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  1. YES! I'll be honest, I didn't think his current agency was that good. Hopefully, his new agency will help him reach the heights that he is capable of.
  2. Happy New Year everyone! May the Drama Gods smile on us soon and get Shyshy cast together but not too soon, I am willing to be patient so KSH can get some more experience in kissing. YSH is already a Pro. Maybe she can get some private lessons.
  3. Haven't watched it yet. Waiting for at least 4 episodes to air so I can watch and judge if it will be good or it will let me down like IANAR did. YSH deserves the best so fingers crossed.
  4. Major missing our Shyshy couple. Will reply in detail soon..just wanted to post because I've been away from soompi for more than a month.
  5. @intrariver True. Very true. The problem is that the story is a well kept secret, shared only with select few who are trustworthy. So the people who are not "enlightened" are lashing out at the ones who know. They want to report fanpages on IG? Let them. Let them waste their time and energy instead of putting it to a good use in real life like, I dunno, earning and stop leeching off of their parents or studying and getting a degree instead of leeching off of their parents or spending time with their family(children, husband, parents, siblings) instead of hating on an actress and a fangroup. I honestly pity them for not having anything better to do in their life. And about the reporting on IG? IG has become very strict and reviews every report in detail, post and account included, before deciding whether to take action or not. And actually the accounts who report needlessly are tagged as spammers and troublemakers and in turn blocked from ALL their ID's including the real ones, so all's good. Go ahead haters, waste away your limited time on earth. Not like you have anything better to do. OYS is wonderful and has better things to do than waste her time on haters like these. She is very secure. Same with LSG.
  6. Haven't been to soompi for more than a month and this insecure attack on us and OYS is the first thing I see. Boy, are they going to feel stupid when the truth comes out. BTW, you know how OYS copes with negativity? She shops...for lots of...important things.
  7. Is MY the baby daddy? If so the situation has gotten very complicated. What will MY choose now? To save the Crown Princess and kill LY? Or to let his sister have a HEA with LY after he proves their father was not a traitor which will also make KEC as the traitor and his whole family liable to punishment. Not to mention the bastard child she is carrying will get her a death sentence. One thing is for sure, MY will be sent to kill LY, and I have a feeling the pink hair band/cloth will prove to MY that LY has always loved HS. If they decide to fake the Crown Princess death, will she be able to carry the baby to term or travel far away while pregnant? She was already having pains today from the stress. If MY leaves with the Crown Princess HS looses her brother forever. If the step brother had been the baby daddy, the situation would have been simpler. I do not envy MY's dilemma. He's in a tough spot.
  8. I am not happy that LY's memory is still not back and KEC+ Crown Princess are fooling him. I am sure they only intend to keep him alive till he has that memory loss. As soon as it comes back, LY is dead and the blame will be put on the Queen.
  9. Ah so that explains the scene in the long trailer with the young prince having the ceremony to become the crown prince. I am guessing LY will enter the palace then and the ceremony will be halted. TBH, SeonWon as the baby daddy makes sense because holding that fact over the Queen will keep her quiet. I am sure KCE will try and use HS and MY to keep LY quiet too.
  10. Ah-HA! Looks like the young prince is the baby daddy, like I suspected. Flashback shown, the letter that the Crown Princess had hidden was taken by the minister and given to LY's step brother. Not sure though since I am not fluent in Korean. Had no idea what they were speaking. FYI, this is not a fanfiction. But if its true. Shame Crown Princess. He's but a child.
  11. Confusion is common among newbies and even people who want to be newbies. But it's OK, I'll try my level best to dispel your confusion. Shipping is allowed even between one married and one single person as long as the actors are respected and their privacy. You will see many such shipping threads in this forum. For example: Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk. Now to answer your questions: Does OYS have a BF? Technically no. In SK, unless a couple has been dating for months/years and is committed, that relationship is considered broken once the guy goes to the military. OYS barely "dated" that boyfriend for 3 weeks...if at all. You know, busy schedules and all. In Koreans estimation, OYS and her "BF" are broken up. But there are many people who are desperately clinging to the "boyfriend" to diss our couple. *shrugs* Amusing really...well to me. I think my above answer dispels the two timing question. But just to be clear. You can't two time in a non-existing relationship. For example: I can't cheat on Chris Hemsworth with any new guy I meet because I am not in a relationship with Chris Hemsworth. Oh the reality! Would LSG pursue OYS if she was in a relationship? You are his fan, aren't you? Would you say he is that kind of a guy? There's your answer, right there. If you are new at being his fan too: No, he is not and he didn't. LSG would never pursue a female in a relationship. There. All cleared out?
  12. Wow, another good episode! LY saved HS. LY is slowly piecing his memories and realizing HS lied(?) MY found LY and was about to kill him when HS came in the field and saw an arrow hurtling right at LY. No idea if she saw her brother or not. The corrupt mayor was arrested for something.
  13. Fingers crossed for that. YSH deserves a good role, story and a costar. YSH's cameo in Player. Why is he so cute? The rest in spoiler tag BTW I was alarmed at KSH's weight loss but I have to admit, our girl looks stunning in her reality show.
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