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  1. Our girl is sooooo smart ! I like all her interviews. Extremely clever woman! ELLE HONG KONG K-POP Park Shin Hye’s Top Priority Now – To Be Happy By Danica | July 26, 2017 FacebookTwitter WISHING FOR YOUR HAPPINESS, PARK SHIN HYE. South Korean actress Park Shin Hye lands on the cover of the Hong Kong edition of Elle Magazine and talks about her priorities and image. (Photo by Elle Hong Kong) According to Park, she used to be cautious of her actions and worried about other people’s opinions of her because of her quiet-and-polite-girl image. “Now as I look back, it seems that I didn’t really need to be afraid of others and I can enjoy my life more freely. I also often think maybe I can be more of myself,” she said. (Photo by Elle Hong Kong) The 27-year-old actress has been in the limelight since 2003 when she starred as the younger version of Choi Ji Woo’s character in Stairway to Heaven. Since then, she acted without much break and took roles both in films and dramas. However, after 14 years in the industry, Park is setting her priorities right, putting her happiness first. She also aims to have a sense of achievement, which is not necessarily from work. (Photo by Elle Hong Kong) The actress recently wrapped up filming for her upcoming crime-thriller film with a tentative title of Silent Witness. Aside from her upcoming movie, Park is currently on her Asian fan meeting tour, with the proceeds to be donated to Korea Food for the Hungry International. lever
  2. @rori0711Indeed, and an International success, she was already on the spotlight on international arena, but this drama reach more people on the international community, gaining more fans across generation. It is and still bringing a lot joy to watch this drama, and as well how much fun she had BTS with her costars, that grown into a beautiful friendship that still going strong and they are very proud to showcase . It is beautiful to see how much she has grown in her acting, as well the transformation from a pretty teen to a mature level head beautiful woman, keeping her genuine, kind, and down to earth persona, that makes her so beautiful inside and out! It’s amazing how she could preserve these qualities growing up within the ruthless world of entertainment business. Credit to the strong family values that her family inflicted on her with much love , to her, as well as her agency that extent those values into helping her, in a safety way, to develop her carrier and grow into a woman she is today. I pray for her health, love , and continue success, knowing that God is always there , regardless of the situations, to guide and enlighten when we honestly turn to him, with all the respect ! Peace and Love to all from this ahjumma's .
  3. ALLURE & BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT NEWS BTS, Park Shin Hye, Psy, Song Joong Ki & More Represent Current Korean Stars In Global Hallyu Popularity By abbyinhallyuland | March 24, 2018 FacebookTwitter BTS, PARK SHIN HYE, SONG JOONG KI AND MANY OTHERS EMERGE AS THE YOUNG GENERATION OF KOREAN WAVE STARS WITH GROWING GLOBAL FOLLOWING. In a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea International Cultural Promotion Agency, young Korean stars are highlighted in propelling the prevalence of the current status of the Korean wave. skipped...... BTS and Park Shin Hye placed fifth and sixth respectively. Suzy and G-Dragon were tied on the ninth place. The survey reflected BTS popularity in Brazil and France while Park Shin Hye is famous in the Americas and Europe. She is specifically adored by Turkish fans. skipped..... https://www.hellokpop.com/news/bts-song-joong-ki-global-hallyu-popularity/
  4. LIST K-Drama Trends: Top 5 Cross-dressing Heroines skipped.... This one had me thinking, “But Park Shin Hye is too pretty to pass as a guy!.. and a boy band member too!” and I was right. There are moments in the drama in which you could question if the other guys are blind and not see that she is a girl. Park Shin Hye has a certain charm around her that even when she’s more of a “tomboy” than a “boy”, but I was still very much entertained by her acting. Photo: dramafever.com Skipped....... https://www.hellokpop.com/list/k-drama-trends-top-5-cross-dressing-heroines/
  5. I am sad for you. I hope you can make it ! Praying hard! We know you love to support her. It was a mistake with the day, when they first announced that as on 6/22, I guess the company and Shin Hye agreed 6/21 is a better day. I hope Malaysia fans will make her feel special as always! Keeping fingers cross! Good luck !
  6. I found this interview interesting https://www.jazminemedia.com/2017/11/park-shin-hye-reveals-that-she-only-dates-secretly-and-will-only-reveal-it-under-one-condition/
  7. Filipino Starlight Angels, please support & sign our petition in bringing Shin Hye back in the PH!❤ #ParkShinHye Third Fan Meeting in Manila, Philippines. - Sign the Petition! chng.it/8cD594cg via @ChangePilipinas @cdmentph @PULPMagazinePH @happeehour Cr: @PSH_Philippines
  8. She is a human being like any other , please be considerate park shin hye: “i know how to express myself when i’m upset. i lose my temper sometimes and cry, and i sometimes lock myself in my house because i feel gloomy. i can’t be bubbly like someone who eats 1,000 vitamins everyday, right?” MD interview 2017 Cr: as tagged
  9. Add one more for the many: Our Shin Hye Charity queen actress helps toxin-covered firefighters Park Shin-hye at a press conference in April 2018. Korea Times file
  10. Park Shin Hye is the first Korean actress to start the Asia tour in 2013. this the 5th Asian tour of 'Hallyu Goddess' Above all, this tour's whole proceeds will be donated and will be used for "Starlight Angel Project" for children who need education m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&a…
  11. But I can bet that besides mention the possibility of a new project , she was also referring to her new upcoming movie”Call”.
  12. I am not shipping, to scar for that, besides I respect my girl Shin Hye to much to do that, I will not feed or nurture anything that will put her in a odd situation and/or libelous to her image and reputation. But, they match well and I would like to see they collaboration as an artists. Fall!?!?!? It will be her movie”Call” or a new project ? Maybe a drama? We support you baby girl, do some action movie or drama, where we can see you showing off your fantastic action moves skill!
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