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  1. Oh Yeonseo and Park Shinhye during (2011) Green Days: Dinosaurs and I animation film. Hope to see them work together again in the near future.
  2. Happy 4th Anniversary KimSeonho ssi! Thank you for all the wonderful memories and glad to be with you from now on. Thank God i found you @levine1244 you're welcome
  3. Hooray! Welcome energetic bunny @yoojoeun to humble abode of JinwooxHeejoo/ Binshin nation It's a pleasure to have you here
  4. @sanghyuk @irilight With regards to malicious comments toward Seonho, im sure SALT will take necessary action as below. Park Shin Hye’s Agency Officially Takes Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters https://www.soompi.com/article/992993wpp/park-shin-hyes-agency-take-legal-action-malicious-commenters I'm sharing this link/ article in case you haven't read yet. Park Shin-hye, Kim Sun-ho, Kim Joo-heon, Salt Family'Leap Forward' in 2020 https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0003074436
  5. @levine1244 1M viewers!!! That's insane I hope with this influence and market, our good boy will land with lots of cf and endorsements. So he can buy whatever he and his family wants and lots of delicious food for him and his 2D1N buddies You're welcome. Over thingking leads to problems that doesn't even exist in the first place. Instead of worrying, let's count the blessings
  6. Tbh, i'm not thrilled with rumored dramas too. But if SALT confirms, it is as much as Seonho's choice as well.
  7. It saddens me to see him exhausted too. However, it's inevitable at times, just like his growing popularity, with his challenging timetable. I'm just thankful to God for the sustaining strength he provides Seonho. Proving his energy amidst overwhelming schedule, i'd say he deserved that food supplement cf deal. Seonho will get to a point where he is well established. It would be our turn to nag at him and SALT for any project. Seo HyunJin was never been under SALT Ent. Their former artists were Park Seyoung, Kim Kanghyun, Choi Su
  8. Hello guys I hope everyone give some credit to SALT Ent. I've been a long time fan of Shinhye and though most of her fans dislikes SALT Ent., I've put my trust in Shinhye. Loyalty aside, she's wise to make decision to stay with a low key but strong SALT Ent. I believed that Shinhye had reached her success not just on her own but a collaborative effort of her and her management. SALT artist are booked and busy. No matter how excellent actors they are, if their agency is not professional, no production company would deal with them. I have the same faith in S
  9. A Blessed Christmas to all of us here at Park Shinhye thread. Keep safe and keep loving Shinhye.
  10. It depends upon the premiere of both dramas, LINK is slated on Aug 2021. The bomb Mr. Handy, Mr. Hong has no specific month yet.
  11. Yup, this is so out of the blue Now we have 3 rumored dramas It's not an understatement that there are productions who want to use Seonho to generate buzz early on. The best way is to wait for SALT's official confirmation though it would take alot of patience. I trust Kim Seonho in choosing his next project. He is smart enough to distinguish the best role he wants to immerse himself in. Soompi can't help but make it obvious how whipped they are of Seonho. write ups keep coming day by day.
  12. thanks for the update ladies! It seemed Seonho supposedly cameo in RUN ON didn't worked out in the end. It's ok, I'm not really keen on this one.
  13. Welcome to the magical world of Yoo Jinwoo & Jung Heejoo couple (Hyun Bin & Park Shinhye) "Trust is the magic that changes the world, not the technology" -memories of the alhambra all wonderful gifs credit to owner
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