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[Drama 2017-2018] My Golden Life, 황금빛 내인생


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October 13, 2018 - Shin Hye Sun wins
the 2018 APAN Awards TOP EXCELLENCE AWARD in long dramas for her Seo JiAn role.
Click Here for English subbed episodes playlist on youtube (subbed a week after broadcast)
Click Here for an excellent summary and analysis article at the 20-episode mark.




EDITED Aug 25 - 3 Official Posters posted :sweatingbullets:


EDITED Aug 31 - Final Official Poster posted :sweatingbullets:


EDITED Aug 12 - First Official gold-lettered Logo Image - '황금빛 내인생' and first teaser from KBS!


EDITED Aug 19 - Second teaser, from MyLoveKBS!











[Exclusive] Park SiHoo, Shin HyeSun, Lee TaeHwan "My Golden Life" Principals

The identity of the main characters to appear on KBS2 TV's new weekend drama has been revealed.

A spokesperson said, "Park SiHoo, Shin HyeSun and Lee TaeHwan will appear on KBS2 TV's new weekend drama 'My Golden Life'.

Park SiHoo plays Choi DaeKyung, only son of HaeSung Group CEO and also the director of strategic planning. After finishing MBA in the US, he is a third gen ChaeBol working to rise as the next leader per original plan. He is a gentleman with an admirable physique and sophisticated elegance, one endowed with abilities and dignity of a nobleman from birth.

Shin HyeSun plays the role of Seo JiAn, a contractor employee at HaeSung Group marketing department. 'Game On' person who always finishes what she sets her mind to do, she loves sports and has a lively, playful and fun loving personality. Until first year in high school life was fun, but due to her father's failed business the family is bankrupt. She is living in a 'downer mode', having to endure with smile even snickerings from behind her back while awaiting full time employment.

Lee TaeHwan plays the role of SunWoo Hyuk***, Shin HyeSun's high school friend and an industrial design student. He is presently on vacation from studies and business as a single-person furniture DIY interior design for a shopping mall. He is energetic and always happy. While he is a bit rough around the edges, he has a good strong style.

'My Golden Life' is a drama about a woman who dreams of an opportunity to upgrade her status to a 'silver spoon' class who instead falls into an abyss(hell) and somehow realizes her ability to find happiness there. The drama portrays the story of a daughter born with a 'dirt spoon', growing up with pain and leaving her likewise 'dirt spoon'-born father who could only watch, living on with his own pain and loneliness as the head of the family.

Kim HyungSuk PD, who directed 'Oh My Venus', written by So HyunKyung, who wrote 'The Brilliant Legacy' (Shining Inhertance), 'Inspector Princess', 'My Daughter SeoYoung' and 'Twenty Years Old'.

Coming this August following "Father is Strange".

Kim JinSuk reporting - superjs@joongang.co.kr


***NOTE Lee TaeHwan's role character has a rare 2-syllable last name, SunWoo, and a less uncommon 1-syllable first name Hyuk.  SunWoo Hyuk . Hyuk for short. B)

I'm about to cry already....:cold_sweat: Not sure if August or September. Much more detail to come!






http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/mygoldenlife (Official KBS site, in Korean only)

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Translated From:  http://www.sportsseoul.com/news/read/523063

[EXCLUSIVE] Shin HyeSun, KBS Weekend drama - nominated as the new muse for writer So HyunKyung

Shin HyeSun has been cast as the female lead for KBS2 new weekend dram 'My Golden Life'.

'My Golden Life' is a family drama in which a woman gets a chance to rise in status to (the so-called) "golden spoon" **** class, but instead sinks to a bottom, yet somehow realizes her way to find happiness in the situation. Here, Shin HyeSun plays the role of contract employee Seo JiAn of HaeSung Group's marketing department, living in a rather deprived state because her father's bankruptcy brought her family to a total ruin.

Thus Shin HyeSun is debuting in her first starring role. Shin HyeSun, who made her debut in KBS2 'School 2013' in 2013, then onto KBS2 'Five Kids', tvN 'High School King of Savvy' and 'Oh My Ghostess', SBS 'She Was Beautiful' and 'Legend of Blue Sea', has a unique history in which every single one of her works has been a success.

