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  1. I don't know about CEO but it seems like YD is the head of TOP now.
  2. I think that AJR isn't SH real mom.That's what it sounded like when she explained to SH that the former chairman was her real father. She kept referring to "Shin eomma(real mother)" several times so.
  3. From what i know of, it has pretty good ratings in korea. Atleast for a cable show.
  4. @rosierosie Don't get me wrong, i love both. TMOPB is probably my all time favorite fantasy drama. Just that i like the female lead way more. I prefer the leads to have a more mature personality.
  5. @ktcjdrama She would be born of an affair either way. Since Grandpa Mo had an affair either way and that caused his wife to commit suicide as was stated in the end of episode 14. Honestly i don't care who is the mother, i'm just happy that the current chairman isn't SH father since he's a real bastard. As i said earlier, i'm happy that SH real father(former chairman) atleast loved her.
  6. So, i've been thinking of starting this drama. Been patiently waiting for the subs, but since all the subs are almost out i think its time to start. How is the male leads personalily compared to Ye Hua and how is the romance compared to that drama? i remember from TMOPB i got really dissappointed in the male lead when she got pregnant.
  7. @bebebisous33 Now we atleast know why the former chairman doted on SH soo much. I'm glad, atleast SH knows that she had a father that loved her.
  8. hahaha the preview is hilarious when SH calls stepmom sister in law
  9. honestly, i hope it would be true. He is the only one who actually cared for her except her mother.
  10. good kiss scene. glad that she responded unlike many other dramas.
  11. @dramaninja Sorry, couldn't help myself from giving a chuckle from that reveal. It's so typical of giving the lead and illness that need an transplantation and give way to forgive the villains. I can't remember a single drama except yellow boots that give the villains their just desserts...
  12. @asiancow He survived the poison bugs. The one who succeeded QL was Yingluo's son 15th prince Yongyan.
  13. @Elegant Woes Don't worry, many prefered YL with QL and i am one of those. First instance of YL loving QL in my opinion is when she returns to the palace again after her revenge and being jealous of QL and the new consort and especially when she is willing to have his children. I think YL and QL complement eachother really well and it's with QL she is her true self. Fuheng doesn't really understand her personality while QL knows how to deal with her and vice-versa. I think that YL and QL truly understand eachother and are more on equal terms than YL and QL. Just my opinion. Seeing your post made me feel like rewatching the drama again
  14. @yoo1 Actually i'm pretty sure his given name is Geum and later given the name Yeoning. It was like that in the drama Dong Yi which centers around his mother and father. @gerrytan8063 Confirmed it on page 15.
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