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True or False.


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A thread for those  with time on their hands in search of the truth..... :evilelmo:

Member A : The next person love spicy food  ( top ranking question here on this thread)

Member B : False ....why do we always get this question....next person does not love spicy food ..


  Next person is over 5 feet tall.

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false, im a gomtang person myself, and for viet food i like vermicelli.
the next person has a cup on their desk at this very moment.

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Guest atomichighfive

Considering there could be 12 year olds on this thread, that was a pretty awful question.  That kind of stuff gets you off huh? Anyway... 

Next person has given someone else flowers for a special occasion.

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Guest NitsujN_RN

Next person likes to go to AYCE KBBQ's.
Edit: oh it stands for All You Can Eat Korean BBQ.

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