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  1. She's saying 'koll', which is how Koreans say 'call' - like "you're on" when you're betting with someone. But now, I wish she would just call. Hola friends. It's been about 1 month since I even signed in to soompi. But if I had to pick a time to stay away perhaps this was the best time. Even now I won't be able to spend much time here, but thank you all for keeping the place warm. As for her whereabouts, I think she's got a boyfriend and she's locked herself in a secret hideaway somewhere far away, maybe not even in the country, alone with him. That's what I think she's doing. I don't mind - all that abstinence while pretending to be red-blooded artist, singer or dancer isn't healthy for a woman like her who thinks she should have 3 children by now. Yes, we're all waiting for the next version of Shin Hye-Sun to emerge.... I think it'll be worth the wait.
  2. Wow "SHS Intl" fans so very devoted. @mylovekge thank you! LoL. Thanks @immorethant - found another from the same wooseori820 Love it. Thanks @jakey09 Happpy 30th birthday to our shy quiet acting genius, 신혜선-ssi. We love you!! Having a very very very long stressful summer. I can't wait for fall. Hi @Ni Wen chingoo
  3. Hola Chingoos! Happy summer to everyone! (Or winter to our friends in the southern hemisphere). I just caught up on this drama all the episodes. I think the last 2 episodes were the best, as my frustrations from the earlier episodes were all pretty well resolved with these episodes 11 and 12. I am now a fan of this drama and the writer. I have not seen the original American one, but I think this Korean version is very well done - the story fits very well the current political situation going on and the historical context, too, so it makes me anticipate where this story will go in the last 4 episodes. Not being a fan of Ji Jin-Hee, I must say his character has won me over. And Lee Joon-Hyuk is killing it - but strangely, the acting and the story is such that I am not rooting for his character at all - I am hating his character. I love it!
  4. Aww @jakey09 you touch me with your concern for her health and rest foremost, afterall! Yes I hope we are all enjoying bit of a summer break along with her, although I am pretty sure she's busy again. Thanks @immorethant sweetie, for this and all your other posts while everyone's resting. The YT video has nice subs embedded in it, so I decided to share the SRT format in English again - since I think this is an important personal development area into which Shin Hye-Sun wants to diversify her career perhaps? I like what she is doing and want to support her all the way! Enjoy! Happy summer everyone! EDIT - just found this. Not sure when or where this was, but Thank you @mylovekge
  5. Thank you @immorethant you are fast. This is a new endeavor for SHS, so I had to go and translate it so that we can all get the full effect of her as a spokesperson - very entertaining I say, and not an easy job. But as we are all starving for something from our reclusive muse, maybe this will be met with some enthusiasm here. Every new thing SHS does, I want to say FIGHTING! to her - I hope this shows another facet of her that we can all appreciate too. NOTE: The quoted translated stuff is what is called an .srt file. I've tried this once for ALML interview part 2. If any of you sweeties can copy the original youtube video to your channel and attach this file as a subtitle/closed caption file to it, then anyone can watch that new one with the subs nicely. Enjoy!
  6. Yes another person with the same name. They're celebrating 1 year anniversary of Woo Seo-Ri over at DCinside, so I stole some to celebrate here too. Happy summer to all my friends here!
  7. I am also loving all the stuff @mylovekge and @jakey09 have been adding on IG and twitter. I saw this one, for Baidu Chinese fans, for example. I especially loved this one becoz, of all the clips I have seen of her, this one seems to catch her at 'being herself' the best. If you listen to her voice, saying, "In Korean? Hello ... Bye, Good bye", she has her non-acting voice, which kind reminds me of a prepubescent teenage boy's voice (in fact her nose and lips reminds me of this one adorable distant nephew of mine, LoL). Although she can do anything as an actress now, I really do like her best in all the BTS / off-screen stuff (the guerilla date or the radio interview right before ALML), becoz there we can kind of see what she might be like in more off-guard moments, and you can tell she's really really down to earth and approachable. I can totally see why KMS has a crush on this pretty noona who can cook more than ramen in real life. So in tribute, a couple of gifs the way I like them - but go listen to the audio and see what I mean. Love those hand motions,too! In Korean? Hello... Thanks, thank you. It's really this adorable bow-wave and smile that tells me she's completely relaxed, happy and rightly proud to have finished another amazing production in her breathless non-stop sprint since fall of 2015. Such a cutiepie! Thanks @jakey09 - keep posting, there's years' worth of stuff to rummage thru on your feeds.
