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  1. Happy Chuseok to our Alhambra couple! Stay healthy & happy always Am grateful for the magical feeling you brings to Hyunshinners hearts
  2. Happy Chuseok to our beloved Park Shinhye ssi my heart is thankful to Shinhye for bringing us together here in this little warm corner of Soompi.
  3. busy with work after long weekend (yesterday was holiday here in PH) but still has time for SH Happy Tuesday ya'll here's our darling receiving her Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Drama Special at 2014 SAF
  4. [2017] Shin Hye, an elegant figure, looked for a Film without Borders charity event. This non-profit organization, which means 'movie without borders' , gives children of the third world the opportunity to enjoy the culture of 'movie' by providing filmmaking education and production opportunities .
  5. hello @firstaid nice to meet you. Thanks for the kind words. My friends over at Hyunshin thread are supporting CLOL quietly It's called courtesy & respect. It's easy to show to people i like but what about those whom I'm not fond of? Still, not a reason for me to speak ill nor bring them down. I just shut up if I don't have positive thing to say about them. I always have a choice and I choose to show respect in this age where people fosters negativity and self gratification without consideration for others but themselves. I appreciate talent and most esp a person's character. I feel you. Had I let my preconceived ideas rule and didnt supported my bias based on his/her partners, I lost big time I lost the opportunity to appreciate good talent & personality.
  6. Shinhye is listening to her uncle, mentor & music legend, Lee Seunghwan. And now I'm basking in the same mood. Got reminded how iconic Lee Seunghwan is as an artist and as a person.
  7. Awesome history behind Omega love HyunBin in this cinematic video
  8. You were able to breath the same air, see HyunBin in flesh, & hear his gentle voice during HK FM Surreal. One day, if i ever got the chance, i wont let it slip away
  9. this is the most easy to understand version. thanks @randomlee for sharing HyunBin is one of the most grounded actor i have encountered. I, too, agree with Binnie that his future will be happier. Hoping for the best for CLOL.
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