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  1. Lol! I have to comment on this “ innocent beauty?” . Besides natural the only other beauty I know is plastic beauty( acquired through plastic surgery) seeing all over the media and more, that many claim to be natural, underestimating people’s intelligence! Park Shin Hye is a NATURAL beauty, born not made, and we have a track record of her pictures since childhood to prove it. She is a genuine natural beautiful, intelligent, smart, caring, attractive, confident, wise full blown woman, with an aura that genuinely inspires love, trust, and confidence to all that comes across her. A professional actress( regardless of all those malicious and nonsense rumors). Do not try to symbolize her beauty as “innocent”, unless when she is acting and needs to portray that, he has cross that path long time ago, she is a mature grown adult /actress, and that is the image she is showing in all her recent projects, and her true fans support and love her for that . She progress , does not regress.
  2. Hi chingu Sometimes, it is good to take a break( just a break. Lol). Glad to see you back! The rumors are spreading like wildfire! I guess many people would live to see them working together, including moi(me), as longer the plot is good for all!
  3. I am just wishing for a paring of Shin Hye and Soo Hyun( since he accept to start in a TVn drama that was previously rumored that was offered to Shin Hye). I just want to see them working together so badly! A girl can dream?
  4. I AM REALLY SCREAMING: I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE TITLE OF THE DRAMA( MEH). I JUST WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM WORK TOGETHER WITH A GOOD PLOT. I can only imagine the synergy and chemistry! I will be cr: as tagged
  5. Shin Hye’s Indonesia fans really show they love all the way they could. You guys rock! Proud of you! I hope.my friend you get to see her! You know who you are!
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