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  1. A Blessed Christmas to all of us here at Park Shinhye thread. Keep safe and keep loving Shinhye.
  2. It depends upon the premiere of both dramas, LINK is slated on Aug 2021. The bomb Mr. Handy, Mr. Hong has no specific month yet.
  3. Yup, this is so out of the blue Now we have 3 rumored dramas It's not an understatement that there are productions who want to use Seonho to generate buzz early on. The best way is to wait for SALT's official confirmation though it would take alot of patience. I trust Kim Seonho in choosing his next project. He is smart enough to distinguish the best role he wants to immerse himself in. Soompi can't help but make it obvious how whipped they are of Seonho. write ups keep coming day by day.
  4. thanks for the update ladies! It seemed Seonho supposedly cameo in RUN ON didn't worked out in the end. It's ok, I'm not really keen on this one.
  5. I can see Seonho following footsteps of Jo Jungsuk, Jo Seungwoo, Hwang Jungmin and other theater actors who found success in mainstream but still performs in theater until now. Oh! How they love theater so much
  6. This drama is titled 'HERE' by writer No Heekyung not by Kim Eunsook https://asianwiki.com/Here_(Korean_Drama) I hope Seonho will star in a film for his next project. Looking forward to a collaboration with any of the ff: Kim Raewon, Ha Jiwon, Sun Dongil, Jeon Jongseo.
  7. thanks for clearing up! Awww...Park Shinhye was 'kicked out' too by Dream Factory, her very first label becoz it's more of a music based. I'm glad that these 2 actors are reaping their hardwork, stayed humble and we hear nothing but good words from PDs and fellow artist.
  8. Seriously, how could they let go of this gem? Good thing Seonho is in SALT now. They are small company but they put value on healthy management by a well balanced artistic profession and personal lives. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0003074436?lfrom=twitter Music to our ears
  9. Well said @sanghyuk I can feel that Kim Seonho is borderline Hallyu already He's all over the media, thanks to Netflix, the drama had reached a lot of countries compared before. It's a matter of few more projects before he dives into full blown Hallyu status. He cannot avoid it even if he concentrates into acting. People will only get more into him growing in numbers day by day. The most his agency can do to push him as Hallyu, is held online FMs due to CoVID.
  10. hi @jelly An actor shining brilliantly as a star. At his newfound popularity, cfs are coming in automatically. Hosting/MCing too. His star power is climbing new heights. Most of all, lovecalls for drama and film projects. Joining 2D1N was a smart move by Seonho and his label. I guess, the variety offer was unexpected yet challenging on his part. It was an avenue where he can show more of his real self. Viewers as much as himself are enjoying the show plus he gained supportive friends. Recently, Seonho made the record straight re: his commitment in 2D1N.
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