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  1. What the hell you so fat now Do 60 minutes now
  2. I am online dating @Sejabin right now It's very tough haha
  3. I know how you feel. I like a girl here but she like another girl more than me.
  4. Singing always Yayarea or Ameera? Haha
  5. Saturday night with Sejabin. Sunday morning with h0ney Dinner date or brunch date?
  6. It's ok. H0ney jealous I like Sejabin more than h0ney You forget to fill the blank..wiggle wiggle toodle too
  7. Waiting for Sejabin haha Suoergal is my _____ in law
  8. Can you forget a poem written on the last leaf of autumn? Can you forget a tune played on the string of a bleeding heart? Can you forget the first time Someone held you before you fell? If not Then how can I? How can I?
  9. Only the cutest hottest girl evaaaa!!!!
  10. If I was in Korea sejabin would _____me
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