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  1. I thought this drama runs on Thurs Fri. Oh nooooo.... GHR made a skin contact with that ill mother inside the village Hut, I'm afraid she would get infected - She better get that vaccine too I hope it's not too late. Min Ik-Pyeong method of isolating the infected patients is a smart way for that kind of era (I understand it to contain the spread) but he is inhuman by not treating them - just a saying; what if his only son, Historian Min, got the illness..... it will be a big Karma for that old counselor Min. Suspicious Pretty Sa-Hui, she knows her crooked father attitude (corrupting the food price), but she doesn't want to correct it (report it to the palace). On top of that she became a double agent to Counselor MIP - She's so ambitious, And I wish Sa Hui will fall in love with CP and CP will teach her how to become a better lady. Overall, Prince LR's angry face with that voice remains sooo cute,
  2. I agree with you. I was thinking that Ho-Dam was the Western Doctor who came to practice at Joseon and taught several smart people including MoHwa. Perhaps.... Prince LR had blister all over his body (chicken pox or other kind of skin disease) but got cured by this Ho-Dam practice.
  3. LOL Episode (11+12) is so funny, Yaa!! Cha Eun Woo MAMA!! I think it is time to bring EXO song Mama for this drama's Ost.
  4. A lovely sweet episode, Aigoooo I have butterfly in my stomach when the scene of Prince Dowon waiting for GRH arrival. Omo Prince's face is so cute and shy, ChaEunWoo mischievous smile is funny, his laughing etc etc... Well, he's going to stop teasing GRH around after seeing her crying like that - Life in Palace is really hard. But GRH position is becoming unclear, is she going to be a politician or a historian. LOL, , I mean can a historian criticize government policy ..or merely a secretary. Love is in the air for the next episode, thanks PD-nim
  5. I love how PD-nim gave us laughable scene when none of the 4 Rookie female historian's hand-writing are readable - probably it's like a doctor's handwriting LOL. Also when the Police officer interrogated LR for his name, LR even has no ID tag. So next episode, GHR will know that the handsome Maewha is a Prince? Hahaha I'm thinking if GRH would believe him. LR is so sneaky, even disguised himself as a novelist Maewha/ Eunuch and now a prince. EunWoo is so cute when practicing the lines. He said "Cut, ....O my God" ..
  6. Yes, the mystery man kill the survivor guy two times.... (Again)!! LOL The mystery man (Gwi-Jae) swung a sword to the stitches guy who's about to burn the books - but that guy dying and got surgery sutures from the ninja Lady. The mystery man was at the meeting with Min-Ik Pyeong + 2 others old men , one of the man said: "we can't let him stay alive". The mystery man went to the palace undercover to finish the job. Prince LR was about to check this survivor guy (probably he's as curious as GooHaeRyung about the odd medicinal practice ), LR found that guy already dead (checking his pulse and breathing - his bed also messy). So our Maewha followed that mystery guy ...... and declare his status - LOL If Min Ik Pyeong innocent why he did not let the dying man alive and tell the true story. I wish Prince LR and HR can collaborate in writing a Detective novel like Sherlock Holmes of Joseon era hehehe
  7. OMO..... Our CP LeeJin is married already?!, Prince Maewha mentioned about CrownPrincess when they were at Nokseodang villa - right?. Man, I'm so disappointed, but hey CP LJ can have many wives. The ambush killing seems to be the work of that Min Ik-Pyeong (the old guy that's very good friend of the King), why would he be mad of knowing the stitches survivor guy alive. So that Yang Si-Haeng Historian -annoying voice - guy is the highest rank of them all - he can swear the juniors. Haha that's really something. Up to this episodes, ChaEunWoo acting is surprisingly awesome. But why should he admit his name to that bad guy who kill the stitches guy at the end of ep 4?? -- That bad guy will report him to Min Ik-Pyeong or the king. I feel so uneasy about it. Seems like the King hates Maewha so much, isn't Prince DoWoon his real son?. Can't wait for the next ep.!!
  8. Hahaha these 4 female Rookie Historians really got the bullies from their seniors. This Yang Si-Haeng guy is really annoying - he's never serious and act like a clown, troublemaker And my other favourite characters are: Eunuch SamBo and the Bookseller. The bookseller guy acts through the shape of his mouth, his face is so comical. LOL.
  9. Not finished the ep 3 yet, but can't wait to write this: How can Lady Song Sa-Hui touched Crown Prince Lee-Jin's hand - isn't rude?? and seems like Lee-Jin okay with it (I like the flirting ) But wow..... LJ smiled brightly only towards GHR, I hope LJ will fall in love with her.
