. I wonder I agree with the comments regarding the Mystery Savior; he looks like Lee Gon aka John Lee. Adult Lee Gon saved the young Lee Gon. I like this kind of drama which has lots of flashback after flashback scenes
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