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  1. @yoo1 Actually i'm pretty sure his given name is Geum and later given the name Yeoning. It was like that in the drama Dong Yi which centers around his mother and father. @gerrytan8063 Confirmed it on page 15.
  2. So, will this be a sequel to the drama or a standalone adaption of the book if anyone knows?. Since in the book they didn't really knew each other right?. Compared to the drama where they had a past.
  3. I really miss this drama. I was on team QL. I think their personalities suited eachother alot more and they are a blast to watch. Yan Xi Palace and Story of Minglan is the two best historical dramas i've watched in quite a while and i'm a sucker for happy endings . I'll probably rewatch this drama soon, but the empress story arc is really hard to watch.
  4. I'm glad how it ended. It ended exactly how I wanted it to regarding Sunny and Ari. Atlast either of them are burdened by the royal family and can live together in peace.
  5. @dito Probably because one wrpng move can cost him his status or even his life. If ED is after GTY, she won't spare his relatives most likely, doesn't matter that they are against him. In those eras it was safer and better to pull the weed of by it roots.
  6. @Sirry Usly You misunderstood. I want SH to lose everything. In the novel i think GTY was sent to the frontlines to protect the kingdom and he asked to bring his family with him. From what i've heard he doesn't lose his status.
  7. This is why i wan't him to lose everything. I hope ML & GTY with their family leave the capital in the end just like they did in the novel apparently. Just to get away from all these scheming relatives and nobles.
  8. It's rare to see parents like Madam Zhang's. Most of these dramas the daughters are just a chesspiece. State Uncle was too stupid and naive because the concubine is a relative of his late wife. I hope he learns his lesson. Luckily ML was able to save her.
  9. @ForgottenSoulx I agree. His position is still unstable and if he were to give his father with a title if would be disrespectful aswell as lower his legitimacy for the throne. It will be easier for outside forces to stage a rebellion and put a new emperor on the throne. Since they will have alot more political support.
  10. @mingerling Thanks. I guess that's from the director's cut. So on sunday we will see a very pregnant ML. That man, is it Madam Kang's husband?.
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