'Secret Forest', now on tvN, has also become tremendously topical and popular right from its first broadcast on the 10th. Especially in 'Secret Forest', in her role as the first year prosecutor Young EunSoo, overflowing with ambition and displaying an altogether different appeal from her previous roles, she is drawing much attention from her family room fans.

Having climbed her way up to 'Secret Forest', through the new weekend drama 'My Golden Life', Shin HyeSun aspires to establish herself as a lead actress, and as we await what she has in store, anticipation builds.

Above all, because 'My Golden Life' is a new work from writer So HyunKyung, who gave us 'My Daughter SeoYoung' and 'Shining Inheritance' - legendary works which both exceeded 40% audience ratings - much attention had been given to its casting. In addition, because writer So HyunKyung's works are predominantly for a top female star, there was much curiosity as to who will be the lead of this drama. Whether it's Lee BoYoung of 'My Daughter SeoYoung', Han HyoJu of 'Shining Inheritance', Kim SoYeon of 'Prosecutor Princess', Lee SunWon of '49 Days' and Choi JiWoo of 'Twenty Years Again', there was much of substance in the story for the female lead to put on display.

Of course in 'My Golden Life' the female lead's tortuous life path is set to be the drama's big theme, so one can already begin to envision Shin HyeSun's intense outstanding efforts. 'My Golden Life', in which Shin HyeSun will be the female lead, will follow KBS2's current drama 'Father is Strange' and begin airing in late August.


**** 'Golden Spoon' - as in 'She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth'. Koreans use gold instead to imply 'born privileged'.
Likewise, Koreans use 'Dirt Spoon' to refer to those in the unprivileged class with no inheritance from parents or any special advantage from birth.


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1 hour ago, Lunkera said:

Wow, finally a weekend drama since "Five Children" and "Flower in Prison" that makes me interested :D 

@LunkeraWow too! Count me it!!!! And same you I haven't enjoyed a long drama since Five Children! And the cast.. thumbs up! The last PSH drama I watched was the one from OCN. And I'm watching Shin Hye Sun in Secret Forest. but I'll always like  her as Yontae in FC.  And oh LTW.. saw him P&P, W

 Shin Hye Sun finally getting a lead role. I thought she would get one before Park So Dam.. but  it's her time now. Thanks KBS giving female actresses that I like lead roles. Chae Soo Bin (also female lead for upcomg KBS drama). Maybe these three actresses sorta taking over that early to mid/late 20's female lead roles.  It's good.

 How many episodes is this drama?

@sava2sava @meechuttso  hi chingus!  I'm also gonna tag @evie7@bebebisous33@UnniSarah@alekaonu just in case they're interested. :)

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im sooooo happy that my favourite actress Hyesun finally gets her break and her first lead role! it is really about time that she gets to be the female lead with the first and second male lead vying for her instead of her having a secret crush and unrequited love again. but im skeptical about the male lead, no offense to his fans, it is just my personal views, and i wonder why KBS offered him the male lead, im thinking if UEE rejected the role because of the male lead. personally, i rather have lee tae hwan as the male lead.


@jongski im with you, Five Children's Lee Yeontae will always remain my favourite role of hers! but then, are they confirmed? I read that they are positively considering the roles only. 

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Annyeong @jongski chingu :D

Thank you for the shoutout, this drama seems interesting especially with Park Shi Hoo. I also like Lee Tae Hwan, happy to see he's getting better lead roles now. As for Shin Hye Sun, I have seen her in She Was Pretty. Her acting is good too. Looking forward to this drama.

Calling out to my chingu deul here too @moodypie @vangsweetie637 @Nerise @julie721 @riiko1988 @meh2222 @minhye1822 @guiya @stupidcupid @gimely @dianm @stargazer187 @Grey_Lady @LaineW @YourHighness . @kacie9 @whateveryousay

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Shin Hye-sun, Lee Tae-hwan offered weekender My Golden Life

by tineybeanie

Shin Hye-sun (Legend of the Blue Sea) and Lee Tae-hwan (Father I’ll Take Care of You) are currently reviewing offers to be in Park Shi-hoo’s (Neighborhood Hero) comeback project, My Golden Life. UEE was initially in the running to be his female lead, but she has declined. The drama is a weekender about a woman who gets the opportunity to elevate her position in life, but somehow ends up falling further down instead. It will tell the story of how she overcomes her situation and ends up finding joy in the little things in life.


