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  1. "Sisyphus: The Myth" reveals first poster featuring main leads Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye by lo_ve, January 1, 2021 11 2 JTBC's 10th-anniversary special drama "Sisyphus: The Myth" released its first poster featuring top actors Jo Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye. The fantasy-mystery drama is set to air this 2021. The story will unfold with genius engineer Han Tae Sul's (played by Jo Seung Woo) journey in finding hidden beings that are living in this world. Park Shin Hye's character Kang Seo Hae will undergo a long and dange
  2. Shin Hye is always very comfortable with all her costars, since early in her carrier, while working and behind the scenes, either that be movies/drama/cfs/ interviews/etc, always transmitting that friendly vibe, except one that I still scratching my chin, frowning my nose , and wonder (?!) Oscar? Grammy Awards? or .... Always with her through thick and thin her die hard fan. Ahjumma’s @Iduc you rock! I give up! Can not beat you! Lol!
  3. 6 Highly-Anticipated Dramas Featuring Top Actors and Actresses That have been Confirmed to Air in the First Half of 2021 skipped...... Sisyphus: The Myth - Park Shinhye and Cho Seungwoo skipped..... https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2020/12/07/6-highly-anticipated-dramas-featuring-top-actors-and-actresses-that-have-been-confirmed-to-air-in-the-first-half-of-2021-388416 @rori0711Aloah welcome back. So nice to see you here ! Do not go MIA! @ Iduc , you are a rockstar ! Did you know that!?! I fangirl you!!
  4. Cr: the owner Wish her many more years with Grace of God, if that is her wish! Fighting ! With you true thick and thin! You always in this ahjumma’s
  5. Yes!!! Finally I got to watch “CALL”, not because Shin Hye is our girl, but she and the others did an awesome job! Shin Hye should focus more in movies, to continue building her portfolio in the movie arena. Her acting is so natural and she has this power to push one to immerse into her character that you live it. Hope to continue to see her in many works showing her versatility! Many blessings and continuing to support her through thick and thin!
  6. Yes!!! That is my baby girl! Love that article! Keep flying without fear, sky is the limit! God bless you always and he is in control! Ahjumma sooooooo love you!
  7. Shin Hye , looking gorgeous in all those pictorials. Hope to see her working with these handsome devil soon! I will be in cloud 9!
  8. Mojo.S.Phine really loves our girl. What not to like?!?! She is amazing in and out! Anxiously waiting “CALL” in Netflix. God bless always! And you always and forever in this ahjumma’s
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