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  1. The trailer is so cool, and I miss Joo Ji Hoon cold face !! But 32 episodes?? that long.... I don't know if my brain can handle 32 episodes, my limit is 16 episodes. Will try to watch till the end.... ITEM chingus annyeong!
  2. Oh wow, yes! I've been waiting for Oppa (Or rather Ahjussi) Lee Seo Jin's come back for another romance drama, but this Teuraep drama is Daebak!! - So far full thriller episode 1 and 2, but why only 7 episodes? Aigoo .... it's only 3.5 weeks? Please don't make lil boy Si Woo died in the next episode.
  3. @packmule3 Hahaha we would love to have Ladies bathroom scene for female players to find their level 1 swords, it will be a chaos don't you think? - I'm amaze with our writer's preference, she uses bathroom or train toilet often for zinu's sanctuary, which is funny. Daebak ratings we knew this drama is amazing from the start .....
  4. Wow, what a nice ep. 17 It started with another flashback of bathroom scene in the ep 16. Cr: Dramabeans - MOA (That scene was so funny, all other players in good manners, patiently in the line waiting to get their first sword. ) I'm imagining the players discussing on how to get the swords (and they spill the secret among new players behind them). I bet the key to get the sword is not by pulling the towel handle on the wall (just like JW did) - forget it, we don't use towel at public washroom. So more likely they have to flush the toilet at least twice, then the sword coming from the attic. (Just Kidding....it's all in my dream!!) Wew...first weekend without JinWoo, hope he's doing okay.
  5. Still having HyunBin and MOA withdrawal syndrome. Weird, when I listened to this song, I imagine JinWoo sing it to HeeJoo, and they are dancing. "Then you're left in the dust, unless I stuck by Ya, you're a Sunflower, I think your love would be too much. Or you'll be left in the dust, unless I stuck by Ya, you're the Sunflower ... you're the Sunflower" So sad. Cr: Post Malone, Swae Lee - Spiderman
  6. Let's pray for Season 2, I think it's possible. Just like IRIS and IRIS 2, the writer is the same - only 3 years apart. But, can we wait for another 3 years tho for the forensic answer of CHS/Marco/City Hunter death ? Hahaha we'll go bananas! And I doubt the cast will remain the same. **That's a great website of W drama lover, good job !** _______________________________________ Wow, thanks for the Full Album links guys @Kasmic and @scarletashin - the instrumental ost is amazing, I feel like I'm nearby JinWoo, when he's on the game mode. JinWoo is back @1:10:25 and 1:13:28
  7. @4:12 on the video, the male actor you mentioned is Park Hoon (Cha Hyung Seok) aka Zombie Cha. He visited Park Shin Hye on the last day of her shooting. Isn't he nice ...? --------------------------------------------- LOL I still use zombie avatar. I guess I haven't moved on yet.
  8. Just finished ep 16 with sub Well, Hmm..... no comment! (You guys said it well) But let's talk about Season 2 , I'm imagining: After few years, few years later ....Zinu returns, he will be an old a Harabuji, a retired NPC, his level is now a Grand Master and he will be brokenhearted because he's way too late that HeJoo already married to Kim Sam Beom.
  9. You should watch the ep 16 and come back here with your (frustration) comments Yay the subs is up now I'm watching ep 16 the finale
  10. Well I would say it is a good drama guys!! because we are all still here. Cr: Steve Carell
  11. I hope the ep 17 will come out in few hours, just wait guys... Seriously I am laughing so hard reading the recaps and the comments
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