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  1. perfect if i could meet an actor , he/she would be ________________
  2. true, i get mentally exhausted when spending too much time with others next person is an introvert
  3. ha sungwoon my favourite actor is ______________
  4. false, i like the movie but im not really a big fan of them next person is a night owl
  5. a little thing called love and meteor garden my favourite food is __________
  6. false, im on medical leave next person is feeling sleepy
  7. the king eternal monarch , itaewon class and its okay to not be okay my favourite user on this forum is _____________
  8. false next person is a teenager
  9. true, they annoy the RickRoll'D out of me next person is near their 30s
  10. false next person has read the harry potter books
  11. false next person is a big fan of lee minho
  12. 510 nam joohyuk is the reason why my expectations are so high
  13. nope, whats the questionnaire for? +2
  14. false, i dont watch movies on youtube next person likes its okay to not be okay
  15. nono, i just changed my username to mocha thats why i wasn't in team sub (my previous username began with a 'h' ) should i join team add or team sub? meh i'll go with team add for now 522
  16. false next person has watched itaewon class
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