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  1. This drama made me cry and hurt my eyes a lot in almost all of its episodes. Thanks a lot for that wonderful ending. The finale is like sunshine after the rain. Great . Soo happy it bested my other 2 favorite kdramas of all time, Goblin and Reply 1988 as the most watched TVN drama
  2. Crash Landing on You finale trending at no.1 in my country Philippines for the past 2 hours already.
  3. Deym, my eyes are still tearing up from watching ep15.. Still keeping my tissues nearby for the last episode either for a sad or/but hopefully for tears of joy happy ending
  4. CLOY has more depth in its story. OST for DOTS is legendary though but i cant remember shedding a single tear for that drama.
  5. Im confident we will have a happy ending Also i hope they will have another special episode after the last episode just like in Goblin. i want more BTS
  6. A drama like this one dont come very often. Maybe 3 or more years till we see another great one... I will definitely miss ALL the characters in this drama.. this is like saying goodbye to the reply 1988 characters.. the sadness afterwards.
  7. i finally remember my password for this site Anyway, just want to drop here and say this is One of the best Korean dramas i have seen for the longest of time. Reminds of the the classics Season series KDramas during the height of korean wave era in the 2000's.
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