  8. @mylovekge you are too awesome! Thank you!! Such beautiful and artistic work, I wonder if they ate the macarons with such pretty pics on them - I couldn't eat those - I'd shrink wrap and frame them, LoL. So while I was too busy to add much here, seems there were some very unfortunate banter and some gnashing of teeth, but I am going to ignore everything of that 'incident' because I simply don't have anything good to add, and want to move on, really. I am grateful to all the fans here adding positive vibes and happy thoughts and continuing to make it a safe space for those who like SHS for any and all reasons. Just add a few more letters or a couple more words to your counters to get over the 20 character minimum lazy@jakey09. Or as I've mentioned, just add one of these to each counter - Hundreds, now thousands, to choose from. Or just paste your tweets here too - I like them all.
  9. May ... too short ... . . . July 11 Unusual Aegyo on her part - this is her 'unboxing' her Ep 16 last scene, it sounds like she's doing it as a favor to her manager Sunny(?) who wanted her neat little artwork highlighted, and she's obliging. ❤️
  10. And thus all was well in the world , on earth and in the heavens. And the legions of cherubs and seraphs all sighed a sigh of relief and smiled upon them , and God's favor rested upon them, and they lived happily ever after as wife and husband, bearing many children between them to bless the world around them.
  11. Beautiful sentiments of admiration from yet another fan with deeper appreciation of her craft. Enjoy your short time off oori 혜선씨. We'll be here waiting.
  12. ❤️❤️❤️ The nearness of you ... ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for this beautiful thread, full of angelic memories... ❤️
  13. These GIFs are a metaphor for the growth in stature this lady has had in just a short 1.5 years. How marvelous it is to behold. Thank you @immorethant it's so nice to have your floods again. We now have Count @jakey09 and Countess @iffy21 here, and of course our very own home grown ❤️ terror ❤️ weapon, @immorethant the FIREHOSE FIREHOSE @immorethant
  14. Thank you @blukimchikdrama for all your subs! Thank you @briseis to for your flood of gifs and pics always! EDIT - ooops double posted with @libra22
  15. Very good question @realistic2280a. I believe the answer to the question 'on what basis', if you mean under what conditions, Dan was allowed to become human with a beating heart that can love Yeon-Seo in all the ways we can now imagine for them, is - no conditions attached ! Dan was given back his life (Yoo Sung-Woo, his original life, maybe with an upgraded, fully capable male exterior but the same tender heart of the guardian angel protector and friend and husband forever) to do with Yeon-Seo whatsoever his heart desires. While the 60+ minute last episode was exasperatingly spent on dotting the I's and crossing the T's by this ocd writer who seemed to have wanted proper closure for many irrelevant items which she herself drove into dead-ends (too many to mention which others here have discussed), at least she did her due diligence with the exact reasons why first off Dan wasn't evaporated into dust like others but was allowed to 'return to heaven', and secondly, some time (a year?) later was finally granted this final MIRACLE (which was promised from the beginning). So in a way there was the strange mix of conditions attached to why the miracle could be granted (there were tests they had to pass along the way), but once granted, it was a cart blanche grant of a life back to Sung-Woo/Dan - probably because by going thru all those hurdles the writer supposedly has satisfied herself rationally and feels like she's rationalized why it should be satisfactory for the viewers, too. Methinks the writer has some formal religious affiliation and catechism or creed to which she wanted to stay true as much as possible within a fantastic drama framework, and I respect her first amendment rights to do so. But it is quite clearly most or vast majority of us drama audiences don't need any of that. I applaud very much the effort, though, and enjoyed participating in dreaming the impossible along with everyone here.
  16. But not to this thread! As you say, Waiting for your back-ordered trove of giffiti art-work, sweetie. While impressed may not be the right word, her bloody dance was accepted by God and was one of the reasons Dan was allowed to go on as an angel, we are told. Note to self - don't underestimate the value of our children's or fellow chingoos' art work.
  17. It's alright, it's alriiiiight.... For he is by her side, and they're always deep in our hearts forever now.
  18. Continuing to focus on all the things this drama did so well, what made me a fan of it - the visuals, the aural pleasures, the sensual, the 'arts' which will remain etched in my mind for a long time, for they were torched onto my heart with these 2's blood sweat and tears. Thank you, SHS, thank you angelic KMS with your positively beatific dimples!
  19. I think you still are, the Greatest in Korea, in Asia, the Earth, to the Moon and back, the entire Solar System, the lovely Milky Way and this beautiful Universe... and Beyond! Thank you 신혜선씨 - We You SO MUCH!
  20. Not quite sure why But this may have been my favorite moment and quote from Yeon-Seo right here. Both Dan and YS were such lonely characters, if there is an epilogue, I want them to make up for lost time loving others and being loved in return, not just from each other but from the world that they bless through their art and their 'fighting' spirit, of faith and encouragement to others.
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