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  1. I just ordered 24 dumplings hehe Hope I finish them all and not leave any for anyone
  2. Go on... Ok I'll start: Umbrella Academy Pretty badass take on the whole superhero genre thing
  3. of course whatever honey is cooking supergal and honey should get a ________
  4. You getting carded if you walked into my bar lol Foreal though I'm trying to make a joke of this thread but can't believe how many people actually serious about this standard of body for a female
  5. I know you young as hell but you got a good head over your shoulder
  6. Yeah this thread ignorant as hell foreal
  7. Yeah this thread is not sexist at all But whatever sejabins measurement is the perfect for a female
  8. 1. To win sejabins heart 2. To win sejabins heart 3. To win sejabins heart
  9. Of course it works. Sejabin and I been making it work all this time and I don't even know where she lives
  10. Don't flirt with me. Only sejabin can flirt with me on this forum
  11. If you try to heat up hard boiled egg in the microwave, it will explode
  12. Why not write one While we can Than worry about What could have been Favor the favorites Forgive the ingrates Savor the grapes Sweet, sour, All shades of your drapes Haha Best poem. Better than Lang Leav, better than Shakespeare
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