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  1. I just freakin’ hate Saya! —- if live action is not really possible, I don’t mind having the animated version... just to have a closure of the story.
  2. Ohh so we are down to last episode and sadly it seems it’s tagon vs taelha... sad i want them forever and ever as lovers... but taelha is tagon’s great enemy because taelha knows all the secret of Tagon. —— what a great acting by song joong ki as Saya, though he must be a know it all guy, but look at his reaction about hallucinogen, a reaction like ‘ why i have never thought of it’ ? From a very confident man to a lost boy reaction .... —— i think there are no more season, tonight is the last episode cuz they’ve shown vagabond (the next drama, which i do not have any plan to watch lol)
  3. i just want to praise this scene, where Tanya is having a small gathering with her wahan tribe Tanya (as a God) wants her people to go back to Iark, but the opposite, her people shown the 'material things' they've acquired in arthdal, and forgot where they came from and their values. One wants power, (mungtae) the rest are settled with their new acquired material things... and Tanya's face is so disappointed (somehow) she has been hearing things she is not expecting to hear, then there is Doti ( a child) .. very innocent saying if Tanya wants to go back to Iark she will.... Daebak this scene! it's like, in a religous context, man are truly blinded by material things, and made me think of this quote in the bible: 'Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it '.
  4. hi chingu, at this rate I just want the series to end, because I feel that Tagon's character has a lot of dimension for his character and I do not know anymore, kinda confused if he is a super villain in the making or what?... sometimes it is much better to have a straight forward villain (like for most kdrama stories) or this kind of writing where you do not know ... left hanging .. with so many questions...
  5. ^maybe Momo tribes are... water benders (just kidding, but would really laugh hard if that is the case)
  6. I think he is, because in one scene Saya said he had a dream that he is free running and super strong , he was seeing Eunsom in his dreams, so I feel that line has a bit of insecurity there.. because he was the opposite of that
  7. the ending that i want to happen is Tagon and Taelha to run away far from Arthdal and make many baby Igutus-spies kids
  8. how fittingly that Eunsom destiny is not just to save the Wahan tribe.. but several tribes! as of Saya I really do not know his purpose tho, maybe to create chaos ... create a chaos in order to have order. Yin and Yang. I am intrigued with Remus... who is he? was he not the great father? I remember Remus was a good strategist, that one of it's general is one of Saya's idol.. hope we can have his back story.
  9. just watched episode 12.. so that is Tagon's purpose why he got the baby Igutu Saya.. to be his ally he knows Igutu's are above the Sarams in terms of intelligence and strength so he let Saya to read everything so he can be useful handy man adviser to Tagon... I really like Tagon and Taelha ,.. can they not be the main antagonist of this series? but just a victims of love ... lols Why is Mubaek with the crowd outside?
  10. I think... Tagon has just really has soft spot with Igutus.. young Tagon mentioned in the first ep.. your grandmother...something something lols... when he get baby Saya , but I think Tagon just had a soft spot with Igutus remember when Tagon's men said that ES escaped and he was an Igutu, Tagon immediately said... just tell that he escaped and he commanded to just cover it up with a false ES. --- is it really true that Taelha is a Neanthal? hehe just saw one crazy theory about that in FB.
  11. Chaeeun little sister Nunbyeol - I think Nunbyeol is an Igutu because Chaeeun gave a lip balm to eunsom and said her sister uses that...
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