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  1. False... I have no idea what that is... Is that a type of shoe that Adidas sells? The next person likes to read mystery novels.
  2. 1. If a random guy and you were being threatened, and that guy yelled back or even used violence to protect you, would that turn you off? Would you distrust him? Would it make you feel uncomfortable? Or would that make you feel grateful? 2. What do you think of a guy who can play a musical instrument? What do you think of a guy who can draw? And what do you think of a guy who can dance? 3. How would you feel if your boyfriend revealed himself to be wealthy months after you two began to date? Would you think he was being humble, or would you think he was being dishonest? 4. What do you think of a tall guy? Would you go out with a guy who's 5 years younger than you? Would you go out with a guy who's 10 years older than you? 5. Who's your favourite male movie character? Who's your favourite female movie character? 6. Who's your favourite stand-up comedian? 7. What was your most scariest experience? 8. What was your happiest moment?
  3. False. I'm not an it. The next person will watch the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.
  4. I remember many years ago when there was an article that Asians would need to score much higher than the other students in the SAT in order to enter an Ivy League university. I warned my sister and my friends about this. At that time, there were many Asians in these Ivy League universities. They didn't think it would become a problem when they'd have children. When I have kids, this would be one of the reasons why I'd raise them outside the US. Fortunately, the discrimination has been debated in the Senate Judiciary Committee recently. This has raised my hope for education in the US a bit.
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