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  1. Hi Chingus, I just had time to watch drama again, and I am so glad to randomly watch this drama ... I haven't laughed so hard lately (many months), really thanks to ShinHyeSun LOL. But what the heck is Choi Jin Hyuk doing here only as a Cameo? I do really wish Jang Bo Hwan get stuck FOREVER in Joseon Era, he can make lots of money inventing Air Conditioner but he truly need to start with inventing a Fan first. If according to history, the King CheolJong only love his mistress HwaJin, (I'm Okay with that) but perhaps, perhaps Jang Bo Hwan is the real future descendant fro
  2. Hahaha Yes, when suddenly JA's parents mutated into each other - doppelganger. I think the scariest Kdrama I've watched is Arang and the Magistrate . I hope this drama won't be frightening.
  3. Yup, I only can watch this drama during the day. OMG the background sound when the whole village crowding the Forest's Well - when the a baby was born by the sea - is so Eerie But still worth it to watch the lovely couple. Btw, JA's blood is enough to wake the Dragon's King up inside the well right?? The end of episode 3, when LY and JA looked at each other is like; JA: "Omooo, no boat available to town now, where are every body!" LY: "Yaaasss, another night in the island with her" *winke* GiYooRi, the Russian fox is so pretty, I'm hoping she will end
  4. I think that Lee Yeon Grim Reaper is confused .... I mean his girlfriend, the A-Eum's body were reborn many times in exact look alike face - "as a woman"; once as a woman with a kid, and once in the western cloths lady. Now in the 21st century he does not mind if AE is reincarnated as a man?? - as long as he's not 60 years old !! LOL Credit: Wattpad Goblin Owner
  5. Pretty cool scene of LY when catching the Bulgasari - "showing off his world" , reminds me of Twilight Movie, a Robert Pattinson!! with Dark Brown hair. So, Brother Lee Rang is jealous (mad) of his hyung's girlfriend that made him got abandoned? Why tho, .... was it a rivalry in love long time ago? Hmm.... interesting, if he said he would kill Ji-A now... did LR killed her before? Jo Bo A face reminds me of the late Sully. I guess everything in this drama reminds me of something else.
  6. Interesting episode 1 I feel the Vibe of James Bond's movie in background music ... @ the LY's apartement scene. Definitely need to invite Gong Yoo for Cameo. Goblin's sword vs Gumiho's umbrella. Wookie needs his hat!
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