  10. ASTRO Cha Eun Woo, I thought this CEW is the NCT member Jae Hyun (with darker hair), They look alike from side angle.
  11. Beautiful Sageuk Drama for this summer, really loves their clothes!. That Astro pretty boy prince gives me nose bleed right after few minutes of watching him. His face really like a Manhwa character, perfect. I feel sorry that the King banned his books, it's only romance novel not "mature" novel. Nice to see Park Ki Woong with beard as a crown prince, so unrecognizable, he's so serious - I used to see PKW as a smiley happy jolly young chaebol. Here, I can see PKW only when LeeJin jokes around his brother LR, lol. Somehow I wish that the GooHaeRyung husband to be (The one that propose her) was Librarian Min. But he's not ... Min is cute too
  12. Anyeong. Chang Ki Yong ! Woot woot He better gets lots of kissing scene here, to compensate my desire in "Kill It" drama - LOL Seriously when BTM asked Morgan "How old are you" I was screaming Noooona! But I love the pairing with LSJ, the chemistry is great. Surprise with the romance story comes so early, hope it will last till the end of drama (hope they wont compete and destroy each other career)
  13. The trailer is so cool, and I miss Joo Ji Hoon cold face !! But 32 episodes?? that long.... I don't know if my brain can handle 32 episodes, my limit is 16 episodes. Will try to watch till the end.... ITEM chingus annyeong!
  14. Oh wow, yes! I've been waiting for Oppa (Or rather Ahjussi) Lee Seo Jin's come back for another romance drama, but this Teuraep drama is Daebak!! - So far full thriller episode 1 and 2, but why only 7 episodes? Aigoo .... it's only 3.5 weeks? Please don't make lil boy Si Woo died in the next episode.
  15. @packmule3 Hahaha we would love to have Ladies bathroom scene for female players to find their level 1 swords, it will be a chaos don't you think? - I'm amaze with our writer's preference, she uses bathroom or train toilet often for zinu's sanctuary, which is funny. Daebak ratings we knew this drama is amazing from the start .....
  16. Wow, what a nice ep. 17 It started with another flashback of bathroom scene in the ep 16. Cr: Dramabeans - MOA (That scene was so funny, all other players in good manners, patiently in the line waiting to get their first sword. ) I'm imagining the players discussing on how to get the swords (and they spill the secret among new players behind them). I bet the key to get the sword is not by pulling the towel handle on the wall (just like JW did) - forget it, we don't use towel at public washroom. So more likely they have to flush the toilet at least twice, then the sword coming from the attic. (Just Kidding....it's all in my dream!!) Wew...first weekend without JinWoo, hope he's doing okay.
  17. Still having HyunBin and MOA withdrawal syndrome. Weird, when I listened to this song, I imagine JinWoo sing it to HeeJoo, and they are dancing. "Then you're left in the dust, unless I stuck by Ya, you're a Sunflower, I think your love would be too much. Or you'll be left in the dust, unless I stuck by Ya, you're the Sunflower ... you're the Sunflower" So sad. Cr: Post Malone, Swae Lee - Spiderman
  18. Let's pray for Season 2, I think it's possible. Just like IRIS and IRIS 2, the writer is the same - only 3 years apart. But, can we wait for another 3 years tho for the forensic answer of CHS/Marco/City Hunter death ? Hahaha we'll go bananas! And I doubt the cast will remain the same. **That's a great website of W drama lover, good job !** _______________________________________ Wow, thanks for the Full Album links guys @Kasmic and @scarletashin - the instrumental ost is amazing, I feel like I'm nearby JinWoo, when he's on the game mode. JinWoo is back @1:10:25 and 1:13:28
  19. @4:12 on the video, the male actor you mentioned is Park Hoon (Cha Hyung Seok) aka Zombie Cha. He visited Park Shin Hye on the last day of her shooting. Isn't he nice ...? --------------------------------------------- LOL I still use zombie avatar. I guess I haven't moved on yet.
  20. Just finished ep 16 with sub Well, Hmm..... no comment! (You guys said it well) But let's talk about Season 2 , I'm imagining: After few years, few years later ....Zinu returns, he will be an old a Harabuji, a retired NPC, his level is now a Grand Master and he will be brokenhearted because he's way too late that HeJoo already married to Kim Sam Beom.
  21. You should watch the ep 16 and come back here with your (frustration) comments Yay the subs is up now I'm watching ep 16 the finale
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