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  1. Season 4 teaser Translation: https://www.soompi.com/article/1365944wpp/watch-2-days-1-night-drops-first-teaser-for-season-4-reveals-premiere-date Premeire date: 8 Dec 2019
  2. An update from Pyeha!!! Wow~ it's nearly a year since TLE premiered. It feels so recent IG caption trans (google translate) Thank you so much! First Anniversary Gift of the Empress !!!!!!! I miss you so much. Thank you again.
  3. Currently all arrows point to Edward Park being the big bad guy that it won't be surprising at all if it's him and his secretary doing the killing. If this theory is correct, I wonder why he chose Dalgun in the first place? Was Dalgun part of something bigger before he became a stuntman? How did Edward know Dalgun? How did Edward know Dalgun will react so extremely? Huhuhu Anyways....this tumblr had me laughing ㅋㅋㅋ: Can't believe Haeri felt so sad that her hair turned black :'( https://lavenderbyun.tumblr.com/post/188961314877/cant-believe-hae-ri-felt-so-sad-that-her-hair
  4. During his Perfume interview back in June 19, he casually said he had back surgeries, didn't expect it to be quite recent. IG update on 13th Nov 19 Snippets of his caption (google translate): Not now !!!!!!! Last year's story !!!! Last year, Mr. Kidari, who had a lower back surgery during the practice course, was thankful for actor Kang Ji-hye, who thankfully bought Samgyetang and ate it and enjoyed it. There have been some twists and turns, but we happily continued the performance (Daddy Long Legs Musical) to this day. My performance is over now, but I am grateful for the love the audience has given me.
  5. My goodness! SSR didn't update his IG for quite sometime and posted this. I nearly had a heart attack . He had back surgery sometime last year, probably mid 2018 since Daddy Long Legs started on 31st Aug and his last performance was on 30th Sept 2018. (Fyi VB filming in Morocco was sometime in Oct 2018) Was this the inspiration for Haeri's fractured back surgery? Heh. Jokes aside, I'm very glad he's fine and able to continue with his projects.
  6. Hi @laivla!!! I'm glad to see you here~ hehe I simply assume KTW is the one funding Vagabond because he's rich and they really need money to operate in stealth mode, but I never thought it was for a bad purpose. Ohhhh....I had to think hard to find who is EP's daughter and remembered his daughter and wife died in a plane crash. Wow. I never thought up to that extent. It's plausible, and indeed interesting if they go the revenge route for either Edward or Ki Tae Woong. I do think it's quite hard for KTW to be evil after 14 episodes as the goody two shoes agent. Haha Speaking of revenge...here's another theory: Haeri avenging her dad
  7. Exactly! That's why I wanted to zip his mouth each time he is in front of Edward Park. Dalgun trusts random people and mistrusts random people as well. And I also feel he's gonna regret it. Anyways....I back read the first page of the thread...and noticed we haven't seen this scene of KTW....I wonder if we'll ever see it~ or is it not from VB? I can't match this outfit to KTW, but I also haven't seen this dad-son pair in all SSR recent projects I've watched. Hahaha.
  8. One of my early theory was all the characters are actually actors, all that happens is a movie directed by Dalgun as the stuntman film maker. The end scene will be Dalgun shouting cut . I always thought NIS should not hire Dalgun, he lacks some agent qualities also he too 'wanted' to be undercover. He's fast and agile and durable, unfortunately his mouth has no barrier. I wanted to zip his mouth when he babbled about the case on front of Edward Park. Lol. So I ended with these theories for Dalgun's ending 1) the plane crash case went cold and no one gets punished, Dalgeon goes crazy and screw the goverment, decides to join a real mercenary 2) everything is a movie and Dalgun is the main actor who does his own stunts. Your theory sounds nice. If my understanding is correct, you're theory is Haeri is working undercover as an actress while Dalgun is acting as a mercenary? Right? The drama doesn't make much sense anyway, ending it as Dalgun being a Hollywood actor sounds plausible. Hahahaha
  9. I had this random thought about....what if a new character is introduced at the end of the final episode like Johnny Depp in Magical Beasts *internal scream* Anyways...here is a random SSR gif since he had so little screentime in recent eps. Hahaha Embracing his nickname Kakaotalk Dog: Frodo
  10. Highest rating for ep 14: 11.2% This! She's suspicioussssss. KTW is a bit suspicious too. Haha
  11. Noted! I'm more famliar with his variety side since his 1n2d's days. His song I remember is the noona song that was a huge hit back then . Anyways...i'm watching ep 14...Micheal's gf is japanese. And all I can think off is Haeri's Japan passport! I'm still on the 'Haeri is more than she seems' boat. Hahaha
  12. I saw the rumours that there are no VB episodes next week. I tried to find more info on naver but didn't find any confirmation articles yet. Huhuhu
  13. Ehhhh..why did Suzy delete her carrot picture . Excited for ep 14!! But can I please have more KTW~ he only had about 1 minute airtime in ep 13. Hua3.
  14. I was not familiar with season 3 cast except for Jongmin and Cha Tae Hyun. The first ep was super awkward but they built their friendship overtime and I get to know the other casts more too. YSY was a late addition, I know him since baker king days, and had a soft spot for him. I will try to tune in ep 1 and see how it goes. I miss 1n2ds. I haven't been watching any variety show on a regular basis for quite some time now. Huhuhu
  15. Hi! I came after I saw LMG on the horse photos I read the description earlier on and thought the drama will be about two worlds, one Lee Min Ho as king in sageuk world and another Lee Min Ho as a cop in the present world. The horse riding pics threw me off a loop. Is LMH king in present world too? Or is my understanding totally off
  16. Ep 14 will air tomorrow due to baseball. Is it just me or I think LSG is the singer for the OST in the preview. It kinda sounds like him. Hahaha
  17. Awwww...that is so cute~~ Eventhough I find Dalgun-Haeri romance is forced in the drama, but I adore LSG-Suzy off camera. Their friendship and closeness is heartwarming to see. To many more years of friendship LSG-Suzy!!! Omo! Thanks @cadymcbronzie for sharing the bts facebook clip. It lead me to the KTW video. Hahaha
  18. I was just about to share the same pic. Haha Yesss...thankfully they did not forget their lost colleagues and have a tribute/memorial scene. Yessssss!
  19. Hahaha. Do you mean Dalgun's tattoos? Cause I'm sure KTW haven't shown any tattoos yet . And yes, KTW is cool and I do think SSR playing him is influencing my perception for the character. Anyways...why is SBS blocking youtube videos. I want to watch this KTW special clip Plotwise...yeah. there's not much to talk about since it was repetitive up to ep12. Bad guys being incompetent, good guys being lucky. Some stuff happened in ep13 but more less it was the same. The bad guys are still at large, the real big bad boss is still hidden, Haeri-Dalgun only did some hospital scenes, while the other good guys were non-existent . I wonder how they will wrap this with 3 episodes left and we are still in 2012. The most plausible ending is an open ending in present time aka the scene in ep 1...which is just....*sigh*. I prefer my dramas to have a conclusion, instead of a beginning to something else. Hahaha
  20. Uuu...JJH as an assassin will be great! And make Cha Seung Won as her partner. But please make them capable assassins! Hahahahaha
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