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false i have a latin name next person is eating rn

True. I am not a Superstar I am Immortal.   False. WHERE?     Next person is not afraid of heights.

Neither true nor false. Not that I like it, just that spoilers don't bother me, nor diminish the excitement over shows or stories.   Next person has surprised his/her significant everyone do

@Lawyerh Are you cooking Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs? :D

You haven't missed much with the snow, it's cold. :D But skiing is fun! I highly recommend to try it if you have a chance.


False. I made food earlier already. ;)


Next person: knows how to hula hoop.



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I would say somewhat true? I don't think I am so beautiful or anything like that. I'd like to think I have a healthy appreciation of what I've been given. :D 


Next person - is baking a lot these days.

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8 minutes ago, angelangie said:


False: I'm sitting up and working lols


Next Person: Just laugh herself silly

false , im not laughing at myself lol.


the person below me is in his/her house because of covid-19

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1 hour ago, angelangie said:


True :( i was planning to go Germany to visit my sister with my mother however i guess that had to be cancel now :( 


Next Person: Tapping her fingers on the table



the person below me is using his/her phone rn 

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