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  1. did jump to watch one episode (episode 5) and thank god that the kids doesnt seem to be obnoxious. Problems with some dramas i find interesting the kids is really getting on my nerves. Hopefully the writer won't do something stupid like the kids wanting their parents to reunite later. Loved the daughter's personality though when the dad tried contacting them . But watching the husband and that other woman made my blood pressure rise instantly with them stealing the money in the preview.... I'm going to enjoy watching him crawling back later.
  2. i also liked her in my mother is a daughter in law. She's one of my favorite daily drama actresses. I'll probably wait until her identity is revealed although ill check the thread daily.
  3. Is this drama worth watching? i only read some lightly in the tread about ML family being involved in FL father death. Did the ML do anything wrong in it? and do they keep secrets from eachother or are they trusting and honest to eachother?
  4. This drama seems interesting, is it makjang free? xD. Barely any interesting fun daily dramas are made these days
  5. happy sisters was one of the better ones yeah. good chemistry between the leads. secondary couple was pretty nice also, though the sister would annoy me from time to time, otherwise it was nice.
  6. oh my... the ending of episode 104. Reminds me of the scene from come! jang bori... ^^
  7. @monalisa there were copies of the recording he tried to destroy. CD already handed it to the police when he confronted him 2 episodes ago. In prison Sooji was the one to convince her father to tell the truth. He asked if she loved JH more than him and SJ started crying and she said that she hopes her child will love its father as much as she loves her father. That gave him a wakeup call i guess.
  8. ends with YW,CD,Boram on a family outing and YW is about to reveal she's pregnant but Boram interrupt and hug YW stomach and spoils it that YW is pregnant . CD hugs her and the 3 of them continue to walk hand in hand and the end!
  9. Guess something will happen to Ha Eun next week. I'm kinda worried she will die or something. If you watch the teaser for this drama she suddenly dissappears. I hope they won't go that route....
  10. End of the episode they are sitting and eating breakfast and CD enters with them chocked and he says he will live here too. Please give me your permission im pretty sure he says. Boram and the other kid(forgot name) are overjoyed. I think this might be how it ends since CD had a conversation with his sister earlier in the episode and im pretty sure she talks about studying and saying "Yuhak" which pretty much means study abroad. So i think it will either end with YW & BR & CD moving into that apartment together as they get married but i think its more likely that he will live with YW and her mil family and she will get a son that she lost.
  11. @jasmine19 Thanks, i heard that they were married by episode 80 so i just checked that one fast. From what i could understand i guess Ha Eun is actually her brothers child with YS. I just wonder how is the chairman towards SW and Ha Eun,
  12. So, i've been watching Unasked Family from time to time. Will this drama make me just as much annoyed by the leading couple?.And i heard the sister is dead, is any of the lead or the leads family responsible?
  13. @angelwingssf Yeah, it's Bai Qing's niece Feng Jiu and dong hua dijun. Personally i prefer Ten miles of peach blossom.
  14. Yeah, she's an extremely good actress. Talented sisters, one is an great actress while the other is an amazing singer. if interested search Mother to daughter on YT. Amazing duet with AKMU
  15. @dramaninja Which one do you mean? the one where YW finds out at the end or when YW confronts him at the house in the preview? On another note, i'm pleasantly suprised by the mother in law in this show. I expected she would turn mean somewhere in the show considering most of her previous role.