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  1. What the hell you so fat now Do 60 minutes now
  2. I am online dating @Sejabin right now It's very tough haha
  3. I know how you feel. I like a girl here but she like another girl more than me.
  4. Singing always Yayarea or Ameera? Haha
  5. You're getting cuter with every post

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    2. YayArea


      I missed you very much. Thank you for being back as sejabin

    3. Sejabin


      William Shakespeare said, ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’  Hua Ha Ha Ha :relieved:

    4. YayArea


      That which we call h0ney is still as cute as Sejabin

      My heart still beats the same

      Regardless whatever the name

  6. Saturday night with Sejabin. Sunday morning with h0ney Dinner date or brunch date?
  7. It's ok. H0ney jealous I like Sejabin more than h0ney You forget to fill the blank..wiggle wiggle toodle too
  8. Waiting for Sejabin haha Suoergal is my _____ in law
  9. Can you forget a poem written on the last leaf of autumn? Can you forget a tune played on the string of a bleeding heart? Can you forget the first time Someone held you before you fell? If not Then how can I? How can I?
  10. Only the cutest hottest girl evaaaa!!!!
  11. If I was in Korea sejabin would _____me
  12. I dance with sejabin disco music haha You only need noodles if you_______water
  13. I love end of the freaking world I love everything on that list except the last two. Not that I don't like them. Just I haven't given them a try yet Yes. I'm the king. You are my queen haha I don't know this at all. I'll check it out Sacred Games Check it out. You gonna have to read subtitles though
  14. I just ordered 24 dumplings hehe Hope I finish them all and not leave any for anyone
  15. Go on... Ok I'll start: Umbrella Academy Pretty badass take on the whole superhero genre thing
  16. of course whatever honey is cooking supergal and honey should get a ________
  17. You getting carded if you walked into my bar lol Foreal though I'm trying to make a joke of this thread but can't believe how many people actually serious about this standard of body for a female
  18. I know you young as hell but you got a good head over your shoulder
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