It will also cover the theme of the hidden, silent pain of men through one story arc of a father who struggles to watch his children grow up without many opportunities. He grew up poor as well, and even though he did what he could in life to leave his poverty, in the end he did not have the resources to pass on a legacy of wealth or prestige to them.

Park Shi-hoo’s character is the only son of Haesung Group’s CEO, currently working as the head of its strategic department. Having earned his MBA degree in America, he returned to familiarize himself with the family business and is going through an informal apprenticeship as the successor who will become the company’s next leader. A born aristocrat, he’s a gentleman through and through with his polite manners and chic charisma.


Shin Hye-sun, if she confirms, will play a marketing team contract employee Seo Ji-ahn, who is a reliable worker with a bit of a competitive side, an optimistic outlook on life, and a playful personality. She lived a princess-like life until her first year in high school when her father’s company went bankrupt. Now she must put on a brave face, enduring unjust criticism, to achieve the coveted status of a permanent employee. Lee Tae-hwan’s character is Shin Hye-sun’s high school classmate named Sun Woo-hyuk. He’s a student majoring in industrial design, currently on leave in order to concentrate on running his startup, an internet mall selling DIY furniture for singles. He’s an energetic and brave individual who has very particular likes and dislikes.

So Hyun-kyung, the writer of heartwarming family drama My Daughter Seo-young (also 49 Days, Twenty Again, and Two Weeks), and Kim Hyung-seok, the PD of light rom-com Oh My Venus and the cheerful weekend drama You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly, will be collaborating for this upcoming KBS drama, which is set to premiere in August.

Pretty much repeat of the above 2 articles, in a more polished dramabeans translator wording. :rolleyes::rolleyes: You can go read there all the mixed feelings regarding PSH. I guess if the writer made this with PSH as a conditional then that's that. Personally I don't mind SHS being 'paired up' with any worthy actor whom the legal system has cleared and any debt to society is paid. I donno. Maybe it's part of growing up. :wink:


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On 6/16/2017 at 2:31 PM, sava2sava said:

This is a must watch for me I been waiting paitently for PSH to return to the screen due to his infortunate mishap.. @badsmuler & @irilight Our funny person will be gracing us with his presence

Anyooong my dear twin sister, @sava2sava... :wub::wub:

Miannne...i'm still not ready yet to see PSH on my screen ( I miss " Family Honor " so bad, i try to re-watch it but dropped it immediately after his presence )...almost 100% i will pass this drama because of him...hope to see you soon in another dramas... :blush::blush:

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The writer, Shin Hye Sun, and Lee Tae Hwan make me want to tune in so bad but i don't know about Park Shi Hoo....

oh.. why not cast sung Hoon as the male lead instead?:grin: since this  couple is so popular. A second time reunion as leads would be super


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11 hours ago, haymochi said:

The writer, Shin Hye Sun, and Lee Tae Hwan make me want to tune in so bad but i don't know about Park Shi Hoo....

oh.. why not cast sung Hoon as the male lead instead?:grin: since this  couple is so popular. A second time reunion as leads would be super


@haymochi Ha ha. I'm totally with you! if only we can have Sung Hoon and Shin Hye Sun again in one kdrama. My fav couple SM YT 

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From  http://news.joins.com/article/21725535


Translation TBD...

I was going to go out on a limb and predict this (along with my in-depth analysis of why SHS should take this role even if he's a convicted felon, haha) but got busy with Secret Forest thread where SHS is kicking *** and is driving meechuttso and everyone crazy. :wub::ph34r:B):tongue::crazy::lol::rolleyes::heart::expressionless::glasses:

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New face in the pic Seo EunSoo, which, amusingly, is the first name that SHS borrowed for her role as YES in SF






  • DOB 생년월일 : 1994년 03월 02일
  • Height 키 : 170cm
  • School 학력 : 한국예술종합학교  Specialty 연기과 특기 : Korean Dance 한국무용, Dance 춤


Currently in Duel, and the 3 dramas she's been in all hits, following in SHS steps? More to come ...

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