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  1. I don’t know how I will react if I see her in a public place, but I have been educating myself to just stay quiet and observe from afar , respecting her “me” time as any human being. But, I totally understand that we are different, and have different reactions. “Wearing the crown, paying the price”. Sorry Shin Hye, we miss you to much, for not to share.
  2. She is missed, indeed. We believe she was on vacation with her friends, enjoying her normal “me” time. I started rewatching her movies , to fill the void. Soon she will grace us with fresh new projects.
  3. [TRANS] from the PSH_Baidubar post / CEO Salt Interview cr: Kiki for Chinese to English Trans
  4. Hello you all . Took a long break . Technical difficulties love me! I was a silence supporter by force. Miss you all. See our Shin Hye is enjoying her friends in a well deserved vacation . Kudos! Have to work hard and enjoy self hard too. We only live once! Many prayers and love to all . Thanks to all that keep this thread going! You rock! Cr: as tagged
  5. “There is a person I thought would be wonderful to grow into -- Audrey Hepburn. Some people would dream and think about the most glamorous period of their lives all the time, but she was willing to share her glorious life with people in need.”.... .. “While there are many things I want to do and spend on with the money I earned, sharing what I have with others is also another part of joy.” ---Park Shin Hye.. Our Very Own Audrey Hepburn.. Park Shin Hye.. Cr: as tagged
  6. cr: as tagged Such beautiful and lovely picture. Shin Hye ahh, I am ready to be a grandma, my son still in College, but you can do the honors, of course marriage first, promise that I will retire and babysitter for you! Let them enjoy you in the springtime of your life, it is crazy fun and memorable !
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